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as it is in 2 Cor. iii. v. 7, 8, 9. But if the Miniftration of Death written and engraven in Stones, was glorious, so that the Children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the Face of Moses, for the Glory of his Countenance, which Glory was to be done away* how shall not the Ministration of the Spirit be rather glorious, and so on. All which does shew not only the great Difference there is betwixt the Display ef divine Grace unto us by the Gospel, and what it was to them under the Law; but it shews what a far greater Glory there will still shine forth through Christ, when he shall fit (together with them that shall be counted worthy) upon Thrones that are to be pitched down, or set up, in the Time of that glorious Kingdom, which these "Words have a Reference to, and the white Hair upon Christ's Head doth signify, or is a Representation of.

Thirdly, This Hair is not only beautiful, excellent, and glorious, but it is useful, and that may be another Reason why Christ's Hair is compared to pureWool: Now we know that "Wool is exceeding useful among us upon many Accounts; Wool is look'd upon by some to be one of the greatest Manufactories in the Kingdom of Great Britain; and in dealing therewith, not only many thousands are maintained, but many are made rich. Sure I am that Christ is the greatest Thing, that all Persons ought to be concerned about; and by whom many thousands are maintained, For in him we live, move, end have our Beivg; Acts xvii. v. 18. And not only so, but many are made rich, rich unto Salvation nay, none can be rich without him and the more we deal with Christ in the Exercise of

L 2 Faith,


j6 The G L O R Y os

Faith, and what is signified by his Hair that is like pure Wool, the more spiritually rich shall we grow in our Souls. Secondly, Wool is useful for Cl<">athing, for covering our Nakedness •, now tho* the Ribhteousness of Christ, which is'our only Cloathing before God, may not be so clearly shadowed out in this, yet I may be bold to fay, that the Love and Grace of Jehovah, which was the Spring and Fountain of this glorious Righteousness, and from whence it did proceed j was wrought out by that glorious Head, upon which this Hair like pure Wool did grow. Thirdly, Wool is useful for to warm, comfort, and refresh the Body so this Hair upon Christ's Head, useful for the arming, comforting, and refreshing the Souls of e Saints. Surely if we do but consider how mar Mysteries of Grace there is held forth to us in n's glorious Head, whose Hair is like pure Wool, fl afford Matter of Comfort and Consolation.

whatever Use this Hair is of to Christ, the cannot but must be of Use unto us, who are u with this Head. Fourthly and lastly, . is made of Use in many Things for Beauty i Ornament, as well as for Necessity. Now we >w that a well grown Head of Hair, and of a eautiful Colour, is comely and ornamental, not y to the Head, but it beautifies the Body; andtereforethis Hair, like pure Wool that so heaui the Head of Christ, puts a Beauty and a upon this whole mystical Body the Chvrch. The fourth Thing to be considered in he Throne that this glorious Peris Throve was Zffo th fer) ids as burning Fire, This

Throne Throne is described with Wheels, as the Throne expressed in the ist and ioth Chapters of Ezekiel and is to shew that God's Providence moveth, rules, and governs every where, in all Places throughout the Universe : It shews also, the Celerity and Speediness of God's Mercy in helping and delivering of his People out of Trouble; and the Facility or Speediness of God's Justice, in the executing of his Judgments upon the wicked.


Again, this fiery Throne sets forth the Greatness, the Glory, the Majesty, and Dreadfulness of him that is to lit upon it; great and glorious will he be to the Saints, but dreadful to the wicked and ungodly. Therefore the very Coming oj Christ is said to be in flaming Fire, to take Vengeance on them that \mv not God, and obey not the Gospel. This fiery Throne may further signify the Omniscience of Christ, or the quick and piercing Eye of. the Lord Jesus, whose Eyes are as a flaming Fire;. Rev. i. v. 14. These Eyes of Christ will fee through all Sorts of Persons into the secret Corners o£ the Heart, to discover and lay open what they be, and what they have done •, nothing there is that can be hid from him." This fiery Throne does also shew, not only the Glory, but Safety and Security of that Glory, which Christ and the Saints will appear in at that Time. No Enemy, whether they be wicked Men or Devils, will be able to come near this fiery Throne; but it will strike them all with Dread and Terror round about; and therefore Kls said, A fiery Stream issued and came forth from before him, or from before this glorious Throne. Which I humbly conceive respects the Wrath of God? that like a Stream of Fire will issue forth.

from from Christ, upon all his inveterate and implacable Enemies, who shall be found living then upon the Earth, in the Beginning of that great and dreadful Day of the Lord or it may have a Respect unto that dreadful Sentence, Go ye cursed into everlasting Tire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels; Matt, xxv. v. 41. which by Christ will be pronounced against the wicked, upon the closing up of the last Judgment: It may be taken in either or in both these Considerations.

Sixthly; Thousand thousands miniftred unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him; the Judgment was set, and the Booh were cpened. Now, however, tlois is a Representation of the great Day of Judgment; yet I look upon these Words to have a peculiar Respect unto the Kingdom State, or Day of Judgment among the Saints •, therefore by the thousand thousands, that miitijlred unto him, (that is, unto Christ,) I understand the Saints may be signified; and by their Minifring unto him, is not out of any need, that Christ will have of any Thing that they, or any Creature, can administer to him •, but to (hew the Readiness which will appear in the Saints to join with the Angels in their Singing, and Celebrating the eternal Praise of the King of Glory; as in Rev. vii. -v. 9.10. 12. Aster the Sealing of the twelve Tribes, there was a great Multitude, which no Man could number, out of aU Nations, Kindreds, People, and Tongues, flood before the Throne, and before the. Lamb, cleathed with white Robes, and Fahns in their Hands, and cryed with a loud Voice, faying, Salvation to our God, and unto the Lamb, and aU the An


iers, and the four Beasts, and fell before the Throne,

on their Faces, aud worstipped God, faying, Amen:

Bkjing and Glory, Wisdom and Thanksgiving, and

Honour and Power, and Might be unto our God for

ever and ever. So that the Ministring of this great

Multitude will be, in their throwing down their

Crowns at Christ's Feet in that glorious Day, or

rather in their setting of all their Crowns upon

the Head of Christ, and ascribing all the Glory

that is due to him.

And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him -, by which, the glorious Angels, I conceive, are meant; as we may fee, if we compare this with Rev. v. where we read of the Lamb In the midst of the Throne, and of the Elders, and the four Beasts, (by which the Saints are to be understood) fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them, Harps and golden Vials full of Odours, which'are the Prayers of Saints; and they fung a new Song, faying, Thou art worthy to take the Book, 8cc. and in the nth Verse, which agrees with this Interpretation, and the very fame Words, I beheld (faith TohnJ and I heard the Voice of many Angels round about the Throve, and the Beast and the Elders, and the dumber of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; faying with aloud Voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was stain to receive Power, and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and Blesing, Sec. New that these are Angels, and the Number of them is in plain Words expressed; whether the Number of the Angels shall exceed the Number of the Saints, Istiallnot determine, though there be some that do think they (hall •> but this is most certain, the e


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