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Greatness and the Glory of this, will ten thousand Times exceed the Glory of all those that went before it, in Respect of the Nature, Greatness, Largeness, Glory and Duration of it.

Fifthly, The manner how this Kingdom will begin in its first setting up; and that is by the Spirit of God coming down upon his People, (as before hinted) fitting of them for that Work which-the Lord will then call them to, in smiting of the Lmage upon his Feet, that were of Iron and Clay, breaking of them to Pieces; which points out the last of the four Monarchies, upon whom the fatal Blow will be given by Jesus Christ, this Stone cut out without Hands, and the Saints, or that Army of the Called, Chosen, and Faithful, who are said to follow him upon white Horses. For this Stone I look upon to prefigure not only Christ in his Person, but Christ in his Members, which are his Body mystical. They may be said (under some Consideration) to be cut out of this Mountain, or the Womb of eternal electing Love, without Hands-, that is, without any human Wisdom or Power; and therefore they'shall smite the Image also, they being his Battel-Ax, and Weapons of War* Jer. li. v. 20. 22. Thou art my Battel-Ax and Weapons of War -, for with thee (faith the Lord) will I break Pieces the Nations, and with thee will I destroy Kingdoms; and with thee will I break in Pieces the Horse and his Rider, and with thee will I break in Pieces the Chariot and his Rider; and so on. To this agree many other Texts of Scripture, which I shall not now turn to. This Kingdom of the Stone, in the first Branch thereof, was typed out, (as Tillfaghast observes) by the Kingdom of P<TM**s which was a Warring Kingdom: Many bloody Battels were fought by David and his Men, after he was anointed to be King over Israel: And so I do apprehend it will be upon the first breaking; forth of this spiritual Glory, or about the Time when the Jews shall be converted •, which will be a Warring Dispensation among the Saints; then it is that one fiall chafe a thousand, and two put ten thousand to fight. And therefore his Reign very fitly typed out the Kingdom of the Stone; as Solomon's Reign did wonderfully type out the Kingdom of the Mountain: For as Solomon succeeded David, whose Reign was peaceable and glorious •, so his Reign doth most fitly type out the peaceable and glorious Kingdom of Christ in the latter Branch of it, when this Stone shall become a great Mountain, and fill the whole Earth, which will not be until the smiting Time of the Image is over.


Sixthly and Lastly, The Time when this Kingdom is to be set up •, and that is (as before) in the Days of these Kings; which shews that it must be in this World, arid also that this 77me is yet to come: This Blessed, this Glorious, and Visible Kingdom of Christ, when once it shall begin to make its appearance, will not only awaken all the Saints, but the whole World will be made sensible of it.

It is certain itwas not in Daniel's Time, nor during the Mosaical Administration under the Law * tho' Christ had a Spiritual Kingdom of Grace and Salvation, among his People then j but not this Kingdom spoke of in the Text: Nor yet was this. Kingdom set up at the Time of Christ's First Coming; which was in a State of Humiliation, to work out our Redemption. Some there were indeed deed, that would have made him King by Force -, but he avoided it; Johnvi. 15. And in another Place, My Kingdom, faith Christ, is not of this World: If it httd, then (faith he) would my Servants fight : But Tiow k my Kingdom not from hence, John xviii. 36. Note that Word, Not from hence \ not from the Time of my first Appearing: Not from hence; not from this World must I receive my Kingdom, but from my Father -, as if Christ should fay, Neither will my Kingdom be set up by, nor consist of a Worldly Wisdom, a Worldly Vover, a Worldly Glory, nor of a Worldly Grandeur. But a Kingdom the Lord Jesus Christ Will have and receive, at the Time appointed, which will exceed the Glory of all the Kingdoms of this World, that have been before it. This I take to be the Meaning of our Lord, in these Words, and shews, that tho'the Kingdom of Grace was opened, upon Christ's First Coming, and by the Pouring down of the Spirit on the Apostles, and the Primitive Churches, in a brighter and more glorious manner than it had been j yet this was not the Setting up of the Kingdom: Not from hence j this was not the Time. Well then! From the • whole we may gather, that this "blessed Kingdom is yet to come: And as soon as the Lord begins to smite the Image upon the Feet of Iron and Clay\ which Time we have Ground to believe is near at hand: Then the God of Heaven will set up his Kingdom Visible in this World •, which never shall be destroyed, nor given to another People. And therefore we may see how wonderfully this Text, (among many others) doth preach unto us the Glo

Sof a Visible Kingdom of Christ, to be possessed by e Lord jfe/w, and the Saints in this World, or

under . t *


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Chap. VIII. Many things taken notice of, with relation to the Kingdom of Christ, from the Vision of the Fourth Beast.

I. This Fourth Beast must be the fame with Last of the Fourth Monarchy, under its Papal Power. 2. The Fourth Beast is very terrible, and strong exceedingly; which Power he hath made use of against the People of God. 3. These 1 hrones must be nnderjlood of the Thrones that Chiist will fitch, or set down in his Kingdom, for him and the Saints to Jit upon. 4. Together with the Mysteries stgnifyd by the Whiteness of his Hair.

5. This can be no other than a Represent alien of the great Day of Judgment, .frst amtwg the Saints.

6. In thisTime of the Judgment, there will be a Giving of Rewards, according 10 what we have dew in the B'dy, or what shall be ftund written in the Books. 7. When all the other Beasts are destroyed, none will have any Power, but what will be in the hand of( hrift and theSaivts. 8. The Certainty of Christ's 0 mirg, Kingdom, and Reign, with the Saints in this If crld, proved from several Particulars. 9. The Kingdom of Christ ar.d the Saints, which is to be under the whole Heaven, will hepn and continue together, as one and the fame Kingdom.

A Gain, in the Seventh of Daniel, there are some Verses of such Weight and Clearness, r for

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