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Enjoyments of the Earth, than the Saints have under the Gospel: And yet it was not then said that they did, but that they should Inherit the Earth. And how the Saints under the Gospel should be said to inherit the Earth, any more than the Old Testament Saints did, when we have a far lesser share of it than they had, is a Mystery. But the Apostle fays, Having nothing, ar,d yet pofess all things. It is true, Faith, when in exercise, takes possession both of Heaven and Earth; but the Promise in these Words of the Saints inheriting the Earth, must be more than an inheriting of it by Faith only: The Word inherit signifies to have it in their aBual possession and enjoyment: Besides, the Time when they are to possess or inherit the Earth is when the Wicked pall be cut of, and the Power, Rule, and Government, shall be put into the hands of the Saints. Jn Verse the Tenth we read For yet a little while and the Wtcked stall not be; yea thou stalt diligently constder his Place, and it stall not be: That is, he shall not be found in his Place. This will be when the Day of the Lord stall burn as an Oven, which will burn them up, and stall leave them neither Root nor Branch, Mai. iv. i. Then it followeth in the Eleventh Verse, But the Meekstall inherit the Earth, when the Wicked or Evil Doers stall be cut off; and stall delight themselves in abundance of Peace. The same Words we have in Mat. v. Verse 5. They are Christ's Words: Bleffed are the Meek, for they stall inherit the Earth. Surely if our Lord had meant in the fame Sense as some take it, he would have said that the Meek do inherit •, or sure it would have been expressed so in one of these Places, They do: But instead of that we have it



both in the Old and New Testament, theystall inherit the Earths to signifie that this Time is yet to come: And then it is that they shall delight themselves in abundance of Peace (both spiritual and temporal) Abundance of Peace! There is a great Sound in that "Word Abundance; They shall not have it in small measures, now and then some little Tastes of it j neither will there be then a Mixture of Peace and Troubles as now: But abundance of Peace will fill their Hearts and Souls; abundance of Peace one with another 5 abundance of Peace all over theWorld: There shall be none to hurt nor to destroy in all thy Holy Mountain: Violence stall no more be hear din thy Land, Wasting nor Destruction within thy Borders: But thou stalt call thy Walls Salvation, ard thy Gates Praise. Isa. lx. 18. The Peace of God in Christ will increase and multiply like an overflowing Streayn. This is the Time that the Meek fiall inherit the Earth: And therefore it cannot be in this confused World, as it has been, is, and will be, until this Time comes.

Verse 18. The Lord knoweth the Days of the Upright; and their Inheritance stall be frr ever. The Inheritance of the Saints will be a Lasting, yea an Everlasting Inheritance \ it shall never be dest.oyed nor taken from them. And in Verse 22. For such as beblejfed of him stall inherit the Earth, and they that be cursed of him stall be cut of. They that be blejfed of him: These are the same with those that are meek.: Meekness is one of the Blessings of the New Covenant •, a Grace laid up in the Covenant, freely given unto us, and in time bestowed upon us. Therefore our Lord calls them blessed; Blejj'eA are theMeekt for they stall inherit the Earth: And they

that that be blessed of him (that is of Christ) stall inherit the Earth. See what an Union and close Connexion here is between the Meek and the Blessed; for to them is this gracious Promise made, which takes in all the Children of God: They stall inherit the Earth. But when > When such as be curjed of him stall be cut off (by which all the Wicked axe meant) Then it is, and not till then, that they (Imll inherit the Earth. Take notice and fee how this is confirmed in the 29th Verse, The Righteous shall inherit ,he Land (this is the Land of Promise) aUdstall dwell therein for ever. This cannot, without doing wrong to the Text, be referred unto any other State than the Kingdom of Christ, when the Saints the Meek, and such as be blessed of him, fliaU reign with Christ upon tiie Earth. _ In the 34th Verse we have an Exhortation to wait on the Lord, and keep his Way. And what then? Why here is a glorious Promise, and that is, He ball exalt thee to inherit the Land (a Land of Righteousness, fiomn$ not only with Peace, but with Milk and Honey) when the Wicked are cut off, th oust alt fee it. How often is this repeated in the Psalm, the Meek and the Righteous stall inherit the Earth, and stall inherit the Land? How often is this expressed, V^en theWicked stall be ait off, ox he that is cursed of him stall he cut of? Which shews not only the Certainty of what is here promised unto one, and what is threatens unto the other •, but that the Fulfilment of both will be at one and the fame time, when theWicked are for their Wickedness cut vft then the Saints/ all inherit or possess the Earth.




Chap. XIV.

All the Saints are made Kings and
Priests unto G o D, and therefore
shall reign with C H R I S T on the

I. Every Believer, or all the Children of God, are
made Khigs and Priests. 2. These Persons wers
then aSualh in Heaven, when they fung this nev>
Song. 3. The Four Beasts and Twenty Four Elders
can be understood nf no other than the Saints. 4.
None are Kings and Priests unto God, hit such who
by free Grace are made so. 5. The Place wher&
those who are made Kings and Priests unto God,
f all reign as such, is upon the Earth. 6. The high
Dignity and Priitilege of such who are made Kings
and Priests unto God.

IF all this will not yet fatisfie thee who opposeth tnis Doctrine, then look in Revel, the 5th, Verse the icth. And hath made us unto our God Kings av&Priests, and we stall reign on the Earth. If Persons

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sons were nc t bigotted to a contrary Opinion, but <;ould icad these Words without I itjudice to the Kingdom os Chriff, and without Partiality, and leticullv consider what is here expressed, he could pot b.n must either acknowledge that such a State and Time of Christ's Kingdom with the Saints upcn JEarth, will be i or else remain in Silence, and say jjot a word against it. For if thouwanteft plain Tsexts of Scripture for proof, is not this-one amongst the many that have been brought? But let us a little,consider the Words: And in opening of them Tshall first enquire who these P ersons be that are made Rings and Priests. Secondly, Shew that there are none Kings and Priests vvto Gcd, but fucb that are wade so. And then thirdly enquire where it is that they stall reign as Kings and Priests. Fourthly and lastly, I {hall endeavour to shew in a few P articulars, what a Dignity and Privilege there is conferred iipon those who are made Kings and Priests unto God, But first I am to enquire who they be that are made Kings and Priests. The F erscns that are made Kings and Priests are the Saints and Children of God, This I think will be granted by all that believe the Truth of the .Scriptures; the First of Peter, Chap. ii. and Verse 9. But ye (speaking of the Saints) are a chosen Generation, a Royal orKingly Priesthood, or a Kingdom of Priests, an hrly Nation, a peculiar People. And why? To what end are we made so? To live as we please? No verily: But that westouldlive to the Praise and Glory os him, or should shew forth the Praises of him who hath called us out os Darkness into his marvellous andinexp-ejjible Light.

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