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AN ACT to authorize the collector of the town of

Hudson to collect certain taxes. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Section 1. That the precept or warrant issued to the collector of the town of Hudson and county of Walworth, in the year 1845, for the collection of town and county taxes in said town for that year,be and the same is hereby renewed, and the said col. lector is authorized and empowered under and by virtue of said precept to collect all sums of money due for taxes, remaining unpaid, which are specified in the transcript roll of said town for the year aforesaid, of the personal property of the respective persons who should pay the same pursuant to law, in the same manner as if said precept had not expired: Provided, however, that said precept and transcript roll shall be duly returned according to law on or before ihe first day of April next.

Sec. 2, This act shall take effect from and after its passage. APPROVED February 2, 1846.

AN ACT to incorporate the Lisbon and Milwau

kee Plank Road Company, BĖ IT ENACTED by the Council and House of Represeo tatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. All persons who shall become stockholders pursuant to the provisions of this ac! are hereby constituted a body corporate by and under the name of the Lisbon and Milwaukee Plank Road Company.

Powers of cor SEC. 2. The corporation hereby created shall possess power poration.

to contract, bargain, buy, sell, pass by-laws and transact all busia ness pertaining to said corporation; also lo sue and be sued, in and by the name of said company, through the directors of said com.

pany. Limita stock. Sec. 3. The capital stock of said company shall not exceed

Gifty thousand dollars, lo be divided in shares of ten dollars each, and shall be assiynable and transferable in such manner as shall be prescribed in and by the by-laws of said corporation.

Sec. 4. Whenever nine thousand dollars of the capital stock

öf said company shall be subscribed for and distributed, it shall Duty of com. be the duty of the commissioner's named in this act; to call a missioners.

meeting of the stockholders at some convenient place on or near the line of said road for the purpose of choosing the requisite number of directors of said company, and the persons then cho. sen shall be the first directors of said company, and shall hold their offices for one year and until others are chosen in their stead.

Sec. 5. Whenever nine thousand dallars of the capital stock Installinents.

of said company shall be subscribed for and distributed, each stock. holder shall pay in to said company iwo dollars on oach sbare of stock subscribed for by hiin, or by his agent, and the remainder in two dollar installments, as each and every mile of said plank rdad

shall be finished. How con Sec. 6. The track of said road to be constructed of timber structed.

and plank, so that the same form a hard, sinooth and even surface, the particular manner of building said road to be determined

by the directors of said company. Where to como

Sec. 7. Said road shall commence at the place of as near a's meace.

practicable where the north Madison territorial road now crosses the range line dividing range nineteen and twenty, and to follow the line of said road, or as near as may be for the best advantage of said company in the construction of said plank road, until witbin one mile of the Milwaukee river, in right direction to the west ward of Milwaukee village, which shall be the end of said plank road to be constructed by said company. Said company may èssend said plank road from said range line ninelcen and twenty, to the village of Watertown, in Jefferson county, or any part of the way to said village.

SEC, 8. The route of said road sirall be determined by a bönrd

of five persons, who shall be appointed by the board of directors Routehow de

- - - teroined. of said company when duly organized, and said persons shall have power in their discretion, by and with the consent of the owners of lands through which this road is proposed to be laid, to snake such alterations or deviations from the present line of said roads, which shall interfere in the construction of said plank road, as *** * shall be for the best interest of said coinpany and said towns.

Sec. 9. The following persons shall be commissioners to open Your books and receive subscriptions for the capital stock of said coinpany or corporation, or donations therefor, viz: Daniel Wells, jr., Walter H. Besley, Clark Brooks, Abrahain Nottingham, Jaunes Weaver and John Hustis. Sec. 10. Whenever ten consecutive miles of said plank road shall be completed, it shall be lawsul for the board of directors of said company, to cause a toll gate to be erected, or when five miles shall be completed, a half toll gate, discretionary with the board of directors, at which gate said company may demand and receive for full toll gates, toll not exceeding the following rates, viz: For every vehicle, sled, sleigh or carriage of any description Rate" of toll. drawn by one animal, ten cents; if drawn by more than one anima!, for every such additional aniinal, five cents; when designed or used chiefly at the time for the conveyance of persons ten cents for either of said vehicles drawn by one horse; twenty cents when drawn by two horses, and twenty-five cents when drawn by in ore than two horses. For every horse and rider, or led horse, six cents; for every horse, mule, or neat cattle and half score of sheep and swine, three cents. Half toll not exceeding half the above toll. Sec. 11. No toll shall be exacted of any person or persons who exempt. while actually going to or returning from any religious inccting on Sunday, or from any person liable to do military duty, while actually going to or returning from any parade or review at which their attendance shall be by law required. All other exemptions to be regulated by the by-laws of said coinpany. Sec. 12. The toll gatherer at each and every gate, when erected on said road in pursuance of this act, may detain and prewent from passing such gate, any carriage or animal subject to toll, until the toll thereon is paid. Sec. 13. Any person who shall wilfully break or throw down

Toll gates

any gate on such road which may have been erected in pursuanco of this act, or do any damage to said road, or forcibly or fraudu. lently pass any such gate, without having paid the legal 1011, or to. avoid the payment of the legal toll, shall with his team, carriage or animal turn out of said road, or pass any gate thereon on ground

adjacent thereto, and again return on said road, shall for each of Penalties,

fence forfeita sum not exceeding ten dollars, to and for the use of said company, and also for all damages done to the profils of said company in an action of trespass.

Sec. 14. Each share of stock shall entitle the owner to one vote, and he or she shall be entitled to as many votes as shares legally owned by him or her,

Sec. 15. The board of directors may place the toll gates at where placed.

any place on said road, which shall be for the best interest of said company; Provided, that no full toll gate shall einbrace less than ten miles in length of said road. Half toll gates, balf the lengib, or five miles, and in said proportion until said gates shall,take in the whole length of said road.

Sec. 16. If in the construction of said plank road it shall pass over any governmeni land all damages that shall accrue shall be assessed in the following manner, viz: The directors of said com. pany shall select one disinterested person, the party aggrieved

shall also select one disinterested person, the iwo so chosen shall Damages how assessed, sclect a third man in like ınanner, said persons shall view the

ground, decide in the prennises, the majority rule, and make their decision known to the parties within five days after deciding. Either party may appeal to the judge of the district court of the county of Milwaukee by notifying the other party within ten days after the persons chosen shall have made their decision known. The decision of said court shall be final. The advantage said plank road may be to the person or persons complaining in the es. imation of the appraisers of the damage shall be in mitigation of the darnages. The appraisers shall be entitled to one dollar each in each case.

Sec. 17. Unless ninc thousand dollars of the capital stock of said company shall be subscribed for, and the first installment paid in to said company as required by this act, within three years after the passage of this act, the same shall be null and void.

Sec. 18. The corporation hereby created shall exist and be

continued twenty years, and the future state of Wisconsin through its Legislature inay at any time alter or repeal tilis act.

Sec. 19. Said corporation may pass and ensorce by penalties Corporation therein prescribed all needsul rules and regulations in reference o: pento travel on said road, to regulate the manner by which teams and vehicles of every description shall pass each other thereon, to **, * * * provide and regulate the duties of all officers and agents of said company: Prorided, that the penalty for any one offence shall not exceed fifty dollars over and above all damages which may be done by any person violating such rules and regulations,

Sec. 20. Said company shall not issue any certificates of deposite or auy other evidences of debt to circulate as unaney undet the penalty of forfeiting their charter.

APPRoved February 2, 1846.

AN ACT to provide for the improvement of Grant River at Potosi, in Grant county. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin: Section 1. That James F. Chapman be, and he is hereby Commissioner appointed a commissioner to superintend the work of cutting a ca- appointed. nal from the main channel of the Mississippi River to the Grant River, at Potosi, in Grant county, and the said commissioner shall cause the said work to be cornmenced and prosecuted as far as the money appropriated for that purpose will enable him to do, on the line of said canai, as surveyed and marked out by Joshua Barney, the engineer employed for that purpose, by the commissioners appointed by an act entitled “an act to provide for carrying into effect an act of Congress entitled “an act granting a section of land sor the improvement of Grant river at the town of Potosi, in Wisconsin Territory, approved June 15th, 1844,’” approved

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