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ing the sum of three hundred dollars : said tax to be lev- $300 on what ied upon all the taxable property in said district upon property:

How & when the valuation thereof as assessed by the county assessor

assessed. for said county in the assessment roll of said county for the year one thousand eight hnndred and forty-three, and the said tax shall be collected in the same manner as is provided by law for the collection of school district taxes in said district. § 2. The trustees of said district are hereby directed

Trustees duty and required to appropriate the tax so levied and collect-o! ed towards building and finishing a school house in and flow expend. for the use of said district, and for no other purpose what- ed.


§ 3. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.

Approved, January 20, 1844.

AN ACT to authorize the trustees of school

district No. 1, in the town of Rochester, to collect certain monies and pay over to district

No. 8.

Be it en icted by the Council and House of Representalives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. That the trustees of school district No. 1, in the town of Rochester, are hereby authorized and einpowered to issu, their warrant for the collection of any por- To issue war. tion of the delinquent district tax due to school district rant. No. 8, called Union district, as a part of its interest in the school house, prior to the division of said district.

§ 2. In the collection of such delinquent tax, the trustees as well as the collector of such district, shall be gove erned by the laws in such case inade and provided, in the same manner as if no previous warrant had ever been is8uod for such purpose ; and the trustees of said school district No. 1, as soon as such amount shall be collected, shall

pay the saine to the trustees of the district to which shall pay over it shall of right belong.

inoney. APPROVED, January 25, 1844.


AN ACT to incorporate the Trustees of the vil

lage of Mineral Point. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives

of the Territory of Wisconsin: Boundary of

§ 1. That all that district of country included in section thirty-one and the west half of section thirty-two in town five of range three east, and the north half of section six in town four of range three east of the fourth principal meridian, in the county of Iowa in said Territory shall hereafter be known and distinguished by the name of the village of Mineral Point, and the inhabitants residing or who may hereafter reside within said limits are

her by constituted a body corporate by the name, “The Name of.

Trustees of the village of Mineral Point,” and by that name they and their successors forever hereafter, shall

and may have perpetual succession, and shall be persons May sue and in law capable of sueing and being sued, pleading and bebe sued.

ing unpleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended in all courts and places and in all suits whatsoever.

8 2. It shall be lawful for the inhabitants of said village May vote for adoption.

who are qualified by law to vote to meet at the county building in said village on the third Monday of March next at

ten o'clock A. M. and choose viva voce three Judges of Officers how Election and one clerk and then and there to elect by balelected.

lot one President who shall be ex-oflicio a trustee, four trustees, one assessor, three constables, one treasurer and one clerk.

3. On the third Monday of March in each year thereafOfficers oleci. ter there shall be an annual election of the officers of said ed anqually.

village above specified, and the trustees shall give due notice of the time and place of holding the same and they or any two of them shall preside at the same.

§ 4. No person shall be eligible to any of said offices unless he is a voter in said village.

§ 5. At all elections by the voters of the village held Polls when

under this act the polls shall be opened at ten o'clock, opened.

A. M. and continue open until four o'clock P. M. and the elections shall be conducted in the same manner as far as may te, as the election for delegate to Congress. A plurality of rotes shall in all cases decide the election,

Tic voto.


and in case of a tie vote a new election shall be called by the trustees as soon as may be.

§ 6. In case such officers or any of them shall not be chosen on the day appointed for the same and in case any act or proceeding required by this act to be done or had on any particular day, or within any particular time, shall not be done or had on such day or within such time, the

On any other sane may be done or had as soon thereafter as may be

day. and the corporation shall not thereby be dissolved, but vacancies in the office of President and trustees shall be filled at a special election by the voters of the village, and vacancies in all other offices by appointment by the trustees.

§ 7. All of said officers shall hold their offices until the Tenure of of. third Monday of March next after their election, and until others are elected and qualified in their stead.

$ 8. Every officer elected under this act before he enters upon the duties of his office and within ten days after his election shall take an oath faithfully to discherge To take oath. the duties of his office which shall be filed in the office of the Clerk of the Corporation and be suficient evidence of his having accepted said office.

$ 9. The Treasurer and Constables before they enter upon the duties of their offices shall severally give bonds who shall to the corporation by its corporate name in such sum and give bonds. with such sureties as the trustees or a majority of them shall direct conditional for the faithful discharge of their offices respectively. § 10. It shall be the duty of the President to preside Duty of Presi.

dent. at all meetings of the trustees, to see that all by-laws and ordinances are duly observed, and to prosecute all suits which may be necessary in the name of the corporation.

9. 11. It shall be the duty of the clerk to keep a record Duty of Clerk of the doings of the board of trustees, especially of the passing of by-laws, ordinances and regulations, and also a faithful record of all the doings and votes of the inhabitants of said village at their annual and other legal meetings, and to keep on file all papers which may be required by law or ordered by the trustees. The records and files kept by the clerk shall be evidence in all legal pro- What shall be ceedings, and copies of all papers duly filed in his office evidence. and transcripts from the records of proceedings of the board of trustees certified by him under the corporate seal shall be evidence in all courts of the contents of the same.


Daty of Trea. $ 12. The Treasurer of said village shall receive all moneys which


be collected for the use of the Cirporation by virtue of this act or by virtue of any by-laws or ordinances of the Corporation, or by virtue of an act of Congress, entitled, "an act for laying off the towns of Fort Madison and Burlington, in the county of Des Moines, and the towns of Bellevieil, Dubuque, and Peru, in the county of Dubuque, Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes," approved July 2d, 1836, and the act of Congress amendatory of said act, approved March 3d 1837, or which may arise from any


source and belong to the corporation and give to the person payMoneys how ing the same his receipt therefor. °All money's shall be drawn.

drawn from the Treasury by warrants signed by the President by order of the trustees and countersigned by the Clerk, who shall keep an abstract thereof, which warrant shall set forth for what purpose the amount specified

therein is to be paid, and the said Treasurer shall pay out How and for what paid out. the funds of the corporation in no other way whatever;

he shall keep just and accurate accounts of all moneys and other things coming into his hands as Treasurer, in a book provided by the corporation for that purpose, and which shall remain the property of said corporation,

wherein he shall note the time when the person from whom Accounts how kept.

the amount of the several suns received, and the source from whence the said sums respectively arose, and in a manner equally accurate and specific; in the same book he shall duly enter an account of all sums paid out, which

book shall at all reasonable times be opened to the infor inspection.spection of the voters of said village; he shall render to Shall reader the board of trustees a minute account of all bis receipts

and payments as often as they shall require.

§ 13. The constables elected under this act shall have

the same power, rights, duties, liabilities and emoluments powers of.

as the constables elected in the different precincts of said county of Iowa, and hereafter no constable shall be elected at the Mireral Point precinct for said county, except as is provided in this act.

14. The trustees shall have the following powers, to wit :

1. To have a common Seal and to alter the same at Seal.

pleasure : Real estate.

II. To purchase, hold, or convey any real or personal estate for the use of the corporation:

Books open



III. To make, open, keep in repair, grade, improve or discontinue streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, sewers and sidewalks, to keep them free froin incumbrances and to protect them from injury :

iv. To organize fire companies, and hook and ladder Fire compa. companies, to regulate their government, and the times and nios, &c. manner of their exercise, to provide all necessary apparatus for the extinguishinent of fire, to require the owners of buildings to provide and keep suitable ladders and fire buckets which are hereby declared to be appurtenances to the real estate, and exempt from seizure, distress or sale in any manner, and if the owner refuses to procure suitable ladders or fire-buckets after reasonable notice, the trustees may procure and deliver the same to him, and Trustecs to in default of payment therefor may bring an action of procure buck. debt against said owner, and be entitled to recover in such action, the value of such ladders, or firebuckets, or both with costs of suit, to regulate the storage of gun- Storage of powder, and other dangerous materials, to direct the safe powder. . construction for the deposite of ashes, and severally to enter into, or appoint one or incre officers to enter into at reasonable times, and examine all dwelling houses, lots, yards, enclosures and buildings, of every description in order to discover whether any of thein are in a dangerous condition, and to cause such as may be dangerous to be put into a safe condition, to compel the owners of houses and buildings to have scuttles on the roof of said houses and Scuttles. buildings, to regulate the manner of putting up stores and stovepipes, to prevent the use of fire-works and fire-arms within the limits of said village, to compel the inhabitants Who shall aid of said village to aid int he extinguishment of fires, and to at fires. pull, break and raze such buildings in the vicinity of fires as shall be directed by the trustees or any three of them who may be present at a fire, for the purpose of preven-Houses to be ting its communication to other buildings, and any buil-paid for. ding so destroyed shall be paid for by the corporation, to construct and preserve reservoirs pumps, wells and other


pumps and water-works, and to regulate the use thereof, and gen-wells. erally to establish such other ineasures of prudence for the prevention or extinguishment of fires as they shall

V. 'To provide hospitals or their asylums for the Hospitals. sick, to appoint a board of health when on their opinion it shall be necessary, who shall possess all necessary pow

Examine liou.

deein proper :

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