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Road in While walir reinstalvd.

by them is hereby declared io be a Territorial road subject to the provisions of this act and the acts of the highway commissioners of the town of Whitewater, whereby a portion of said territorial road has been declared to be discontinued or altered is hereby declared to be null and of no effect,

APPROVED, January 27, 1814.

AN ACT to establish certain territorial roads

therein named.

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Be it enucleil by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Irisc usin:

§ 1. That Minas Collins, Forister Dexter and Oliver P. Hilliams be, and they are hereby appointed Cominis

siowers to lay out and establishi a Territorial road, leaving Roal where the United States ro id near the house of Seymour WilComenced.

cox, in Fond du Lac county, and running on the north side of Pox Lake to intersect the same at or near the

point where the said United States road passes from Whicre ended.

the prairie into the timber on section twenty-seven, town thirteen, range eleven.

There shall be a Territorial road established, Commenced commencing at Watertown in the county of Jefferson, at Watertown. and cross tiie Crawfish river near the house of Olney Ed

wards, and continue on the most practicable ground, via. Waterloo settlemert, to intersect the Madison road, and that William H. Potter, Duncan Campbell and Thomas Noyes be commissioners to lay out said road.

§ 3. That Ebenezer Brigham, Berry Haney and Jolin Metcalf be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to

lay out and establish a Territorial Road, beginning at At Helena.

Helena, in the county of Iowa, and crossing the Shot Tower Creek where the road to the Blue Mounds crosses the same, thence to Arena Creek, crossing it at the place where a bridge was formerly built, thence on the inost eligible route to the Cross Pinins, intersecting the road from Madison to Prairie du Sank.

§ 4. That Joseph Keyes, Jonathan Lyman, and Jacob P. Brown, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a Territorial road from

Lake Mills, in the town of Aztalan, in the county of Jef- Ai Lake Millo ferson, and running in a rortheasterly course on the most practicable route, until it reaches the settlement now known as the Beaver Dam, on the Crawfish river, in the county of Dodge.

§ 5. That Edward B. Sloan, of the town of Fairplay, and county of Grant; James Ernest of the town of New Diggings, in the county of Iowa; and J. M. Chandler, of Hazel Green, in the county of Grant, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a Territorial road froin Boat-yard Hollow, in the county of At Boat Yard

llollow. Grant, to White Oak Springs, in the county of lowa; and that any law heretofore made which appointed A. L. Gregoire, Green W. Bruce and J. M. Chandler commissioners to lay out said road, is hereby repealed. $ 6. John Teetshorn, Moses Rand and Isaac Ferris

Who substitu. are hereby substitnted for George Esterly, George W. ted. Ellis and Elijah Worthington as commissioners to lay out and establish a Territorial road from Janesville in the At Jancsville. county of Rock by Ellis' Mills so as to intersect the Territorial road leading to Milwaukee, via. Prairieville, as authorized by the sixth section of an act entitled "an act to provide for laying out certain territorial roads," approved April 12, 1843.

§ 7. Provided, That none of the expenses of surveying Proviso. or marking said roads shall be paid out of the Territorial No expense or county Treasury.

paid out of

Treasury. APPROVED, January 23, 1844.

AN ACT to authorize the erection of a Bridge

across Root River. Be it en ucted by the Council and House of Representutives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. Tnat Sidney S. Sage and bis associates, of the village of Racine, be, and hereby are, authorized to erect and inaintain a free bridge across Root River, one end of which shall be in Fourth street, in said village.

§ 2. Said bridge shall be so constructed that all such boats and lighters as have usually navigated said river can pass under it with their customary loads.

§ 3. This act may at any time be repealed. APPROVED, January 20, 1844.

AN ACT to authorize the collector of the town

of Janesville 10 collect certain tases, and for

other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Coucil and H. Juse of Represent.itives of the Territ ry of Wisconsin.

§ 1. That the tax levied upon the assessinent roll made by the assessirs of the town of Janesi ille for the year 1843, upon that part of township number three monti,

of range iwelie east, which lies west of Rock river, shall Tax how col. be collected liy the collector of the said town of Janeslecicd.

ville; and the tax assessed and levierd for the same year Tax inauthor. "pon the said part of township number three by the town ized by luw. of Center, is bereby declared to be unauthorized by law

and void.

§ 2. The act entitled van act to enable school district number for in the town of Janesville to lery it tax fur

the purpose of building or purchasing a School House," Act const:ued approved December 27, 1813, shall be so construed as

to authorize said tax to be raised is a majority of the legal voters attending the meeting to raise the same shall

role therefor, and that the trustees of suid district shall Issuc warrant. make out and issue their warrant for the collection of

said tax in the same manner as is now provided by law for the collection of taxes to build school livuses.

APPROVED, January 5, 1814.

AN ACT in rclation to the Territorial road from

Mineral Point by Whitewiter 10 Milwaukee.

Be it en icted by the Council und House of Representatires of the Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. That Alin Burdick and Warner Earl be, and hereby are substituted for Elias Ogilen and Alfred L.

Castleman as commissioners to lay out the Territorial Road Proin

road from Mineral Point in Iowa county by way of WhiteMineral Point to Whitewater water in Walworth county to Milwaukee, authorized by

the seventh section of an act entitled "an act to provide for lying out certain Territorial roads," approved April 12, 1913.

AP. ROTED, January 13, 1844.

AN ACT to authorize the President and Trustees

of the village of Southport to raise money, and for other purposes.

Beit en del by the Crmel und I use of Represent dives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Vl. Toattie president and trustees of the village of Soitipart

, be, and they are hereby authorized to levy a 'To levy spc. special tax of any sum not exceeding ten thousand dol-cial tax. lars annually, for the purpose of constructing a harbor at the south math of Pike creek. Said tag shall be levied on the following proprty and no other, to wit: all lands and town lots, within the limits of said village of Southport, which are not exempt from taxation by the laws of the United States or of this Territory, not including any iinproveinents made thereon, rither in building or otherwise; and the president and trustees of said village of Southport are hereby authorized and directed to ap- low to be cx. propriate all the suns raised in pursuance of this act to pended. the construction of a liarbor at ilie south inouth of Pike Creek, agreeable to such plan as shall have been approved by an officer of the Topographical Department of the General Governinent.

§ 2. That if no tax sliall he levied in any year for the No tax levice! Construction of a harbor, the president and trustees of the village of Southport be, and are hereby authorized to borrow on the credit of said village, in such sumns as they may borrow may devin proper, any amount not exceeding ten thousand money. dollars, to be applied to the construction of a harbor at the south mouth of Pike creek; or if a sin less than ten thousand dollars siall have been levied by a tax for the purpose a foreinentioned, the president and trustees shal! have power to borrow, on the credit of the village, such On credit of sum as they may deem proper, provided the sun so hor- village. rowed, added to the amount which may have been levied Shall not cx.

cced $10,000. by tax, shall not exceed ten thousand dollars in any one

year : Provided, that no money or other property shall be borrowed on the credit of the village for a terin exceeding five years, and on interest exceeding twelve per cent: Provided, also, that all taxes levied for the payment of the principal or interest on the sum or sums borrowed for the purposes aforesaid, shall be levied on the same kind of property that the tax for the construction of a harbor is levied.

§ 3. That no tax shall be levied, nor money or other

property borrowed under the provisions of this act, unless Who shall vote a majority of the voters possessed of a freehold estate, for tax.

who shall actually vote upon the question, shall have first in each year determine to raise such tax, or to authorize suchi loan; and for the purpose of determining whether

such tas shall be raised or loan made, (as the case may be) Special elec. the president and trustees shall order a special election of tion low held. the voters, at such time and in sucli place in said village

as they may deein proper; and such clection shall be conducted in the same manner, as other elections in said village are conducted for village purposes: Prorded, ten days notice shall be given by said president and trustees for holding any such election.

§ 4. The president and trustees shall have power for

the pirposes contained in tliis act to pass an ordinance Powers of ag. prescribing the powers and duties of the assessors of said

village as to the time and manner of assessing the lands and lots, and the method of equalizing and perfecting the same.

§ 5. It shall be lawful for the president and trustees of

said village, to appoint an agent to attend any sale of appoint ageni land, made for the purpose of collecting taxes due said

village, and bid off said lands for the taxes and charges due thereon, in the paine of said president and trustees. And the said president and trustees and their successors, shall acquire by such purchase in trust for said village, all the rights which might have been acquired by any other purchaser.

§ 6. That the Marshall or the collector of taxes of the Powers of col. village of Southport shall be possessed of the same powers lector of mar. and shall proceed in the same manner in the collection of

taxes as the sereral Town collectors are now required by law to proceed in the collection of Town and county taxes.

APPROVED, January 20, 1844.

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President may


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