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Nuisance. Caille.

er to prevent the taking or spreading of any infections, innoxious, contagious or pestilential disease or epidemic within said village, to remove any person who shall be affected with any such disease or epidemic to any such hospital or asylum.

VI. To prevent, abate or remove nuisances.

VII. To restrain the running at large of cattle and all

other animals, to establish pounds and appoint pound masFence viewers ters and fence viewers, and prescribe their powers and


VIII. To protect trees and monuments in said village. Grave yards. IX. To purchase, hold, and own grave yards or cein

etaries, and regulate the burial of the dead.

X. To establish and regulate markets, and restrain sales in the streets, to establish and regulate a public

scale, and appoint a weigher to attend to the same, to regIlay. ulate the place and manner of selling hay, and other grass

commodities. Gambling

XI. To suppress disorderly, lewd, or gaming houses,

and devices for the purpose of gambling. Call meetings. XII. To call regular and special meetings of the vo

ters of said village. Pay of officers

XIII. To prescribe the compensation of all officers of the corporation except their own and they shall receive no compensation or emolument for their services as trustees.

XIV. To licence and regulate groceries, victualling houses, taverus, shows, public exbibitions and theatrical and other entertainments and also the sale of spirituous or strong liquors within said village and to fix such rates of licences and enact such by-laws on the subject with penalties for the breach thereof as they may deem proper, and to collect such penalties in the manner hereinafter provided: Provided, that the Board of County Commissioners

of Iowa county may have authority if in their opinion the County may interests of the county require it to exact a tax to the

county from any person who may be licensed by said trustees to keep a tavern or grocery, and so much of any law of the Territory as requires such person to pay a li

cense to the county and conflicts with the provisions of Repeal. this section is hereby repealed.

XV. To tax every male resident of said village above the age of twenty-one years and under the age of fifty years, two days labour annually, or in lieu thereof three




dollars, to be appropriated in improving the streets and How expend. roads in said village under the direction of such person ed. or persons as they may appoint, and if any such person shall neglect after being notified or shall refuse to perform such labor or pay said money, the trustees may recover said money in the same manner as is provided in this act for the recovery of fines and forfeitures.

XVI. To organize school districts in said village, to School. receive the money coming from the county for the benefit of scholars in said village, and generally to have full control over all public schools in said village, and to take such measures for the benefit of public instruction as they may deem proper.

XVIII. To make, ordain, and establish such by-laws, Pass ordijan. ordinances and regulations not repugnant to the laws of ces. the Territory and to the laws and constitution of the United States for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of this act as they may deer proper, but no such ordinance or by-law shall take effect until the same shall have been published three weeks successively, and to repeal or amend the same at pleasure. The said trustees as often as they shall make or publish any by-laws, regulations, or ordinances may ordain and provide such reasonable fines for forfeitures and penalties upon the offen- Fines. ders against any such by-laws, regulations or ordinances as they shall deem proper not exceeding twenty dollars Amount of for any one offence, to be prosecuted and recovered be- fine. fore any Justice of the Peace or court having cognizance Before whom. of the same in the name and to and for the use of the Corporation, and in any such action it shall be lawful to declare generally in debt for such penalty or forfeiture and to give any special matter in evidence, and the defendant may plead the general issue and give any special Pleadings. matter in evidence and after final judgment in such action, execution may be issued thereon as provided by law Execution. in other cases. All expenses incurred in prosecuting for the recovery of any penalty or forfeiture shall be defray-Costs how ed by the corporation; and all penalties and forfeitures paid. when collected shall be paid to the Treasurer for the use of the Corporation, also to remit such fines or penalties or any part thereof. § 15. The affidavit of the printer of the publication of

By-laws how any by-laws or ordinances, or the affidavit of the clerk published. of the corporation of the putting up of notices, by-laws

In a newspa.


Three to be a

ces, &c.

or ordinances as required by this act shall be sufficient proof in all courts and elsewhere that such by-laws, notices and ordinances were properly published or posted up.

$ 16. Whenever in this act the publication of any by-law or ordinance is required, the same shall be published in a newspaper printed in said village if there be one, for three weeks successively; if there be no newspaper, then the same or copies thereof shall be posted up by the Clerk in four public places in said village, three weeks, which shall be a sufficient publication.

§ 17. Any three of said Trustees shall be a Board for the transaction of all business, but no by-law or ordinance shall pass unless three of said trustees concur

therein. Jurors, Jasti. § 18. No person shall be an incompetent Judge, Jus

tice, witness, or juror, by reason of his being an inhabitant of, or owner of taxable property in said village, in any action or proceeding in which said corporation is a party or interested.

$ 19. It shall be the duty of the trustees before the Statement of annual election to publish a full and correct statement finance. in detail of the receipts and expenditures by said trustees,

for said village during the preceding year.

§ 20. All property, real and personal, and all mineral lots, except property belonging to the county of Iowa, to any school district or to any religious society and proper

ty which is by law exempt from sale on execution withWhat subject in the limits of the village shall be subject to taxation. to taxation. Personal property shall be construed to include all goods,

chattels, moneys and effects and all stock paid into any corporation.

§ 21. The trustees shall have power to levy and col

lect annually a tax on all property subject to taxation Rate of tax. in said village not exceeding the rate of one dollar on

every one hundred dollars of the assessment valuation thereof.

§ 22. It shall be the duty of the assessor during the

months of March and April, 1844, and annually thereafAssessment

ter during the months of January and February to inake to be made. an assessment roll in which they shall set down the names

of all the taxable inhabitants of said village, and the names, so far as they can be ascertained, of non residents who shall own real estate therein, and the discription, quantity and value of all the property subject to taxation in said

village, and when said roll shall have been completed, it shall be certified to by at least two of the assessors as a true assessment roll of all the property subject to taxation in the said village, and immediately deposited with the Clerk of said village.

$ 23. It shall be the duty of the Clerk annually upon Duty of clerk. receiving the assessment roll as aforesaid, to lay the same before the trustees for their correction and consideration relative to the rate per centum of tax to be levied for the current year, and when the said trustees shall have determined the rate per centum to be taxed on the assessed value of property as contained in the assessment roll as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Clerk in the month of May, 1841, and thereafter annually in the month of March, to inake out, in accordance with this determination, a schedule of all the property, as contained in said assess-Schedule of ment roll, together with the names of the owners there-property. of when known, annexing to each lot or other kind of property the amount of tax which shall be chargeable on the same, agreeably to the assessment as returned, and Rate. the rate per centum of taxation as fixed by the trustees, which schedule shall be called the tax list, and shall be recorded in a book to be by him kept for that purpose, Recorded. and said tax list, or the record thereof, shall either of them be conclusive evidence of the amount of corporation taxes assessed for the current year in which the same shall be made out and dated.

§ 21. It shall be the duty of the clerk to complete the tax list as aforesaid, and deliver the saine to the treasurer Deliver to in the month of May in the year 1844 and thereafter annually in the month of March and make a record of such delivery in the book where said list shall be recorded, which record shall be conclusive evidence of such delivery, and the tax assessed on real estate shall be a lien on To be lien on. the same from the first day of June, A. D. 1844, and thereafter annually from the first day of April, until the tax shall be paid, together with all penalties and costs which may accrue thereon agreeably to the provisions of

§ 25. Upon the receipt of the tax list as aforesaid and during the month of June, A. D. 1844, and thereafter annually during the month of April, it shall be the duty of the treasurer to give public notice in a newspaper Notices. printed in said village or by posting up notices in three


this act.

public places in said villaye, that such tax list has been committed to him for the purpose of collecting the tax

thereon, and that he will receive payment for taxes at Tax when to his oflice until the last day of August then ensuing, subbe paid. ject to a deduction of five per centum if paid before the

said last day of August.

§ 26. If the taxes are not paid to the Treasurer on or before the said last day of June, 1844, and thereafter an

nnally during the month of August, he may proceed to May sell.

collect the same by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the person charged, giving six days notice of the time and place of such sale by written notices set up

in three public places in said village. Town lots and § 27. In case the tax on any lot or other piece of land lands.

shall remain unpaid on the said last day of August, and there are no goods and chattels of the person charged there with to be found in the village, it shall be the duty of the treasurer to make out a general advertisement, stating that all lots and other pieces of land upon which the taxes have nut been paid will be sold by him at a certain time and place to be therein mentioned for the purpose of paying the taxes which may be assessed thereon, together with all costs and other liabilities which shall ac

crue by advertisement and sale, agreeably to the provisFour weeks ions of this act. Said advertisement shall be published four

successive weeks, commencing in the month of September in a newspaper printed in said village if there be one, and if not, then by posting up in three public places in said village: Provided, that in case of assessment of taxes

in gross upon any tract or lot of land, the treasurer, upon Shall receive the application of any claimant or owner of a part therea part.

of, either divided or undivided shall receive a part of the taxes, interest and charges due thereon, proportionate to the quantity of such lot or tract so owned or claimed and the balance of such taxes, interest, and charges shall be a lien only on the remainder of such lot or tract of land.

§ 28. The time fixed by the said treasurer for the sale Sale whon. of lots or other pieces of land for taxes shall be at

the same time which he may designate within the month of November next ensuing the publication of the advertisement thereof, and on the day mentioned in the said notice, the treasurer shall commence the sale of the said lots and lands and continue the same from day to day un


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