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Rev. i. 5, 6. And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful Witness; {who was, n, and ever will be faithful in all his Trust that was committed to him by the Father) the First Begotten of the Dead (the First that rose from the Dead, to live a Life of Immortality) and the Prince oj the Kings of the Earth (who is King of Kings, and Lori of Lords) unto him that loved us, and then as a Fiuit of his Love, wasted us from our Shis (from that deep scarlet and crimson Die which was in Sin.) But how or by what means did he do this? It followeth, In, bis own Blood. Love, t' e Love of the Father, Son, and Spirit, like a mighty Torrent, came flowing through the Blood of Christ, to wash us, who believe in him, from the Guilt and Filth of Sin. But this is not all -, he does not only save us out of the Depth of Misery, but hath advanced us unta the Heighth of Dignity •, as it is in the 6 th Verse-, And bath made us Kings and Priests, c r 'Kir: s and Princes (as some read it) Go4 and his Father "To him he the Glory and Dominkn for ever and ever, Amen.

Rev. xx. 6. Blessed and holy is he that hath part iti the First Refurreuiuii: On such the Second Death stall have no sower. But they stall he Priests of God and of Christ, and stall reign with him a Thous at d Tears. This shews that all who have jiart in the first Resurre&ion are made Kings and Priests unto God 5 ani on those who have part in this RefurreBion the Se~ cond Death hath no power. It is certain that none of the Saints, not one of them, shall be touched by the Second Dca h; and therefore all the Saints have part, or shall have part in the First Refurteftion (which is ths RefurreBion of the Body) and

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£-11 are ma^e Xzwgs awi Priests unto God: And so consequently all II)all reign with him a "Thousand Tears 5 that is with Christ in his Kingdom*

Thus I have briefly shewn who they be that are made Kings and Priests Old, in a general Consideration: 1 shall now come more particularly to enquire whothey be that speak thus in tVelcxX, Aim hathmadc us unto our God Kings and Priests, and we shall reign on the Earth. These Persons were such as did then actually exist, as appears veTy plain in the 9th Terse; And they fung a new Song. It does not fay they shall sing, in the future, but in the presentTense,y5?«i they fung a newScng.And therefore they must be in being, they must be such as were actually existing; otherwise it could not be said they fung a new Song. Secondly, The second thing I shall enquire into is where they were (in being) when they fung this new Song. All Places that we read of are comprehended in these Three, the Heavens, Earth, and Hell. Hell, or the Desarts of Hell, they were redeemed from •, and therefore they were not there. The Earth they were not in at this time neither, because they fung this new Sovg as they stood before the Throne. Then it appears that they were certainly in Heaven. This I shall prove from the preceding Verse, v. 6. And I beheld, and lo in the midst of the Throne. This Throve was not upon Earth but in Heaven; for this was a Visionary Sight that John had of these things) and of the Pour Beasts; and in the midst of the Eld rs flood a Lamb, m if it had been stain (thisis Christ, the Lamb of God, who by hisDeath did take away the Sins of the World, represented here upon a Throne in the midst of the Beast and the

Elders; Elders 4 that is the Four Beasts and the Elders were round about the Lamb, and so round about the Throne J hanifig Seven Horns and Seven Eys, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth ivto all the Earth: By which the Omnipotence and Omniscience of Christ is signified, or the Perfection of his Wisdom, Know'edge, and Power. Sent forth in all the Earth does signify that his Providence is extended over all, both in Heaven and in Earth. Verse 7. And he came and took the Book out of the Right Hand of him that sat upon the Tor one. That is the Lord Jesus Chris, the Lion of the Tribe ofjnda, who only was worthy to take the Book to open it, and lor.fe the Seals thereof; to ojisn the Mysteries not only of Salvation, but the great Mysteries of the Kingdom-Glory Verse 8. And when he had taken the Book, the Four Beasts and the Four and Twenty Elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of themHarps, ard goldcnVials full of Odours; which are the Prayers of Saints. Divers are the Opinions of good Men concerning the Fa\r Beasts avd the Twenty Four Elders, which I shall not trouble my self nor the Reader with at this time, it not being my present Subject, only so far as does concern the Matter in hand, and that is to shew, whatever particular Degrees or Distinction of Orders there may be in Heaven -, which it is not for us too curiously to pry into; yet by these Four Beasts and Twenty Four Elders I understand the People oj God are meant, and some such that were then in the possession of Glory : Which may be proved by their being round about the Throne, by their falling down before the Lamb, ingivi7i<ihonour unto him, by having every one of them Harps of Triumph, to flaew their


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Victory over their Enemies, and their golden Viah in which are contained the Prayers of the Saints. As every one had Harps, so every one had golden Vials; to signifie that every one of the Prayers of all the Saints ave preserve'd in sweet Vessels, or golden Viols, being perfumed with the Odour or Incense of Christ's Merits •, not one Prayer of Faith being poured out by the Assistance of the Spirit, tho' never so weak, as they come from us, shall be lost: They arc all secured in Heaven, in these golden Vials, and will all be answered then in the greatest Extent, or the largest Desires of the Saints, in the Kingdom of Christ. . But it Is the 9th Verse which my Thoughts are chiefly upon, for the further proof that these Four Beasts and the Four andTwenty Elders must be the Saints and Children of God. And they suvg a new Song (which goes in too high a Note for the Saints to ling, while in this mortal State) saying, Thou art worthy to take the Book aid to open the Seals thereof: For thou wast stain, and baft redeemed us to God by thy Blood, out of every Kindred and Tongue, and People and Nation. These Four Beasts and Twenty-four Elders were such as were redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, out of all Kindred., Tongues People, and Nations. This was in their Song, And hast redeemed us to God by thy Blood. It is true the Saints do sing this Song of Redeeming Love in a measure now; but they cannot sing it in that high Strain as they do who are actually in Heaven: And therefore it is called a New Sunfr Well then! We fee first that those who fung this New Song were the Purchase of the Blood of Christidly, That the four Beasts and the four and twenty Elders are the Saints, does further appear, because

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they were redeemed to God by his Blood, out of every Kindred, Toques, People, and Nation. %dly, That thesefotir Beasts avd jour and twenty Elders whofung this New Song, were actually in Heaven, in the possession of Glory, evidently appears also, as hat been already expressed, from their being round the TtortmPt from the Harps which they bad in their Hands, from the New Seng whieb was in their Mouths ascribing Salvation andGhry unto him that Jits upon the Throne, and to the Lamb: Setting the Crown upon Christ s Head-, giving all the Glory that is due to him, for being redeemed out of the greatest of Miseries, and advanced to the greatest Dignity that Creatures could be advanced too, as to be made Kinps and Priests urn o God.

idly, That there are none Kings and Priests unto God, but such as are made so. This is plain in the Text •, and hath made us unto our G»d Kings and Priests. We are not born naturally Kings and Priests; for as such we were Children of 7! rath by Nature, even as others, Eph, ii. ?. We are made Kings and Priests unto God in our Second Birth spiritually, by Regeneration in effectual Calling: But this is all by free and absolute Grace; it is begun, maintained, and carry'd on by free Grace. This made the great Apostle fay. By the Grace of God I q.m what I am: And so must every Believer fay, for it is Grace only that makes the difference. As we came into this World,we were as bai, as vile, as wretched, and miserable as other could be, considered in our Nature-head, being funk in the fame Fall, plunged in the fame Apostacy : And therefore r Grace it is that we are saved. Again in Rev. i. 6, ntioned before, we have the very fame And hath made us Kings and Priests unto

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