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AN ACT to authorize the construction of a bridge

across the Milwaukee River in the town of Milwaukee.

waukee river.

Be it en zcel by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin.

§ 1. That George D. Dousian, Andrew McCormick, David Merrill, and such others as shall associate with thein for that purpose, are hereby authorized to construct

Brirge on ylil. a foat bridge across the Milwaukee river, from the foot of Water street, in the East Ward of the town of Milwaukee, to the foot of Ferry street, on Walker's Point, in said town.

§ 2. The cost of constructing, repairing and attending Cost how paid said bridge, shall be paid by voluntary subscription, and under no pretence whatever shall any part thereof be paid out of the county treasury; and said bridge when completed shall be and forever remain FREE, and no person or persons crossing the same shall be required to pay any No toll. toll therefor.

§ 3. The said bridge shall be constructed without any pi-r, abutment or other permanent work obstructing or No pier, encroaching pon the channel of the Milwaukee riverbuit shall rest on water-tight scows or boxes to be confined On boxes and to their places by piles with a convenient draw, double or single, not less than sixty-five feet in the clear, and so constructed as to admit the free passage of all water craft navigating said river without hindrance or delay.

§ 4. The said bridge shall be kept in repair by the said [Iow kept in Dousman and associates, three of whom shall be chosen repair. as trustees to take charge of said bridge, by the subscribers to the same, and notice of the selection of said trustees shall be published in one of the newspapers in the town of Milwaukee; and whenever said trustees shall be Votice. changed, similar notice shall be given ; and the said bridge shall at all times be attended so as to pass all water craft at all times free of expense and without delay.

6 5. That in case any damage shall bappen to any way recorer person or persons, or their property, by means of the in

dainages. sufficiency of said bridge, or want of repair thereof, or from the improper attendance thereof, the party agrieved may recover the amount of damage in an action against

draw 65 feet.

the trustees of said bridge, or either of them, before any court of competent jurisdiction.

§ 6. That if any person or persons shall wilsully and maliciously injure, damage or destroy said bridge, or any

part thereof, such person or persons shall for every such For injuring offence forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars, in addition how punished to the penalty provided in the statutes for such offences,

and pay all damages consequent upon such offence over and abore sucli forfeiture.

§ 7. Nothing contained in this act s'all be so construed

as to prevent the district court of Milwaukee county, for May be remov.good cause, from ordering said bridge to be removed; and

this act may at any time be altered, amended or repealed.

Arproved, January 22, 1844.


AN ACT to enable school districts to raise taxes.


Be it oncted by the Council and House of Representutives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. That if any town in this Territory shall neglect or refuse at their annual town ineeting to raise money for the support of schools within the same, it shall be

lawful for any school district within the limits of such town, May raise

at a meeting duly notified for that purpose to raise such

sum of money for the support of schools as a majority of Proviso. the legal voters of such district stall determine. Pro

vided, that the sum so raised shall not exceed one fourth Noi cxcced ose fourth of of one per cent and shall be appropriated for no other purone per cent. pose than the pay of teachers who are duly qualified as

the law requires. And provided further, that such tax

shall be leried upon the annual town assessment roll of What proper. the property within the scliool district for the year in ty liable,

which the same shall be voted.

§ 2. When a district is composed of parts of two or Two or more more towns the school tax assessed by any one of said

towns shall be distributed only to such inhabitants of said district as reside in the town that voted the assessment.

APPROVED, January 30, 1844.


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AN ACT to authorize the village of Racine to

borrow money, and for other purposes. Be it en icted by the Council and House of Representilives of the Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. That the trustees of the village of Racine be and they are hereby authorized to borrow upon the credit of Trustees 10 said village, the sum of fire thousand dollars, or less, for a hərrow money term not exceeding five years, in such sums as they may deein proper, (on) interest not exceeding tivelse per cent. payable annnally, to be applied towards the construction of a larbor at that place.

§ 2. That said trustees may appropriate towards paying the interest on such loans which shall accrue in the 'o pay inter. years 1811 and 1815, so much of the tax which shall be ost. raised under the act entitled "an act to authorize tie village of Racine to raise money, and for other purposes,' ai skull he necessary therefor: and that during the years 1816, 1817 ani 1848, they shall raise a tax not exceedling twenty-two hundred dollars for each year, for the purpose of paying the principal and interest on said loans.-And the money so raised shall be applied towards the payment of the principal and interest of said loan and for no other purpose whatever, said tax sliall be levied on the same kind of property that the tas for the construction of the harbor is now levied upon. Lotfive of section

Lot anncxcd. nine town three range twenty-three is hereby included within the limits of said village and sucli parts thereof as are owned by or held in trust for the benefit of said village s!iall be exempt froin taxation for village purposes while they are so owned or held.

§ 3. No person shall be entitled to vote at the elections autliorized by an act entitled “an act to authorize the village of Racine to raise money, and for other purposes,”! approved March 30th, 1813, unless he shall have all the qualifications of a roter at a general election), in addition, to being a free-holder of property in said village. And any person offering to vote at sucl election, may be challenged, and then the same proceedings shall be had as at general elections. Provided, that no person shall vote Proviso. wlio has not been a free holder for two months previous to the time when any tax shall be voted.

§ 4. The tax authorized by said last mentioned act Tax when lev shall be levied whenever two-thirds of the voters who ac- ied.

Who cntitled to vote.

tually rote upon the question shall be in favor of the Proviso. same. Provided, that the said tax shall be levied within

two years from the passage of this act:ind noi afterwards,

§ 5. It shall be lawful for the trustees of said village May appoint agenl.

to appoint an agent to attend any sale of lands, made for the purpose of collecting taxes due said village, and bid off said lands for the taxes and charges due thereon, in the naine if said trustees and the said trustees or their successors s'all acquire, by sucli purchase in Irust for said village all the rights which might have been acquired

by any other purchaser. To give notice $ 6. The assessors of said village, after they liare inade

ont their assessment roll, shall give one week's notice of the time and place at which they will meet to equalize and correct the same.

APPROVED, January 6, 1844.


AN ACT to authorize the President and trustees

of the town of Milwaukee to borrow money.

Beit en icled by the Council ind House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. Tluat the President and Trustees of the town of Mar horrow Milwaukee be, and they are hereby authorized to borrow $15 000. on the credit of said town il sum of money not exceering

filteen thousand dollars, payable in not less than five por

inore than ten years, at a rate of interesi not exceeding How cxpend. ten per cent, to be exprendre under the direction of suid

President and Trustees in dredging the Milwaukee

River and opening a channel is id constructing pirts at Picis.

or near the point on the Lake sliose designated by Lieuts. Center and Rose in the year 1836 for the construction of the Milwaukee Harbor.

§ 2. Whenever such loan or any part thereof is efDuty of Pror. fected it shall be the duty of the President and Trustees ident and trus. of said town to lery and collect in the manner that the lax to pay in. ordinary tax in said town is levied and collected and op

such property as is now taxable in said town an annual special tax sufficient to discharge the interest accruing annually on such loan, which tax shall be applied to



wards the payment of such interest and to no other purpoie laterer.

§ 3. The said President and Trustees are hereby authirized to designate what part of said loan shall be char- What part geable upon and payable by the east ward and what part (hargeable to shail be chargeable and payable by the west ward of said "el ward. town.

§ 4. That no money shall be borrowed under the pro. Majority to visions of this ici unless a majority of the inters of said

vole for loan. town possessed of a freehold estate therein who shall actually vote pou the question shall first determine to authorize such loall, and for this purpose the said President and Trustees are hereby authorized to order a special Special clcc. election of the potersiner this ct at such time ind in lion.

Ilow conduct. suelo places in said town as they may deem proper, and snel election shall be conducted in the said sht1110'8" is other elections in said town: Provileil, That ten days 116). Notice of tice of the tiine and place of conducting such cléction shall be first given by said! President and Trustees.

APPROVED, January 27, 1814.

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Ilow done.

AN ACT Relating to Territorial Roads. Beit en icled by the Comcil imd Huse of Representatives of the Territory of Wiscusn:

1. The County Commissioners or Commissioners of Hiy' ways in any town or county shall in no case discon

Commission. Territorial road nor cose to be shut up or ob-res elalt 1:08 structed any United States road in this Territory or any aller roads. part thereof, and in case they shallalter any portion of such roads the same shall be done in pursuance of the provisions of the law according as the part so altered shall lie

Shall lie in in those counties which lare or have not adopted the

county. township systein of Government, and in case the portion

altered shall be in any county which has adopted such systein ; then an appeal froin any decision therein shall Appeals low lic to the board of county supirvisors whose decision taken. shall be final.

§ 2. The arts of the coiniissioners appointed in pur. Sllance of the 8th section of an act antitled "an act to provide for laying out and establishing Territorial roads therein named,” approved Jimmary 13, 1840, are hereby declared to be valid and the road surveyed and located Act revived.

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