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Language, that they may call upon the Name of the Lord, andJerve him with one Consent, Zeph. iii. 9. JFrein that 2?«3i, when Zion stall be made an Eternal ■Excellency, a Joy of many Generations. From thai Day, whan Jerusalem, the Cbnrch of God, stall be made the Praise or a Glcryin the Earth, Isalx. 15. and lxii. 7. From, that Bay when all the Latter Day Promises andrrophestes of Zicrr* Glory stall be accomplisted. From that Day when all Idols stall be -utterly abplisttd, and the Lord alone exalted, Isa. ii. From that great avd notable Day it is, that the Name of the City stall be, The Lori is there.

By thisG'tyas before noted J understand to be the fame described,.RewZ<rtzo« xxi. New Jerusalem coming down from God out of Heaven; by which the Spouse of Christ is signified. Verse 9, ic. Come np hither (faith the Angel to John J and I will stew thee the Bride, the Lamb's Wife. Avd he carried me away in the Spirit to a great high Mountain, and. stewed me that great City, the Holy Jerusalem, destending out of Heaven from God, havirg the Glory of God; and her Light was like unto aStone most precious, even like a Jafpar Stme, clear as Chrystal: Which respects the Glory that will then be put upon her, and that transparent Light, clear as Chrystal, that will stiine forth from her.

This glorious City, the Church of God, consisting both of Jews and Gentiles, as she shall appear in that Day, is set forth in her Glory, Beauty, and Excellency, by many Particulars:

First, From her Relation which she hath to the King of Glory, or the relation that he standeth iq unto her •, he being her Bridegroom \ she being his Wife, Bride, and Spouse. This must put an unspeakable Glory upon her. idly,

zdly, From the Place from which (he is said to descend -, and that is from God ovt of Heaven^pre*. par'd and adorned, as a Bride for the Marriage-Day 5 having on her beautiful Garments, not only the Robe of Christ's Righteousness; but the Robes, of Glory, or the Garments of Immortality: Not leaving God or Heaven behind her $ but the Glory of God and Heaven, descending, as it were, along with her: And therefore at this time the Tabernacle of God is said to he with Men -, and he will dwell with them.

idly, The Glory and Excellency of this City is Further set forth by her Walls, which are great and high. This is no less than Salvation it self. Salvation hath the Lord appointed for Walls aod Bulwarks. This great avd high Wall is not only for the Safety but for the Glory and Honour of the City.

qthly, Her Gates, which are twelve, having the Names of the 12 Tribes written thereon; to shew I conceive the Right of Interest which they have unto all the Privileges of this City. And at the Gates Twelve Angels, which continually keep" guard, so as no Danger can attack them: And at these Gates Twelve Pearls, every several Gate was ofi one PearL Pearls are valuable things among Men •, but how valuable must these Pearls be, which God himself hath provided to beautify and adorn the Gates of the City withal.

%thhi The Length and Breadth of the City sets forth something of the Glory thereof: It is said to lie four-square', and the Length is as large as the Breadth; the Length, and the Breadth, and the Heighth of it, are equal: By which I understand the unfeigned hearty Love, harmonious Agree. . rnent,

ment, and perfect Unity, there will be in the Saints unto Christ (his Laws, Rules, Ordinances, and government) aud to one another, is signified •, a perfect Conformity to Christ, and an Uniformity among themselves: There will be then no Differences about Forms, as now; but a hearty and Soul Agreement in all the Children of God, as to that Farm of Government that they then shall be under.

6thly, The Materials of the Wall axtsaid to be of Jafpar, a precious Stone of a Green Colour, with some Red Veins in it, and of an excellent Nature. From whence we may observe if the Buildings of the Walls, and outward Materials of the City, be so glorious ; how much more glorious must the City and inward Furniture thereof be? Tea, the City is of pure Gold, like unto clear Glass i Such Gold as this World never could afFord,for t heBrightnefs,Excellency and Duration of it. The Gold that this City is built with, is so bright, as that the Saints will fee the comfortable Face ot God continually shine upon them, thro' it, or thro' the Blessed Mediator, forever: They shall fee into the deep things of God, yea all the Mysteries of the Kingdom.

~thly, The Foundations of the Walls of the City were garnified with all manner ef Precious Stones ^ and these are distinguished into Twelve Sorts, each one of a precious excellent Nature-, which are the Twelve Foundations of the Wall •, to shew how strong, safe, and secure this City is: And in them them the Names of the Twelve Apostles not only to fignifie the Interest and Property they had in the Priviledges of this glorious City; but all theSaints that have believed, and received Christ j and laid

the Stress of their Salvation, upon the fame Doctrine, preach'd by Christ and his Apostles.

Sthly, The Streets of the City are pure Gold, as it vers transparent Glass. Such a City has never yet been seen in this World-, but certainly such a City as glciious as is here described, lhall be upon this Earth •, because it is said to come down from God out of Heaven. Now if the Streets of this City are to be pure Gold, of such a pure, bright, and excellent Nature, as it were transparent Glass: Sure then this can mean no other but the Beatifick Vision, which the Saints will have at this time, of God and Christ, with theglorious Angels, and one another: Yea, all those Mysteries that are to be seen, known, and understood by the Saints, concerning God, Christ, and the Spirit, with all the Glory of Heaven, will reflect and shine forth upon all these glorious Inhabitants, from the golden Street of this blessed City, which will always appear bright as transparent Glass unto them. O what glorious Walks will the Saints have in these golden Streets of the Nm Jerusalem, when they {hall walk with Honour, Pleasure, Delight, and eternal Satisfaction, from the .satisfying' Objects which will be always presented before them!

ytbly, Av.d I saw no Temple in it; that is, no material Temple, built with Hands or human Power: Such a Place will be too low for the Saints in that Day: But instead hereof, the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of it: That is God in Christ, or God in our Nature. This is the Place where the Saints shall meet, see, enjoy, and have Communion with God, in the greatest Nearness that possibly they can enjoy the Fountain of Eternal Deity in. G itfwJ.


lothly, This glorious Cityhas no need, of the Sum; and it is certain it will have no need of the Moon 5 because there will be no Night, but always as a bright eternal Day. The Reason is render'd -, for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light thereof: Yet I do not understand by this as if those two great Lights now so useful, should be annihilated; but it is to shew iis that God in Christ will be such a Fountain of eternal Light, Love, Grace, and Glory, unto all those blessed Inhabitants, as will dazzle or put out all created Lights or Creature Enjoyments whatsoever. Natural Light is sweet to the Body and Mind now: It is pleasant for the Eyes to behold the Sun. Spiritual Light is sweet and pleasant to the Soul. But O what will this Light be to the Souls and Bodies of the Saints, in that perfect State, when God and Chrijl, or God in Christ, will be an immediate Light of Fruition and Enjoyment by Vision, for ever.

I am very sensible that some of God's Children, which have no Light into this blessed Kingdom of Christ, will expound all these Texts of Scripture unto the ultimate Glory of the eternal Heavens: But let us take notice of what follows, and I think we may fee enough to the contrary •, and that is in the -24th Verse; And the Nations of them that are saved, stall walk in the Light of it ; and the Kings of the Earth <fo bring their Glory and Honour into it. By the Nations of than which are saved, I understand to be the Elect of God, gathered out of all Nations and Kingdoms of the World: Yea, all the Inhabitants of the New JerusalemstaB valk in the Light of that Glory, which will continually

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