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Glory of the Sun nor the Mson, it is certain there will be no need of the Glory of this World to be. brought into it: But upon the First Branch of Christ's Kingdom, which will appear in the Destruction of .Antichrist, the Pouring down of the Spirit, the Conversion and Reunion of the Jews and Gentiles, and the bringing of them into their own Land, as the Scripture speaketh; then it is, as I humbly conceive, that these Words will be fulfilled; then those Rings and Great Men of the Nations, whole Hearts the Lord shall touch by the Power of his Grace; as without doubt some such, shall be converted in that great Lay, will shew and make manifest their Love unto the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Saints, by offering up themselves, with what they have, yea, and all that is near and dear to them, to be the Lord's for ever. And then it is. that they shall bring their Glory and Honour into it v that is, into Jerusalem, where the People of God, both of Jews and Gentiles, shall be gathered together; which will be the Metropolitan City of the whole World. So that the Glory which the Kings of the Eartb,with the Glory of the Nations, do bring, or in that Day stall bring into this City, will fee in the ist Branch of'Christ'sKingdom, or upon the first Breaking forth of that Spiritual Glory; But will not attain unto its full Heighth and Grandeur, until Christ's personal Coming from Heaven, with all the Saints: Which Time the principal Glory spoke of in this Chapter, hath a peculiar relation unto.

I have been longer upon the 21st of Revelations, than I designed ; and that, because I apprehend the Glory spoke of in this Place has a respect unto, if


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not the fame with that glorious City in Exeliel y tho' that be more darkly and mystically expressed, as having the Veil of Moses's Types shadowing over it. "Well! When these glorious things Jpoken of this City of God, come to be fulfilled -3 then it is t^at the Name of the City stall be, The Lord is there (Jehovah ShammahJ as it is minded in the Margin; Jehovah being the proper and essential Name of God. Exsd.m. 14. I AM THAT I A M: That is as if the Lord had said, What I am I was., and what I was, lam; and what I am, lever will he. IhusJliaU yesay to the Children of Israel, I A M hath sent me unto you; whereby the Eternity, Immutability, and Unchangeableness oj God, issgnifed. Well! This is the Name that the City is to be call'd by,The Lord (JehovahShammah) is there.This glorious City is to take its Na7ne or Denomination from the Lord being there. From that Day, from that glorious Day spoke of before, it pall then be said in a special respect, The Lord is there.

But it may be objected, Was not the Lord with bis Pe.ple before this Time? f/'ashe not with them in the Institution of his divine Worship and Ordinances, both in theTabernacle and in thelemple at Jerusalem; where he promised his Presence ? Was he not with them, and that in a special way, during the Time of that Admimslra.ionl, And hath not God been with his People, in a wonderful manner, under the Dispensation of the Gospel? O yes! Blessed be the Lord he hath, is, and will be always present with his Church, to the End of the World. But what then? This makes nothing against that special, wonderful, and extraordinary Presence, which is promis'd

in these Words -, when the Name of the City (from


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that Day, that great and glorious Day, in which all those blesled Prophesies relating to this Time, are to be fulfilled) Ball be called, The Lord is there.

Well! From that Day the Lord will be with his Church, in such a special, peculiar, wonderful, and extraordinary manner, as he never yet was: Then shall all the Saints fee, feel, experience, and enjoy his Love, Power, Grace, Mercy, and divine Presence, for ever. Alas! How many thousands of gracious Souls have there been, and still are, that go drooping, in a disconsolate Condition, for Days, Weeks, and Years •, because they see, feel, or experience but very little, if any thing of his Presence > They go from Duty to Duty, from one Ordinance to another; and yet cannot: find him whom their Soul hveth: Or when they do meet with something, it is so little, and so soon gone, as that they cannot tell whether they did enjoy the Presence of God or no. It is true that it is not always thus with them; but sure lam, this has been, and is the Experience of many of God's dear Children (as I said) for Weeks avdTears: But when this Time is come, there will be no such Complaints; not one Soul that is a Denizen of the New Jerusalem, shall be under the Hiding of his Face any more: For they stall walk in the Light of his Countenance, and drink the River of his Pleasure; in whose Presence there is Fulness of Joy, and at his Right Jiand are Eternal Pleasures, Psalm xvi. 2. Oh the inexpressible Joy that the Hearts of the Saints will be filled with, at this time, from the Mediator's Person-, who will not be only as a Glory round about them, but as a Glory in the Midst of them!

Tastes, what


Discoveries will the Saints then have of the Glory, Person, and Righteousness of the Lord JefusChrist, when the Name of the City, from that Day, viU bet The Lord is there!

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Chap. VII.

Chris T's Kingdom will appear VtsiUe in this World, when Nebuchadnezzar's Image, representing the Four Monarchies) shall be destroyed. .

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3. This Kingdom viU be, First,Spiritual; Secondly, Personal, i. Christ'* First Coming was not the Time of setting up this Kingdom. 2. Jhat this Text holds forth the Kingdom of Christ, is proved from Six Particulars.

BUT to proceed; That is a Great Text in Dan. ii, 44. in relation, to the Kingdom of Christ: And in the Days of these Kings, stall the God of Heaven setup a Kingdom, which stall never be destroyed: And the Kingdom stall not be lest to another People, but it stall break in pieces and consume all these*Kingdoms ; and it stall stand for ever. These Words are the Interpretation of Nebuchadne%%ar,%

Dream, according to that Wisdom which God gave


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