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to deceive the Multitude of the Nations into a Rebellion; and their taking of a Compass about the holy City and Camp of the Saints: Yet this is but only an Attempt which they make, and are destroyed immediately upon the Spot, by Fire coming down from Heaven upon them. But more of this Afterwards.

Verse 4. And I saw Thrones, and they sat upon them, and Judgment was given unto them: And I saw the Souls of them that were beheaded for the 14 itxess of Jesus, and for the Word of God, and which had not worjlripped the Beast, neither his Image, neither had received hisMark upon their Foreheads, or in their Hands 5 and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand Tears.

After the Apostle J«hrt had given us an Account of the Fall of Antichrist, (in the 18th Chap) by the Comparison of a Milstonethat is thrown into the Sea 5 signifying that the Fall of Babylon will be quick, sudden and irrecoverable. He comes in the 19th Chapt. and gives us an Account of the wonderful Joy and Rejoycings that there will be upon this in the Heavens, faying Halleluiah, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, Immediately subjoins, v. 7. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give Honour to him: For the Marriage of the I amb is come, and his Wife hath made her self ready: To feew that this will be the Time of the Marriage Glory, the Nuptials of the Lamb •, the Elect of God, the Bride and Spouse of Christ being ready, having on her beautiful Garments of Immortality, fineLinnen, clean and white, which si the Righteousness vf Saints. He comes now in the 20th Chap, and gives us an Account of the binding and fliuttiBg Up of Satan into the bottomless Pit, that he rm'M not deceive the Nations/of a thousand Torre | ana so descends down into the 4th v. and there acquaints us," he saw Thrones in the Plural Kumper, to ftew that there will be many; and they fat upon" them { these Thrones were not vacant, but they were fat upon, by all those who had part ik the first Resurrection, as appears in the following Words-, and Judgment was given unto them, or Power of judging, that is to those who, fat upon these Thrones: By Judgment, being given unto them,isalsotd shew that this the time bf their Judgment, wherein particular Rewards will fee given^ by the Lord Jesus Christ, not Only as the God of all Grace, but as the "God of Justice too.

This Further confirms what I hinted before \ that the Celebration of the Marriage Feast, Will be in tlte time of Christ's glorious Kingdom, faster the Destrndtion of Babylon) and that then it will be, not only the time of Espousals, but the Coronation Day •, and so consequently a time of Reigning and a time of judging, the bne being signified by their sitting on Thrones, the other by Judgment being given unto them. K

And I saw the Souls of them that were beheadedsar theffitnessdf JesUs,and for iheWord ofGod,8cc. these are the Martyrs who laid down their Lives for the Testimony* of Christ, and the Gospel. Some from heoce have inferred, that it is only the Martyrs Who {ball rife first, and reign With Christ a thousand Years. It must be granted that the Martyrs

A a* Whqi who suffered Death for the Cause of Christ, will be chief next unto the Apostles, in Christ's Kingdom •, whose Crowns and Thrones, (I do conceive) will shine more bright and glorious than the rest. Yet it doth not appear from this, that any one of the Saints {hall be excluded from a Participation of that glorious Reign •, but the contrary •, for it faith, not only them that were beheaded but those who bad not worshipped the Beast, wither bis Image, neither had received his Mark in their Foreheads, or in their Hands. That is who had neither openly nor secretly polluted themselves with the corrupt Doctrine of the Whore of Babylon-, but are as chaste Virgins unto Christ, which takes in every true Believer-, all these lived and reigned with Christ, a thousand Tears.

This living and reigning with Christ a thtivsavi Tears, cannot be meant of a spiritual Reigning in the Participation of Grace here, or the ^ouls enjoying of God in Glory after Death: It cannot be a Reigning with him, whilst in a mortal State,for as such none did ever yet reign with Christ a thousand Years. Neither is the Life of any of the Saints, whilst they be in their mortal, confiift, and suffering Condition, any where in Scripture called a living and reigning with Christ for so long a time: And as for the Soul being in Heaven after Death, I cannot find any Place, where this is called a reigning with Jesus Christ for such an exact Term of Years. Neither can these Words be taken so properly ■, because many of the Children of God have reigned under this Consideration with Christ some thousands <f Years. Again, some of the Saints (a little before Christ's coming) will not reign with him in this Respect not one hundred Years. I cannot fee then under what Shew of Reason, the Souls of the Saints in Heaven can be said to be a living and reigning with Christ a thousand Tears. Therefore we must seek for an Interpretation more congruous to the Text than this-, and that is, that all the Saints, whether Martyrs or others, who have part in the first ResvrreSion, together with • the living Saints changed, shall, in the Kingdom of Christ, live and reign with him a thousand Tears; nay, that Word, and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand Tears, carries an undeniable Evidence in it self, that it must be a living and reigning with Christ iri their Bodies, when reunited with their Souls bt a glorified State at the Resurre8ion.

Verse 5. But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand Tears were fivisted. This is the first ResurreBion.

In opening of these Words, I shall take Notice of three things: First, to enquire who we are to understand by the rest of the dead. Secondly, In whaj Respect they shall not live again until, &c. Thirdly, I shall endeavour to shew, how, or in what Respect they shall live again, when the thousard Tears are finisted.

First, by the rest of the dead, all the wicked and ungodly must be meant, all Christless and Graceless Souls are signified. This will appear first from the Distinction, which is made betwixt


fhem, and those who have part in the first Resurr rection: Most certain it is, that those who have part in this first Resurrection, are all the Saints |nd Children of God-, because they, and ihty only are laid to be blepcl. Secondly, Because no% one of them shall be touched by the second Death on such the second Death Jhall have no Power, v. 6. This undeniably shews, that the Second Death (which is an Eternal Death) will have Power on all the rest j and therefore by the rest of the Dead, must mean all the Wicked, and yngodly i all those who lived and died inSin, that is, without an Interest in Jesus Christ; and so consequently pot one of them shall have part in the first Resurrection. To this those Words agree in Rom, xi. 7. But the EleSion hath obtained, and the rei were blinded. These then are the rest of the Dead, which shall not live again, until the thousand Years are ended. But

Secondly, In what Respect is it, that the rest os the dead live not again until, Sec, The rest of the dead shall not live again in respect of their Bodies* they shall not live (during the time of the thousand Years Glory among the Saints) in the Body : Or their Body shall not rise again, for their Souls to live in, until the thousand Years are finished. This I take to be the genuine and primary Sense of the Words. For, their living again, cannot be applied to the Soul h because the Souls of the wicked (as well as the Saints) are of an im-' mortal Nature, which will live out, as well as in the Body; though in a state of Misery, as it is in Luke 16. the Rich Man died, and in Hell be lift 1$ his Byes, being hi Torments, v. 23. Well, thus


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