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foateth the Stroke oft'her Wound. Upon every high fountain and Hill I conceive sometimes Kingdoms &nd:Nations are understood and so the Meaning may be, that Rivers and Streams of Water (by which a Plenitude is signify'd) shall overflow them. Or thus •, There shall be a Plenitude, an Overflowing Fidness of Gospel-Grace, in the Kingdom-State (which will begin to have its Appearance in the first Branch of that Spiritual Glory) as shall cover many Nations and Kingdoms-, according to those Words inHab. ii. ver. 14. For the Earth pall be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lori, as Wai ten cover the Sea.

Sometimes Mountains and Hills may signify.the great, high, and mysterious Things of God •, which our weak Light is not able to penetrate into. But then when this Prophecy comes to be fulfilled, there will be such an overflowing Fulness of divine Grace and Light, that will be like Rivers and Streams of Water breaking out: So that the Saints shall have a clear Sight into those great Mysteries, which now seem (like high Mountains and Hills) to be out of the Reach of their Apprehension •, then they shall wade into the deep Things of God, from the Ancles to the Knees, and from the Knees to the Loins, until at last they come to swim in the River; Ezek. xlvii. 3, 4.

In the next Place, the Time when these great Things are to be done, and that is in the Day of the great Slaughter, when the Towers fall. By which I understand that when the Lord comes to take upon him his great Power and Reign, he will work the Way to his Kingdom through a Sea of Blood •, destroying Millions of ungodly Men, as you may

see in Isaiah lxiii.w. 1, 2, 3, where said, Who is this that cometh from Edom. (these Edomites f.gnify God's Enemies) with dyed Garments from Bp£rah, &c. Wherefore art thou red in thy Apparel i this respects the Lord Jesus Christ, the Manner how he will appear unto his Enemies in that Day's Ver. 6. I will tread down the People in my Anger, and, make them drunk in my Fury, ar.d I will bring duyn their Strength to the Earth. This is a Prophecy of the latter Day. And in the last of Isaiahs ver. iy, 16. For behold the Lord will come with Fire, and with his Chario:s} like a Whirl-wind, to render his Anger with Fury, and his' Rebuke with Flames of Fire; for by Fire and by his Sword, will the Lord plead with all Flesh; (that is all those who are destitute of Grace, Enemies to Christ) and the slain of the Lordjliall be many. .Again, Rev. xix. Ver, 13, 14, 15, does sufficiently prove this-, and he (that is Christ) was cluathed with a Vefure dipt in Blood; and his Name is called, The Word of God. This is spoke by Way of Allusion concerning Warriors when they return from gieat Slaughters, that have their Garments sprinkled with the Blood of the slajn. The Armies which are in Heaven, (by which the Sa:nts are meant, that are said to le called Chosen and Faithful) followed Christ upon white Horses, in fine Liutten clean and white; which sets forth the Beauty, Strength, Agility, and Glory that will th n be put upon them; and out of bis Mouth goeth . a fiarp Sword, that with it he Jljould smite the Nations; andhejhall rule them with a Rod of Iron; ard he treadeth the Wine-Press of the Fierceness and Wrath of Almighty God. All which, with Abundance of ether Places, shews what a terrible Day

Da tlus

this will be to the wicked and ungodly •, when the Lord Jesus Christ will come to set up his Kingdom in the World, for he will work the Way through it, in the Destruction of his Enemies; and therefore called the Day of the great Slaughter. Oh what a Day of Slaughter will this be, when Antichrist ihall be destroy'd, and thousands of thousands of Sabbath-breakers, Swearers, Liars, Whoremongers, and prophane Persons, (who now by their Wickedness proclaim War against the Majesty of Heaven) stall call to the Rocks and Mountains to fall Upon them, to bide them from the Fac e of him that fts upon the Throne, and from the Wrath of the Lamb? For (this will be their Cry) the great Day of his Wrath is come, and who stall be able to stand? Rev. vi. Ver. 16, 17.

Then it is that the Towers stall fall, by which, not only Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, is understood, but all Towers and high Places that wicked Men now endeavour to flee to, hide and shelter themselves in: Then their Pride and lofty Looks v ilifaU. Yea all their Idrfs of Gold and Silver f)all be crust'd down to the Moles and to the Bats; they stall go into the Clefts of the Rocks, and into the Tops of the ragged Rocks, fcr fear of the Lord, and. j or the Glory of his Majesty, when he arifeth to stake terribly the Earth; then it is that the Lord alone stall be exalted. This is the Time that the Lord will arise as be did in Mount Ferazim, be stall bs wroth as in the Valley of Gibeon, that be may do his Vork, his strange Work; and bring to pass his A3, bis strange AS. Isai. ii. ver. 12.20, 21. Isai. nviii. ver.%1.

The Time when God did arise in Mount Pera■zim, was when the Lord made a Breach upon the Philistines (that were Enemies to the Children of Israel) as the Breach of "Water; i Sam. v. ver. 20. the Time when he was wroth in the "Valley of Gibeon, was when the Lord poured out his "Wrath upon the Canaanites in the dismal Slaughter of that wicked People ^ such a Time as was never known before nor since; when the Sun did not move out of its Place for a whole Day, as it is in Jostma x. ver. 12. Then spake Joshua to tbe Lord, in the Day when the Lori delivered up the Arrorites before the Children os Israel, Suv star.d thou still upon Gibeon, and thou Moon in the Valley of Aialon; ver. 13. and the Sun stood still, avd the Mton stayed until the People had avenged themselves upon their Enemies.

Now as the Lord did arise in Mount Perazim, and was wroth in the Valley of Gibeon, for to destroy his and his People's Enemies, to deliver Israel, and gave them the Land of Canaan for a Pofllflion-, so will the Lord arise again, and make a Breach upon wicked Men •, he will be wroth as he was in the Valley of Gibeon, when all the Earth shall be devoured with the Fire of his Jealousy; then will the Lord do his Work, his strange Work, and bring to pass his AB, his strange AB s the Work that God will do in this Day will be so strange and wonderful, that wicked Men and Devils will be astonished at it; yea it will be wonderful and amazing to the People of God themselves, such a Work that now is not only out of the Reach of their Faith, but out of the Reach of their Apprehensions.


Well, then it is, T/wt tie JL/^/jf 0/ the Moon will be as the Light of the Sun; and the Light of the Sun stall be seven] old as the Light of seven Days. This does not only respect the clear Discovery of Divine Grace under the Dispensation of the Gospel, which is as the Light of the Sun to us, in Comparison of that Light which the Saints had under the Mosaical Administration. But in that Day, this Light will he so wonderfully increased, as to appear for Brightness, like the Light of seven Days. This Number seven we find in Scripture to be a holy mystical Number, which the Spirit of God often makes use of, to set forth the Pei section of a Thing,by.

The seven Pillars, Wisdom had hewn out, which bears up and supports the House or Church of God>, sets forth that Perfection of Strength and Divine Power, that always stands engaged, for the Safety and Preservation of the Saiyts; Prov. ix. 6. Again in Rev.v.6. and I beheld, and lo in the midst of the Throne, and of the four Beasts; and in the midst of the Elders stood a Lamb as it had been slain, bavivg seven Horns, and seven Eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the Earth. By this Lamb in the Midst of the Throne can be no other than the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. By the seven Horns, signify the Almighty Omnipotent Power of - Christ. By the seven Eyes, his Immensity and Omniscience; or the Perfection of his Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding nothing is, nor can be hid from him. And Rev. i. Ver. 4.. Grac e and Peace (is said to flow) from him. which is, snd which was, and which is to come * and from the seven Spirits which are before the


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