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Trustees may

pay to the purchaser or the treasurer, his heirs or assigns, the
sum mentioned in such certificate, together with the interest
thereon, at the rate of twenty-five per cent per annum from
the date of such certificate, the treasurer shall, at the expira-
tion of said two years execute to the purchaser, his heirs
or assigns, a conveyance of the lots or lands so sold, which
conveyance shall vest in the person or persons to whom it shall be
given an absolute estate in fee simple, and the said conveyance
shall be conclusive evidence that the sale was regular according
to the provisions of this act, and every such conveyance ex-
ecuted by the treasurer under his hand and seal in the name and on
the behalf of the village of Prairieville, and the execution thereof
witnessed and acknowledged as by law in other cases provided,
may be given in evidence, and recorded in the same manner and
with the like effect as a deed regularly acknowledged by the gran-
tor may be given in evidence and recorded: Provided, That no
deed given in pursuance of this act, shall have any validity or
force where the taxes shall have been paid previous to such
SEc. 32. It shall be lawful for the trustees aforesaid, to ap-

appoint agent point an agent to attend any sales of lands made for the purpose of

Treasurer to advertise.

collecting taxes due said corporation,and bid off lands for the taxes
and charges due thereon, in the name of said trustees, and the
said trustees and their successors shall acquire by such purehase,
in trust for such corporation, all the rights which might have been
acquired by any other purchaser: Prorided, That the said
agent shall not purchase any land in the name of the trustees
until the same shall have been once offered and not bid upon by
other persens.
Sec. 33. In the month of July of each year, the treasurershall
publish in some newspaper printed in said village, if one [be] pub-
lished therein, and if not, in some paper printed nearest thereto,
for three weeks successively an advertisement stating each lot and
tract of land which will be forfeited in the ensuing December,
(stating the day thereof) if the taxes and charges upon the same are
not paid before that day, together with the amount of taxes and
charges, and shall also post up three copies of said notice, in three
public places in said village during the month of July. As soon as
the treasurer shall have advortised as aforesaid, he shall make a re-

cord of the same upon some book by him kept for that purpose.

SEc. 34. Upon all lots or tracts of land, on which the taxes shall not be paid before the first day of October, as aforesaid, and which shall be advertised for sale for non-payinent of taxes, and upon all lots or pieces of land sold as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the treasurer to demand and receive the following fees: For each tract crlot of land advertised for sale, three cents; for each certificate of sale, twelve and a half cents; for certifying the sum necessary to redeem any lot or tract of land sold, twelve and a half cents; for each deed or conveyance executed by him for one lot or tract, one dollar; for each additional tract included in one deed, by order of the purchaser, five cents. The said fees shall be paid by the person receiving the deed, except for advertising where the taxes shall be paid before sale, in which case the person paying the taxes shall be chargeable with, and pay the fees for advertising.

Fees of treasurer.

SEc. 35. If any person who shall purchase any lot or tract of How to re

land in pursuance of the provisions of this act, shall pay any tax returned subsequent to such purchase, on such lot or piece of land, the person who shall return [redeem] such lot or piece of land, shall pay the amount of such tax with interest.

Sec. 37. [36] The trustees shall have the sole right of licensing

. deem lands sold for taxes.

Who to license

and regulating groceries, victualling houses, taverns, shows, public groceries, &c.

exhibitions and theatrical or other entertainments, and also the sale of strong and spirituous liquors within said corporation, and shall have power to fix such rates of licenses, and enact such by-laws on the subject, with penalties for the breach thereof as they may "think proper, and to collect such penalties in the same manner provided for collecting other penalties by this act: Provided, that any and every person licensed by said corporation, shall be required to pay such additional tax for license as now 1s, or may hereafter be prescribed by law, to be paid into the county treasury, and the county supervisors of Mliwaukee county shall have power and authority to sue for and collect such additional tax for the use of the county.

Sec. 38. [37.] All persons entitled to vote as aforesaid, and who shall have resided within said corporation six months immediate

Boundary of the corporation.

ly previous to an election therein, shall be entitled to vote at any

election or meeting authorized by this act.
Sec. 39. [38.] This act shall be considered a public act,and may

be altered, amended or repealed by any future Legislature,
Arproved Feb.3, 1846

AN ACT to incorporate the City of Milwaukee.

BE IT ENACTED by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Section 1. That the district of country included within the following limits and boundaries in township numbered seven, of range numbered twenty-two east, in the county of Milwaukie, to wit: Beginning on the Lake shore, in the northerly part of Mil. waukie Bay, where it is intersected by the section line running cast and west on the north line of section numbered twenty-two, thence west along said section line and the north line of section numbered twenty-one and section twenty, to the quarter post on the north line of section numbered twenty; thence south along the quarter section line to the center of said section numbered twenty; thence west along the quarter section line in said section numbered twenty and section numbered nineteen, to the west line of said township and range; thence south along the said range line to the north boundary line of township numbered six; thence east along said north line to the lake shore in the southerly part of Milwaukie Bay; and the north and south boundaries as herein described are to extend from the two points of intersection with the lake respectively, in lines running due east to the eastern boundary of the Territory of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan shall be a city by the name of “Milwaukie,” and the people now inhabiting, and those who shall hereaster inhabit within the district of country hereinbefore described shall be a municipal corporation by the name of the “City of Milwaukee,” and shall have the general powers possessed by cities at the common law; and in General powaddition thereto shall possess the powers hereinafter specifically ci's. granted; and the authorities thereof shall have perpetual succession, shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with, of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded in all courts of law and equity; and shall have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at pleasure. Sec. 2. For the better government of the said city the district of country comprised in the limits described in the first section of Boundaries of this act shall be divided into five wards, as follows: All that part wards. of the said district which lies east of the middle of Milwaukie river and north of the middle of Wisconsin street shall be the first ward; all that part of the said district which lies west of the middle of Milwaukie river, and north of the middle of Cedar street, and its extension to the west line of the city shall be the second ward; all that part of the said district which lies east of the middle of said river and south of the maiddle of Wisconsin street shall be the third ward; all that part of the said district which lies west of the middle of said river, south of the middle of Cedar street, and within sections numbered twenty-nine and thirty, shall be the fourth ward, and the residue of said city shall be the fifth ward.

SEc. 3. The elective officers of the said city, shall be one Officers to be mayor for the city, three aldermen in each ward, one justice of “4. the peace in each ward, and one constable in each ward; and said aldermen, justices and constables shall be residents and voters in the wards for which they may be elected, and the removal of any justice of the peace not of such ward except the person who may be appointed police justice shall vacate the office of the person so removing, which vacancy may be filled by special election to be held at such time and place as shall be appointed by the Common Council, and in the manner prescribed by this act for holding elections.

Sec. 4. The first election for city officers shall be held on the Election when first Tuesday of April next, at which time an election shall be held. held in each ward, at such place as may be designated by the president and trustees of the town of Milwaukie, and be conducted by three inspectors, or a majority of them, who shall be appointed by the said president and trustees and shall make due return to the clerk of the board of trustees, and all elections thereaf. ter shall be held annually on the first Tucsóay of April, at such

place in each ward as shall be designated by the mayor and common council, who shall annually appoint three inspectors of elections, who, or a majority of whom, shall superintend such election and make return of the same to the common council in such man.

Der and at such time as said common council may prescribe. Electors in Sec. 5. At the first election the electors in their respective each ward may elect cer

wards shall vote for one mayor of the city, three aldermen, one tain oflicers. justice of the peace and one constable, for the ward wherein such

elector may vote; and annually thereafter the electors at their respective ward elections shall vote for one mayor of the city, three aldermen, one constable, and every second year for one juslice of the peace.

Sec. 6. All white male citizens who are duly qualified to vote Qualification for county and territorial officers and have resided in said city of electors.

one year,

and in the ward where he may offer his vote three months nexi preceding such election, and all white male aliens who shall have legally declared their intentions to become citizens, of the age of twenty-one years, and who shall have resided in the said city one year, and in the ward where they propose lo vole three months next previous to the election, and shall have been assessed and paid a tax upon real or personal property in said city within one year, or shall within the same time have been assessed for highway work in said city, and shall have actually performed the same, or may have been a member of a fire company in said city, and have done duty therein for at least six months next preceding such election shall be electors of said city and be entitled to vote

for any of the elective officers therein. Concerning Sec. 7. Whenever any person shall present himself to give challenges a: his vote, and either of the inspectors shall suspect that such perelection.

son does not possess the qualifications of an elector, or if his vote shall be challenged by any elector, the inspectors of the election before receiving the vote of any such person, shall require such person to take an oath that he possesses the qualifications prescribed in the preceding section, and that he has not voted at such election. If the person offering to vote shall take such oath his vote shall be received, unless it shall be proved by evidence satisfactory to a majority of the inspectors, that he does not possess the qualifications of a voter, in which case his vote shall be rejected. And if any person shall take such oath knowing it to

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