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ceiving such instrument of writing. The charge for the second advertisement shall be len cents for each lot or piece of land.

Sec. 31. That if any person who shall purchase any lot or piece of land in pursuance of this act, shall pay any tax re:urned subsequent to such purchase, on such lot or piece of land, the person who shall redeem sach lot or piece of land, shall pay the amount of such tax with interest at the rate of twenty-five per centum per annum for the betiesit of such purchaser.

Sec. 32. The board of trustees shall cause to be summoned six freeholders, inhabitants of said towo no directly interested, who being first duly sworn for that purpose shall enquire into and take into consideration the benefit and advantages that may accrue and estimate and assess the damages that would be sustained by the reason of the opening, extension or widening of any street, Streets how avenue, lane or alley, and shall moreover estimate the amount opened, dic. which other persons shall be affected thereby, all of which shall be returned 10 the trustees under their hands and seals; whereupon the trustees shall levy and assess a special tax on the persons so benefited, and the residue of such dainages, if any, shall bé paid out of the town treasury, and no street, avenue, lane or alleg shall be opened, extended or widened until the damages thus assessed shall be paid to the person entitled thereto.

Sec. 33. This act shall be considered a public act, and may be amended, altered or repealed by any future legislature, and shall take effect from and after its passage, and an act entitled * an (act) to incorporate the town of Polosi, in the county of Grant, and for other purposes," approved February 19th, 1811, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

APPROVED February 2nd, 1846.

AN ACT to authorize school district No. 1, in the

school town of Wisconsin, in Grant county, to levy an additional tax for paying a debt incurred in building a school house.

Be it enacted by the Council and IIouse of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. That it shall and may be lawful for the trustees of school district No. 1, in the school town of Wisconsin, in the county of Grani; to levy a tax on the taxable property of said district, in addition to the lat now allowed by law, not to exceed the sum of two hundred dollars, for the purpose of paying the debt how duo for building a school house in said district, and for no biher purpose.

Sec. 2. The said tax shall be collected, and returned" in the zame manner that is now provided by law fut the collection of taxés for building school houses.

APPROVED February 3, 1846.

AN ACT granting to James F. Chapın'an the righi

to keep and maintain a Ferry across the Mississippi river, at Potosi.

BE IT ENACTED by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Section 1. Thar James F. Chapman, his heirs, executors sdinistrators or assigns shall have the exclusive right and privilege for the period of ten years, of keeping and maintaining a ferry

across the Grant river, opposite the town of Potosi, and across the Mississippi river from the south bank of the island opposite the town of Potosi, to the south bank of the Mississippi river, subject to such regulations as other ferries are or may by law be subject; fixing the rates of toll and the manner in which licensed ferries shall be kept and attended to.

Szc.2. This act may be amended or repealed by any future legislature of the Territory or State of Wisconsin.

APPROVED January 31, 1846.

AN ACT to incorporate the Village of Sheboygan.

Be IT ENACTED by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. That all that district of country included in seclions to wit: the whole of fractional section twenty-three, the Limits or cor': east fractional half of section twenty-two, the northeast fraction. poration. al quarter of section twenty-seven, and the north fractional half of section twenty-six, in township fifteen north, of range twenty. three, in the county of Sheboygan, shall hereafter be known and distinguished by the name of the village of Sheboygan, and the inhabitants residing, or who may hereafter reside within said limits, are hereby constituted a body corporate by the name of " the trustees of the village of Sheboygan,'' and by that name, they and their successors forever hereafter shall and inay have perpetual succession, and shall be persons in law, capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended, in all courts and places and in all suits whatsoever. Sec.2. It shall be lawful for the inhabitants of said village,

Election wher qualified to vote, 10 meet at the court house, or if there shall be held. no court house, at one of the most public places in said village, on

the second Monday of February next, at ten o'clock A. M. (and) choose viva voce two judges of election and one clerk, and elect by ballot, one president, who shall be ex-osicio a trustee, four trustees, three assessors, two constables, one treasurer and one clerk.

Sec. 3. On ihe first Monday of April, in each year thereafter, there shall be an annual election of the officers of said village above specified, and the trustees shall give due notice of the time and place of holding the same; and they, or any two of them, shall preside at the same.

Sec. 4. No person shall be eligible to any of said offices, uoless he is a voler in said village.

Sec, 5. At all elections by the voters of the village,held under Polls when this act, the polls shall be opened at ten o'clock A. M., and conopened and

inue until tour o'clock P.

open elosed.

and the election shall be conducted in a similar manner, as far may be, to the election for dela egate in Congress. A plurality of votes shall in all cases decide the election.

Sec. 6. In case such officers, or any of them, shall not be chosen on the day herein appointed for the same, the corporation

shall not thereby be dissolved, but vacancies in the office of presVacancies how blled,

ident and trustees shall be filled at a special election by the voters of the village, and vacancies in all other offices by appointment by the trustees.

Sec. 7. All of said officers shall hold their offices until the first Monday of April next, after their election, and volil others are elected and qualified in their stead.

Sec. 8. Every officer elected under this act, before he enters Officers to

upon the duties of his office, and within ten days after his clesqualify.

tion, shall take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of his of fice, and to support the constitution of the United States and the laws of this Territory.

SEC. 9. The treasurer and constables, before they enter upon Treasurer and constable to the duties of their office, shall severally give bonds to the trus. give bond.

tees in such sum with conditions and with such sureties as said trustees, or a majority of them shall direct.

Sec. 10. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at Duty of presi- all meetings of the trustees, to see that all by-laws and ordinances deni.

are duly observed, and to prosecute all suils which may be necessary, in the name of the corporation.

Sec, 11. It shall be the duty of the clerk to keep a record Duty of clerk. of the doings of the trustees, especially of the passing of by-laws, ordinances and regulations, and also a faithful record of all the doinys and votes of the inhabitants of said village, at their annual and other legal meetings, and to keep on file all papers which

may be ordered by the trustees. The records kept by the clerk, shall be evidence in all legal proceedings, and copies of all papers duly filed in his office and transcripts from the records of proceedings of the board of trustees, certified by him under the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts of the contents of tbe same.

Sec. 12. The treasurer of said village shall receive all moneys which may be collecicd for the use of the corporation by virtue Dury of treas. of this act, or by virtue of any by-law or ordinance of the corpo- urer. ration, or which may arise from any other source and belong 10 the corporation, and give to the person paying the same, his receipt therefor. All money; shall be drawn from the treasury by warrants under the corporate scal, signed by the president, by order of ibe trustees, and countersigned by the clerk,who shall keep a copy thereof, which warrant shall set forth for what purpose the a. mount specified therein is to be paid, and the said treasurer shall pay out the funds of the corporation in no other way whatever. He shall keep just and accurate accounts of all moneys and other things coming into his hands as treasurer, in a book to be provided by the corporation for that purpose, and which shall remain the property of said corporation, whenever (wherein he shall note the time when, the person from whom the amount of the several sums received and the source from which the said sums respectively are, and in a manner equally accurate and specific, in the same book, he shall duly enter an account of all sums paid out, which book shall at all reasonable times be opened to the inspection of the volers of said village. He shall, as often as they shall require, render to the board of trustees a minute account of all his receipts and pay. menis.

Sec. 13. The constables elected under this act shall have the same powers as the constableselecied in towns,

Sec. 14. The trustees shall have the following powers, to Power of trusa witi

1. To have a common seal and to alter the same at pleasure.


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