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to pray that the Kingdom of Ccd may openly, visibly, and gloriously, appear in this World, wherein his Will shall perfectly be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

First then, that it is the Duty of the Saints earnestly to pray for the Coming of the Kingdom of God, the Words of the Text is a full Proof: Tby Kingdom come; tby Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Again, we have an Exhortation to. pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Pfal. cxxii. Verje 6. Pray for.the Peace of Jerusalem •, they fl)all prosper that love thee. By the Peace of Jerusalem does mean the Prosperity and flourishing State of the Church in the Kingdbm of. Christ. This we fee is the Duty of the Saints to be praying for, with a Promise that they shall prosper who do so.

Secondly, To pray that the Kingdom of God should come, is to Pray that this'blessed Kingdom may openly, visibly, and gloriously appear in she World; as in Isaiah, Ixii. 6, 7. Te that Make mention of the Lord, keep not silence (but be in earnest with God that this Kingdom may ct,mlf) and therefore it is said, Give him no rest till he estahlisty, and till he make Jerusalem a Praise in the Earth: That is, 'till this Kbigi&A visibly is set up in the Worlds that so the Witt of God may perfectly be done by the Saints on Earth, as It is now perfectly done by the Saints) i» Heaven.

Having briefly prrv'd thef Doctrine, I fhaiTin the next place a little explain-what we are tofunderstand by this Kingdom, which we are'exhorted to pray,so earnestly for. This I shall endeavour to shew, First, negatively, It is pot to be

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understood of a Spiritual Kingdom, in the Hearts of his People •, because that was already come, and had been in the World, ever since the first Promise of Grace and Salvation, preached by the Lord himself unto Adam, immediately upon the Fall. Secondly, It cannot be meant of an Increase of this Spiritual Kingdom: For that had mudi, increased, in respect of its Glory in the Jevijb Chtirch; and more abundantly at this Time of the MeJfiaKs first Coming, when'the Lord Jesus Christ was personally present with his People: Yet did our Lord exhort his Disciples to pray that this Kingdom might come. Surely then this cannot be the Kingdom ; for if it had, he would never have exhorted us to pray for that to come, which was already comeBesides,; the latter parts of the Words, is a plain Evidence that it is not meant of a Spiritual Kingdom only; because the brightest Spiritual Glory that is, has beeii, or may be in the Church, could never rife so high as to have the Will of God done w^on Earth, as it is done in Heaven; which can mean no less than a perfect Obedience and Conformity to the Divine Will. Therefore

Secondly, and affirmatively, The Kingdom which is principally intended in the Text, and that, which we are exhorted to pray for, in these Words, can he no other than a perfect personal Kingdom anJ Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ in this World; in which it-is, that the Will of God shall indeed be done perfectly by all the Saints on the Earth, d$ it is done perfectly by the Saints which are now in Heaven. Such a Time as this has not yet been, either before or since Christ's Coming, unto this Day: But such a lime there will certainly he;

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otherwise our Lord wonld never have exhorted us, or his Disciples, to pray for it. Then may we conclude, that such a blessed, perfect KingdomState, in which the Will of God will be perfectly done on Eartb, is yet to come : And our Duty in the mean time is to be earnestly praying for that glorious Kingdom.'

The Method which I shall make use of, in the handling of this following Discourse, is •,

First, To give some further Proof of the Certainty of the Kingdom of Christ in this World, or upon this Earth.

Secondly, I shall endeavour to speak something about the manner of that blessed and glorious State: How it shall be.

Thirdly, I shall also prove that this blessed and glorious Kingdom of Christ is near at hand ^ even at the very Door.

Fourthly and lastly, Make some little use, by way of Improvement, from the whole,

Now in proving that the Lord Jesus Christ will jret have a glorious visible Kingdom in this World, I shall, according to my present Light, explain and give you my Thoughts upon many Texts of Scripture, both in the Old and New "Testament, which do. hold forth the Kingdom of Christ in them.

First then, that Christ will have, or set up a glorious Kingdom in this World, appeals very full, besides what was hinted out of Matt. vi. to. from Psalm lxxii. v. 2, ?, and soon. He (that is Jesus Christ) Jl)all judge thy People with Righteousness, and thy Poor with Judgment. This shews that the Lord ( who doth not respect any Man's Person ) will in

'that that Day distribute or give Rewards of Glory unto the weakest Believer, as well as the strong': Yea, every one shall receive according to their Works, or according to their Love and Faithfulness unto Jejus Christ, and the Service which they have done for him. Then the Mountains (which are the Mountains of Christ's Kingdom, both in the first and second Branch of it) shall bring Ptace to the People, and the little Hills, by Righteousness. By Mountains and Hills are often understood Kingdoms and Nations: And so the Meaning maybe, that Righteousness and Peace, like a River, shall overflow them, in the Time of Christ's glorious Reign-, v. 4 and 5. Htstall judge the Poor of the People-, he stall save the Children of the Needy, Src. No Oppression arhong the Saints; for the Oppic-ssor then shall he break in pieces. And they stall fear tho Lord, as long as the Sun and Moon endureth. Now though the Psalmist might have some respect: to the peaceable Reign of Solomon; yet it is certain that there be many things in this Prophecy which cannot be apply'd to Solomon, any further than he was a Type of Christ: It is the Lord Jesus Christ that is principally intended, and that the Spirit of God hath his Eye upon. It is he that stall comedown like Rain vpon the ?nowev Grafs, as Showers that water the Earth, ver. 6. which respects his Coming down, by the great Effusion of the Spirit upon his People, in the latter Days, when the Spirit of God shall be poured down upon all FUst\ and war Sons and Daughters stall prophtsy'y \o*r Old Men stall dream Dreams, and your Jo»m? Men stall fee Vistons .• And your Servants and Har.imalds in tb'se. Days vill I pour out of my Spirit.


Joel ii. ver. 28. The fame you read in' the 2d of the Acts; again in the j. 8, and 9th Verse: In his Days stall the Righteous fiourist, and abundance of Peace, as long as the Moon endnreth. He stall bays Dominion also from Sea to Sea, and from the River unto the End of the Earth. Ibey that dwell in the Wilderness stall how down before him: And his Enemies stall lick the Dust.

In his Days (that is in Christ's Days, in the Days of his Reign) there (hall be abundance of Peace. Peace' Oh what a Blessing is it to a People or a Nation! Especially the Peace of God! Peace with God, in Christ Jesus! Peace in our own Souls! Peace in our Families! Peace in the Church ! P^ace one with another! Peace all the World over! No more Division among the Saints •, no more Wars with our Enemies. Now the Dusation of this Peace — And that is as long as the Moon endureth, or as long as the World continueth.

And his Dominion stall be from Sea to Sea: That is, His Power, Rule, and Government, will be from one End of the World to the other: And his Enemies stall how at his Feet. Not a Hand will be lifted up against Christ not the Saints, in all that glorious Reign. Wellj then it is evident that this must be understood of Christ and his Kingdom; neither can it be appty'd to any other, as the remaining Part of the Psalm doth sally demonstrate: When Kings stall fall down before him, and all Nations stall serve him-, ver. n. Which it is certain they have not yet done, in that universal Sense as this Prophecy doth declare-they shall,

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