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A CERTAIN Emperor was strongly attached to a beautiful wife. In the first year of their marriage, she was delivered of a son, upon whom she doated with extravagant fondness. When the child had completed its third year, the king died; for whose death great lamentation was made through the whole kingdom. The queen bewailed him bitterly; and after his remains were deposited in the royal sepulchre, took up her residence in another part of the country, accompanied by her son. This child became the object of an affection so violent, that no consideration could induce her to leave him; and they invariably occupied the same bed, even till the boy had attained his eighteenth year. Now when the devil perceived the irregular attachment of the mother, and the filial return exhibited by the son, he insinuated black and unnatural thoughts into their minds; and from time to time repeating his detestable solicitations, finally overthrew them. The queen became pregnant; and the unhappy son, filled with the deepest horror, and writhing beneath the most intolerable agony, quitted the kingdom, and never was heard of again. In due time, the queen was delivered of a lovely female, whom her eyes no sooner beheld, than-(mark, ye who dream that one dereliction from virtue, may be tried with impunity--mark !) desperate at the remembrance of her fearful crime, and apprehensive of detection, she snatched up a knife that lay beside her, and plunged it into the infant's breast. Not content with this exhi. bition of maternal inhumanity, she cut it directly across the throat, from whence the blood rapidly gushed forth, and falling upon the palm of her left hand, distinctly impressed four circular lines, which no human power

could erase. Terrified, not less at the singular consequence of her guilt, than at the guilt itself, she carefully concealed this awful and mysterious evidence, and dedicated herself for life to the service of the blessed Virgin. Yet though penitent for what she had done, and regularly every fifteenth morning duly confessed, she scrupulously avoided any disclosure relating to that horrid transaction. She distributed alms with the most unbounded liberality; and the people experiencing her kindness and benevolence, evinced towards her the greatest respect and love.

It happened on a certain night as her confessor knelt at his devotions, repeating five times aloud the “ Ave Maria,” that the blessed Virgin herself appeared to him, and said, “ I am the Virgin Mary, and have an important communication to make to thee.” fessor, full of joy, answered, “ Oh! dear Lady, wherein can thy servant please thee?'' She replied, “ The queen of this kingdom will confess herself to you; but there is one sin she has committed, which shame and horror will not permit her to disclose. On the

The con

morrow she will come to you; tell her from me, that her alms and her prayers have been accepted by Him who delights in the pure oblation of a contrite heart; I command her therefore, to confess that crime which she secretly committed in her chamber—for alaş! she slew her daughter. I have entreated for her, and her sin is forgiven, if she will confess it. But if she yield no attention to your words, bid her lay aside the cover upon her left hand; and on her palm, you will read the crime which she refuses to acknowledge. If she deny this also, take it off by force.” When she had thus spoken, the blessed Virgin disappeared. In the morning, the queen with great humility was shrieved of all her sins—that one excepted. After she had uttered as much as she chose, the confessor said, “ Madam, and dear daughter, people are very inquisitive to know for what strange reason you constantly wear that cover upon .your left hand. Let me see it, I beseech you, that I may ascertain why it is concealed, and whether the concealment be pleasing to God." The queen answered, “ Sir, my hand

is diseased, and therefore, I cannot show it." Hearing this, the confessor caught hold of her arm, and notwithstanding her resistance, drew off the cover. “

Lady,” said he,

" “ fear not; the blessed Virgin Mary loves you;

and it is she who hath commanded me to do this." When the hand was uncovered, there appeared four circles of blood. In the first circle there were four letters in the form of a C; in the second, four D's; in the third, four M's; and in the fourth, four R’s. Upon the outward edge of the circles, in the manner of a seal, a blood-coloured writing was distinguishable, containing the legend beneath. First, of the letter C,_which was interpreted, Casu cecidisti carne cæcata,” [Blinded by the flesh thou hast fallen.] The letter D, Demoni dedisti dona donata,[Thou hast given thyself for certain gifts to the devil.] The letter M,Monstrat manifestè manus maculata,[The stain upon thy hand discovers thee.] The letter R, Recedet rubigo, regina rogata," [When the queen is interrogated her dishonour ceases.] The lady beholding this, fell at the confessor's feet, and with many tears

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