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ÁN ACT to organize school district No. one, in the

town of Fond du Lac for special purposes. BEIT ENACTED by the Council and House of Representatives di the 'Territory of Wisconsin:

Section 1. That school district No, one, in the town of Ford du Lac, as now established by the school commissioners of said town, is hereby organized into a separate school district for educational purposes; and shall possess and enjoy all the powers of

Powers of cord

poration. a corporation, so far as is necessary 10 carry out the objects of this act, to be known as ihe board of Trustees of the Franklin school; and by that naine may sue and be sued, plead and be im. picaded, defend and be defended, in all couris of law or equiry, in all actions, suits, causes and complaints whatever, and may have a common seal and alter ihe sanie at pleasure.

Sec. 2. The inhabitants of said school district who are quali. fied by law to vole at any district school meeting shall be authorized :o levy a tax not exceeding two thousand dollars in any one year for the purpose of building or repairing a

May levy tax. school house, and the recessary fixtures and appendages thereto, and for the payment of the wages of teachers, and for the provi. ding of fuel, for the purchase of all needful apparatus for the use of said school and for defraying the necessary incidental expenses for keeping the school in operation.

· Sec. 3. The said district shall have power, at the first meeting after the adoption of this act, and annually thereafter, to choose To choose of a board of Trustees not less than five nor more than ten in number, (the number to be designated by vote of the electors of such meet. ing.) whose duty it shall be to take the general super vision of the financial concerns of said school district, such as contracting with and paying teachers, building, repairing, renting or furnishing the necessary buildings or school rooms, or any other business apper. taining to the office of trustees of school districts and applicable to this district. Said district may also choose as aforesaid a dis. inici clerk who shall act as clerk of the board of trustees and board of superintendents when required thereto, a district treasurer and


such other officers as school districts are now entitled to by law, Sec. 4. The board of trustees of said disirict shall from time too. to time appoint a board of superintendents for such district, not pointed. less than three [nor] more than five in numher; said superintendents to hold their offices for the term of two years, unless sooner removed by the board of trustees, whose duties shall be as follows, to wit: To determine the qualification of teachers to be ozone employed in said school. To direct and prescribe the course of instruction of said school and from time to time examine into its condition and make report thereof annually to the school commissioners of the town as required by law. To direct in consultation with the principal of said school the arrangement and classification of the scholars in the several departments of study. To establish with the advice and consent of a majority of the board of trustees, different departments of the school for the classification of scholars of different ages and advancement in studies as the future wants and necessities of the district may require. To advance scholars upon evidence of merit from one department to another. To prescribe the proper text books. To have power to remove any of the teachers of said school for incompetency or other sufficient cause; and to have a general supervision over the government and * * * discipline of the school.

Sec. 3. The board of superintendents and board of trustees acting jointly, may enact such rules and by-laws for the regulation of said school as a majority of said board shall deem proper. Provided, such rules and by-laws shall not conflict with the laws

of the United States or of this Territory.

Their duties.

Schools to Sec. 6. All schools kept in said district, in pursuance of this whom free... act, shall be free to all scholars between the ages of four and * and twenty-one years inclusive, who shall permanently reside therein. But nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit the board of trustees from admitting scholars not residents of said district, into said school upon such terms and conditions as they may deem proper. SEc. 7. That for all meetings called for the purpose mentioned in this act the clerk of said district shall notify such meeting by giving at least ten days' notice in some paper published in said town of Fond du Lac. But if no such paper shall be published in said town, the clerk shall post up written notices expressing

Clerks to give hotice.

the object of such meeting at three or more public places in said district, at least ten days before the time of such meeting. Sec. 8. The trustees of said district shall have power to call special meetings at such times and places in said district as they may deem proper. Sec. 9. All taxes raised for the purposes contemplated by this act shall be assessed upon the taxable property of such district Tax how lev. as exhibited by the last assessment roll of the town, and shall be ied. levied and collected in the same manner as now provided by law for collecting taxes for the building of school houses in school districts in the counties under the township system of government. Sec. 10. The same compensation shall be allowed to collectors as are now allowed to collectors of school districts. But no compensation shall be allowed for the services of any trustees or Compensation superintendent of said district unless such person shall be ap-*** pointed an agent for any such board for some specific purpose and then shall be entitled to receive such compensation as shall be allowed by the board of trustees. SEc. 11. All moneys collected by the collector of said district shall be paid over to the treasure thereof to be paid out only by order of the board of trustees and for the purposes contemplated by this act, for which said treasurer shall receive such compensation as the board of trustees may allow. Sec. 12. The board of trustees of said district may receive, hold and convey for the use of said district any real estate or other property, given or donated or otherwise acquired for the uses and purposes specified in this act, in the same manner as individuals may lawfully do the same. SEc. 13. This act shall take effect and be in force after the same shall have been adopted by a vote of the electors of said district. Sec. 14. For this purpose the clerk of said school district Clerk to noti. number one shall notify a meeting of the inhabitants of said dis- fy meeting. trict who are qualified by law to vote at school district meetings to meet and assemble at the school house in said district at such time as he may appoint, giving at least ten days' notice thereof, for the purposes of voting for or against the adoption of this act, which notices shall be posted up at three or more places in said district, and if a majority of the votes then cast shall be for such

[blocks in formation]

act, then the same shall take effect from and alier such school district meeting: Provided, however, that if a majority of the votes of such district shall be against the adoption of his act, then such act shall not take effece until a majority of the voters of such district at some annual meeting of the same shall adopt the act as before provided.

Sec. 15. Whenever schools shall be kept in said district in accordance with the provisions of this act, the length of time now required by law, the said district shall be entitled to receive its portion of the public school moneys in the same manner as other districts.

Sec. 16. The trustees of said district may raise by lax a sum sufficient to pay the debts of said district incurred in the building and furnishing the school house of said district, to be ler. jed and collected as provided in section nine of this act: Prorided the legal volers of said district shall vote for said tax.

Sec. 17. No religious creer or sectarian principle shall ever be made a requisire, either for the admission of scholars into the said school, or for the employment of teachers therein, and no par.. ticular religious creed or sectarian principles shall ever be taught in said school.

Sec. 18. This act may be altered, amended or repealed by any future legislature of this Territory or State of Wisconsin.

APPROVED February 3rd, 1846.

AN ACT relating to bridges in the city of Milwall

kee. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. The president and board of Trustees of the town of Milwaukee, or the common council of the city of Milwaukee,

or the aldermen of any ward therein, shall have the right and authority to build, maintain, repair, rebuild and keep in operation bridges across the Milwaukee river, at the following places, to wit: A bridge from the foot of Water Street, near the ware house of George D. Douseman, in the third ward, to the foot of Ferry street, in the fifth ward: a bridge iroin the foot of Wisconsin Street, in first and third wards, to Spring street, in the fourth ward: and a bridge from Water Street in the first ward, to th foot of Cherry Street, in the second ward. Sec. 2. The present bridge, at the place first mentioned in Present oridge the preceding section,shall be maintained and attended at the joint how maï expense of the first, third and fifth wards, in proportion to their tained. ' respective tax lists, and may be rebuilt at the like expense or otherwise upon such plan as may be agreed upon by the said wards: Prorided, however, That it shall have a convenient draw, double Proviso. or single. not less than sixty-five feet in the clear, and be so con- structed as to admit the free passage of all water crafts navigating the Milwaukee river. The first and third, and the second and fourth wards, shall re-build the bridge at the second place mentioned in the preceding section, and shall make the same a double track bridge, twenty-eight feet wide, with two draws, (one on each side of the river) seventy feet long, with a walk tor foot passengers on each side, and a suitable house attached thereto to be occupied by the attendant of said bridge. The same wards shall erect and maintain a bridge at the last mentioned place in the preceding section twenty feet in width, to be constructed without a draw.

Bridges where built.

The expense of constructing, sustaining and attending the two Expenses how last mentioned bridges, shall be apportioned between the said appropriated. wards as sollows:

1st. The first and third wards shall pay three-fourths, and the second and fourth ward one-sourih of the expense in constructing the bridge at Wisconsin and Spring Streets, and forever thereafter the said wards shall pay in proportion to their respective tax lists for re-building, repairing and attending said bridge.

2nd. The first and third wards shall build the bridge across Baidges by the river proper at Water and Cherry streets, and the second and whom built. fourth ward shall do the remainder of the work to connect the same with the main land at Cherry street, and thereafter the said wards respectively shall keep the same in repair.

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