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Kingdom; as does sufficiently appear by all the Circumstances of the Text.

Secondly, The Person unto whom this Kingdom is to be given, by the Father, and that is the loii Jesus Christ (as before) under the Denomination of the Son of Man.

Thirdly, The Extent of this Kingdom, and that is all the World over, signified by those Words, and there was given him Dominion, aid Glory, and a Kirgdom: Which holds forth the Rule, Power, and Authority that Christ will have over all the Earth. Psalm ii. 8. Arid he stall give him the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the utmost Farts of the Earth for his Possession. Again, in Zech. ix. io. And btjball cut off the Chariot jrom Iphraim, and the florj'e from, Jerusalem, and the Bat;el-Bow stall be cut of: No warlike Instrument stall he found at this Time because there will he no need of them, when Christ stall personally reign, and he stall speak Placet into the Heathen: Which doubtless means their Conversion •, but this hath a Respect unto the spiritual Glory, in the first Part of the Kingdom of Christ, and his Dominion shall be from Sea to Sea, and from the Rivers to the End of the Earth.

Fourthly, The Time when this Kin, dom is given to Christ, and that is not at his first, nor yet to this Day, but at his second Coming-, when he shall come in the Clouds of Heaven, as it is in the Text, then it is, and'not'till then, that there was given him Dominion, and Glory, and a Kingdom And therefore it is said in Luke xix. M. A certain Nobleman went into afar Country to receive for himHsa Kingdom, and to return. This Nobleman is aimself, the far Country is Heaven, the Time

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when he went there, after he spoke these Words, was at his Ascension. The End, or one End for which he went, was that he might receive a Kingdom, and at the Time appointed return and bring the Kingdom with him. Which may be said, not to be given to him, or he not receiving of it into his actual Possession, until he comes in the Clouds of Heaven, with Power and great Glory: Because this Kingdom will not openly and visibly appear until then.

Fifthly, The End for which he receives this Kingdom? And that is, that all People, Nations, and Languages should serve and obey him. Now it is certain this Time has never yet been; neither before nor since the Gospel Dispensation -, all People, Nations, and Languages, did never yet serve nor obey Christ: how many in all Ages of the World, and to this Day appeared in Rebellion, and open Hostility against Jesus Christ: But such a Time there will, and must certainly be if Heaven and Earth stiall pass away before one Jot or Tittle of his Word shall fail then it is impossible that this Word should not be fulfilled: When all Teople, Nations and Languages pall serve and obey Christ.

Sixthly, The Duration of this Kingdom-, how long it shall continue, and that is to be everlasting: His Dominion is an everlasting Dominion, which shall not pass away, and his Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed. This may be understood in two or three Particulars: i. This Kingdom in which Christ will reign with the Saints, as the Son of Man, or as God, Man, Mediator-, is a Kingdom that will last for above a thousand Years, in its


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twofold Branches, first spiritual, and then personal. Rev. xx. Now in respect of this long Duration of Time, which exceeds all the Kingdoms or earthly Monarchies, that ever were in the World, it may be said to be everlasting: The Word Everlasting being often taken in Scripture for a long Duration of Time; as in Lev. xvi. 34. And thh jhall be an everlasting Statute wnto you, to wake an atonement for the Children os Israel, for all their Sins once a Tear. Now we know that this Statute continued no longer than while Christ, the Substance of this Shadow, was come. This I might prove from many other Places: But,

Secondly, This Kingdom may be said to be everlasting, because it shall never he destroyed, as all other Kingdoms have been, alter their longest Continuance, no Power either of Earth or Hell, Men or Devils, will ever be able to destroy it: This blessed Kingdom of Christ shall never be succeeded by any other, and therefore it may be called an everlasting Kingdom.

Thirdly, A third Reason why this glorious Kingdom of Jesm Christ is said to be everlasting, is because as it shall never be destroyed, nor succeeded by any other; so neither shall it cease to be a Kingdom after the last Judgment; but will be as a Kingdom taken up into a higher, fixed, unchangeable State of the ultimate Glory in the eternal Heavens: For then the Lord Jesus Christ, as Man, (when he hath reigned) will deliver up the Kingdom unto the Father, that Grd may be all in all. And so the Kingdom of Christ With the Saints will be swallowed up in the boundless Ocean, Frufl#$t: itiwv ition, and eternal Enjoyment of God, by Vision for ever; j Cor. xv. 28.


Seventhly, J here is another Thing to be considered for the Proof of Christ's Kingdom, befoie I close this Chapter; and that is, that this Kingdom of Cfmft, and the Saints are contemporary: They will begin, and continue together as one and the fame Kingdom: And therefore we read so often in the Explanation of this Vision, after the Beast and. all other Powers are destrqyed, the Saints possessed the Kingdom. The same Time that Chrijl has this Kingdom given unto him, at the fame Time the Saints are said to possess it; in the iSth Verse 5, But the Saints ef the most High, stall take the Kingdom, and possess the Kingdom scr ever, even for ever and ever. This Kingdom then shall never be destroyed, nor taken from them, by no Force cor Power whatsoever, but they shall possess and enjoy it for ever,'three times expressed in this Verse. See again in Verse 21. 'f beheld, and the same Horn made War with the Saints, and prevailed against them. This is that Horn that had Eyes, and a Mouth, that spake very great Things, whose Look was more stout than his Fellows; which I look upon (as before) to be the Antichristian Horn) after he had formed that strangeSort of Government, in his clearing the Ecclesiastical and Civil Power, which he made use of in making "War with the Saints, and prevailing against them. This the People of God have had a sufficient Experience of, not only in our latter, but in Ages past; which rpore or less will continue, until Christ comes to set up bis Kingdomas it is in the 2?d Verse;Until the Ancient of Days came, and Judgment was

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