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before Christ came in the Flesh •, and have not been known to return to this Day. But upon the Fulfilment of this Prophecy, there will be a Return of these, together with the Tribe of Judah $ and they stall be as one People, Nation, and Kingdom. This is signified by the Two Sticks becoming cjne in the Prophet's Hands •, ver. 19, 20, and 22. And I will make them one Nation in the Laud, upon the Mountains of Israel. This looks as if the Land of Canaan, call'd here the Mountains of Israel, would be the Place where they shall all meet, and be reestablished again-, and one King shall be King to them all. Who this King is, we have expressed v. 24. And they stall be no more two Nations, neither stall they be divided into two Kingdoms any ??;cjrft Here will be a glorious Reunion, not only of all the Jews, but of all the Converted Gei.tiles too, into one compleat Body or Kingdom: For the Grittiles stall come to thy Ligh^^^and Kings (that is the Converted Kings among th& Gentiles) to the Brightness of thy Rising, Isal h. ver"..j. ',

Neither stall they desile thenlfelyet any more with their Idols, nor with their Detestable things: But I will save them out of all their Dwelling Places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them. It is certain this has not had its Accomplishment as yet; but will have its Fulfilment in that Day, when the Fountain of Christ's Blood shall Le opened unto them for cleansing. So stall they be v. y People, and I will be their God: And my Servant (that is, Christ) stall be King over them ; and they stall all have but one Shepherd, &c. This is the great Shepherd of the Sheep, the Lord Jesus, who feeds his People with, the Bread and the pure River of the Water of Lise

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Well! TKi* is the King that the Spirit of God points us to -, Tt is this spiritual David that will put Life into the dry Bones, and bring them out of their Graves: It is Christ that will unite, not only all the Tribes of Israel, but all the Converted^eiw and Gentiles, as one Church, People, and Nation: It is he that will cleanse them from all their Filthiness both of Flesh and Spirit: It is the Lord Jesus Christ that will be their King and Shepherd, both to reign over them, and to feed them. And my Servant David pall be their Prince scr ever. This must be spoken of, and apply'd only to Jesus Christ.

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• . . ,C. J* A P. VI. i ■„.: The Name of the City (new J ERusale M) from that Day mall be caird, The Lord Is There.

I. From that Day, when all the Propheses relating to the Kingdom of Christ cove to be fulfilled, the City stall be The Lord is there. 2. Ibis- City takes in the whole Wife, Bride, or Spouse tos Christ

3. The Excellency os this City doth appear, First, From the near Union and Relation there k between Christ and the Saints; Secondly, From the Place where fie descends; Thirdly, , From h^r Walls, which are great and high Fourthly, From the Gates, which are twelve; Fifthly, From the Length and Breadth of' the City; Sixthly, From the Materials of the Walls -, which are. of Jafpar-, Seventhly, From the. Foundations, .oj tbfi Walls; Eighthly, From the Streets being all of pure Gold; Ninthly, Tbi re being no Temple in it; Tenthly, Ar.d because it. has no need as, the Sun.

4. Such a glorious City will be in this World.

5. The Glory of the Mediator will be wonderful among the Saints, at this time. ,

ICannot easily pass by from taking notire of that Expression in the Last of 'Ezeliel, and the Last Verl'e: And the Name of the City from that Day stall be, The Lord is there. After the Prophet

F 2 ha4 had given so large an Account of the Division of the Land, the Portions of all the Tribes, the lnhe itance of the Princes, the Measuring of the Temple, appointing the Worship and-Ordinance of God, describing the Waters of the Sandtuary, from the Ancles to the Knees-, from the Knees to the Lcjns, until it became a River to swim in, a River that could not be passel over. All which has a spiritual relation unto this glorious Time which I am now speaking of $ as would more fully appear, was we take notice of the many Particulars in it but that would swell this little Piece into too Great a Volume : Therefore I shall come to the Confidera

1 tion of this Last Verse; And it was nurd about Eighteen Jhnufard Measures, that is four times four thousand, five hundred. The City we read of in

'the 21st of the Revelations, is said to be Twelve Thousand' Furlongs; which, according to the Account that .some give us, is Four Thousand Five

:Jiundred Miles. A Large Place for aCfty.

"• jinct the Name of the City (by which New Jetufaletn, the Holy City coming down from God, out of Jleaven, is fiadowed out J from that Day stall be, The Lord is there. From that Day! From what Day? Why, frojn the Day (as I humbly conceive, according to the Spirituality of these Words, or what the Spirit principally intends in them) when the Jews shall be called by the Power of the Spirit cf

■God; when converting Grace shall lay hold on their Hearts; when they shall be brought out of all Parts of the World, where they have been driven, into the Possession of their own Land 5

jffow that Day it is the City flwll be called, The Lord is there. This seems to beprefigut'd out from the



Gates of the City, which were to take their Denomination from the Names oi the Twelve Tribes, so placed, that Persons related to every Tribe, might come, whether they lie East, "West, North, or South •, as it is in the Antitype, Rev.nxi. ver. 13. On the East 3 Gates, on the North 3 Gates, on the South 3 Gates, and on the Vest 3 Gates. The;se Gates answering to the Four Quarters of the World, and 3' Gates placed in every Quarter, must certainly denote the great Flocking that there will be in that Day, from all Parts and Places. 2<ity, It denotes the free Reception and Admittance of all those that are free Citizens of the New Jerusalem \ for these Gates are not to be stut at all by day; and there stall be no Night there, Rev. xxi. 2 5.

Well! From that Day, when not only the Con* verted Jews, but the Converted Gentiles too, stall stock in, out of all Nations, Kindred, Tongues, anl People, Rev. vii 9. From that Day, when the Sfint (l)all be poured down upon all Flest, Joel iii. And An«" tichrift destroy d with the Breath of his Month, and the Brightness of his Coming. From that Day, when the Deliverance of God's People, both Soul and Body, stall be compleated. From that Day, when the Lord Jesus Christ stall take upon him his great Power ar.d Reign, and stall be King over all the Earth. From that Day called the Restitution of all thirgs, when the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord stall cover the Earth, as the Waters cover the Sea. From that Day, when the Kingdoms of this World stall visibly become the Kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ, who stall reign for ever and ever, Rev. xi. 15. From that Day, when the Lord will turn to his Pe»jle a Pure


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