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Throne. Here we have the Trinity of Persons set forth in this and the 5th Verse; from whom it is that Grace and Peace, through this blessed Mediator the Lovdjfesus Christ, is communicated unto the Saints. From him which is, was, and is to come, the Immutability, Eternity, and Unchangeable^ ness of the Father is meant •, and from the seven Spirits which are before the Throne; must be the Spirit of God, though express'd here before Christ who is the second Person. The Reason of which^ I humbly conceive may be, because the subject Matter of the following Discourse does more largely treat about Christ, and therefore mention'd in the last Place. Now, if by the seven Sprits is meant the Spirit of God, as certainly it must, because Grace and Peace does come from him as well as the other Persons, and cannot be said to come from Angels, nor no meer Creature: Then I understand, by this Number seven, the seven Spirits, to hold forth not only a Plenitude, but the Perfection of those Graces that proceed from, or are wrought by the Spirit of God in the Saints. Many other Places of the fame Import I might take Notice of, but this is sufficient to prove that by the Number seven, in the Language of the Holy Ghost, a Number of Perfection is signified.

And therefore by the Light of the Sun, being sevenfold as the Light of seven Days, must mean that Perfection of Light an I Divine Knowledge, which will shine forth, and shall by the Lord Jesus, that Sun of Righteousness, be communicated unto the Church; when all Clouds and Darknesses shall be done away. And he will destroy in this Mountain (that is thi Mountain of Christ's Kingdom)

the the Face of the Covering cast over all People, and the Vail that is ipread over all Nations * Ifai.xxv. ver. 7. 0 what a Perfection of Light, and jpiritual Understanding will there be upon the Children of God at this Time * Then all those great and wonderfnl Mysteries that now we are so much at a Loss about, will shine forth in their naked Beauty, Glory, and Excellency. We shall understand that deep Mystery of the Holy Trinity better than now we do •, we shall then come to the full Assurance of Understanding, to the Acknowledgement of the Mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ•, Col. ii. ver. 2. Again, the Mystery of Christ's Incarnation, or the Union of those two distinct Natures divine and human, in the blessed Person of the Mediator; (whereby we are brought as near to the Enjoyment of God as possibly could be, both in Grace and Glory) -will shine forth unexpreilibly glorious in the Kingdom of Christy the Mystery of Creation, Redemption, and divine Providence, with a thousand other Mysteries, shall be unfolded in their Beauty and Excellency, as bright and clear as Chrystal; Which Mysteries we have now but a weak, dark, short Sight into at the best. There will be no Differences in Judgments among the People of God; and sure lam there will be none in Affections; no Heats, Disputes, nor Division among the Saints any more: Then they lhall be of one Heart, and one Mind, and serve the Lord with one Consent: They shall speak freely the pure Language of Canaan to each other without Offence •, Zeph. iii. ver. 9. Then all those controverted Points amongst the Godly, which now causes us to stand at so far a Distance from each other,


As not to have communion together, will be open'd (that is the Divine Truth which is in them) in such Brightness, Glory, and Lustre as will give infinite Content and Satisfaction to all those who shall be counted worthy to partake of that Glory; which can mean no other than a Sinless Ferfedt State, at the Time of Christ's personal and glorious Appear* ance, with all the Saints.

Osure, fay some, this will not be until the Saints come to Heaven. If by Heaven they mean the Imperial Heavens, the Place of Ultimate Glory, where they shall dwell for ever, after the Last Judgment; I dare be bold to affirm, that the Time here spoken of, will be before •, because God in his Word doth affirm it: Tho' it is true, theSaints at this time will be in Heaven $ but it will be Hea* ven upon the Earth, not in this corrupt sinful Stateas now it is in; hut when it stall be rested and purged, by the Fire cuid Conflagration of that great Day spoke of in the id of Peter, ch. iii. Ver. lo, 12. Then tie holyCity\Nev'Jerusalem, stall come down from God out of Heaven, prepandas a Bride adorned for her Husband, Rev. xxi.ver. 2, This will be a Tersest Sinless State, tho' upon Earth: It will not be earthly, but only in respect of Place. Then the Lord will bind up the Brea b of his People, and heal the Stroke of her Wntnd: There will not be a Breach found among all the Inhabitants of the New Jeru-' salem. Oh what a Sight will a Gracious Soul have! How the Lord himself hath healed the Breach that Sin had made betwixt him and us! The Sight which the Saints and Children of God have of this, is sweet to Faith now: But oh how sweet will the Sight of this be to the Soul then! And he

will heal the Stroke os her Wound. Sin was the Cause of all Breaches either betwixt God and us, or the Creature and us; or betwixt our selves: All these Breaches the Lori will heal in that Das, so as that no Breach will be found in Christ's Kingdom. Sin is the Cause of all those Wounds that are in ourselves, or in one another: These Wounds shall be all healed, at that time} as there will not be a Breach, so wither pall there le a Wound seen more upon any of the Saints, forever: Therefœe it is said our Sins shall be blotted out (speaking 01 this Day) when the Times of refreshing shall come, from the Presence of the Lord. And he Jl all fend Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you; whom the Heaven must receive, until the Times of Restitution of aU things, which God hath spoken by the Mouth os au bis holy Prophets, since the World began. Here we may observe that something of this Time was spoken of, by the Mouth os aU the Prophets, from the Beginning of the World, ABs iii. 19.

Well! Then it is that our Sins, yea all our Sins (who are interested in Cbrlst) shall be blotted out, and so consequently all our Wounds and Breaches healed. But were not our Sins blotted out before this time (may some fay?) Yea verily, they were all blotted out and satisfy'd for, by that one expiatory Sacrifice of the Son of God: And our Faith, when in Exercise, does believe and fee it so. But what then? Our Experience, yea and the Experience of all the Saints, does shew what a Return there is of Sin and Guilt, wounding of our Conscience daily, while in this imperfect State -, and how low our Faith is many times, in.the Pardon of

. , ;. them; thdm j insomuch that we are attended with a thousand Fears, lest they should not be pardoned. But when this Time of refreshing is come, then there will be such a perfect Blotting out of allSins, as that there shall not one be found; Jer. 1. v. 20. In those J)ays. and in that Time, faith tbeLord, the Iniquity of Israel'stall besought for', and there stall be none: And the Sirs of Judah \ and they stall not be found ; for I will pardon them whom I rejerve. These Words are a Prophecy of the Latter Day's Glory, and therefore shew us, that tho' there may be never such a narrow Scrutiny made for Sin, they {hall not be found (so as to be imputed to them, or charged against them) There stall be none: The Reason is. because the Lord hath pardoned them whom he did reserve. He hath pardoned and blotted them out now: But then in that Day (when the Sun stall be sevenfold, as the Light of Seven Days) the Saints and Children of God, all of them, shall have a clear and perfect Sight of the free Pardon and Blotting o\vt of Sin, as that there will not the least Danger or Fear arise in the Mind, to wound the Soul any more. Oh what a glorious Sight will the Saints have, of the Life, Death, Blood, Person, Righteousness and Satisfaction of Jesus Christ; for the Binding up of their Breaches, for the Healing of their Wounds, for the Pardon of their gins, for the Justification, Acceptation, and Salvation of their Persons; the Sight of which will fill their Hearts with such a Joy, lo unspeakable, and full of Glory, as that no Tongue can express, nor Heart conceive, what the Lord hath laid up, and then will bestow upon «Uthem that love him. These Words then do appear as an undeniable Proof of the vifble G/«

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