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of the said county seat shall be received and kept in a separate box, and returned and canvassed as other votes are a: said elections.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Council. APPROVED February 11, 1847,



Fixing the compensation of the officers of the

Legislative Assembly. Resolved by the Council and House of Representatioes of the Territory of Wisconsin:

That all the officers of the legislative assembly of territory of Wisconsin, prescribed by the act of Congress, approved August 29, 1842, shall each receive three dollars per day for their services during the present session of the legislative assembly, and when due to the officers of the council shall be certified to by the president and secretary thereof, and when due to the officers of the honse of representatives shall be bertified by the speaker and chief clerk thereof.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Council. APPROVED February 11, 1847.



To incorporate the United Lutheran and Re

formed Church of the city of Milwaukee.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives. of the Territory of Wisconsin :

Section 1. That Jacob Obermann, Christopher Mayer, C. W. Schwartz, Henry Niedermann, and John Harrmann, and Name and their associates, together with such persons as may hereafter style of corbe associated with them, be, and they are hereby created a body

porativo. politic and corporate, with perpétual succession, by the name of the “United Lutheran and Reformed Church of Milwaukee,and by that name shall be competent to contract and be contracted with, to sue and be sued, to answer and be answered unto, in all courts of law and equity, acquire, hold, possess, and enjoy, and to sell, convey, and dispose of property, both personal and real: Provided the annual income of such Pro viso, property shall not exceed two thousand dollars: And provi. ded also, that nothing herein contained shall authorize the corporation hereby created, to purchase. sell, or deal in any property, except for purposes connected with the erection, completion, or repairing of a house of public worship, or for purposes connected therewith.

Sec. 2. That any three of the above named persons shall To whom have power to call a meeting, by giving ten days' notice of power given

. the time and place thereof, by publishing, in some daily pa-ing. per printed in said city of Milwaukee, or if no paper is printed therein, by posting up notice in three public places in said


Sec. 3. Said corporation shall have power to form a con- Power of oor. stitution, and to enact bye-laws for its government, to pre

poration. scribe the number and title of its officers and to define their powers and duties; and such other powers as may be neces

sary for governing and promoting the welfare and interest of

said society. Record of or. Sec. 4. Said society shall keep a full and complete record dinances, & c. of all ordinances, bye-laws, rules, and regulations made by to be kept.

them, and of the names of all members and officers, and of all their proceedings, which record shall be always free to the inspection of the members, and shall be received in all courts as competent evidence of all facts therein stated.

Sec. 5. This act may be amended, altered, or repealed, at any time, by the legislature of Wisconsin.

Speaker of the House of Represent atires.

President of the Council
APPROVED February 11, 1847.


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To incorporate the Milwaukee and Waukesha

Rail Road Company.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatires

of the Territory of Wisconsin: Commissione Section 1. "That William A. Barstow, Norman Clinton, ers of compa ny to open

Alexander W. Randall, and Alexander F. Picett, of Waukebooks.

sha county, and Paraclete Potter, Daniel Wells, Edward D. Holton, Byron Kilbourn, and Lemuel W. Weeks, of Milwaukee county, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners, under the direction of a majority of whom subscriptions may be received to the capital stock of the Milwaukee and Wauke

sha Rail Road Company, hereby incorporated ; and they may cause books to be opened at such times and places as they shall direct, for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the capital stock of said company, first giving sixty days notice of the times and places of taking such subscriptions, by publishing the same weekly in a public newspaper printed in the county of Waukesha, and also in two printed in the county of Milwaukee. Sec. 2. That the capital stock of said company shall be Capital

stook one hundred thousand dollars, in shares of one hundred dollars each ; and as soon as one thousand shares of stock shall be subscribed, and five dollars on each share actually paid in, and a statement shall be deposited with the treasurer of the county of Milwaukee, authenticated by the oath of the secretary, and two or more of said commissioners, that such subscriptions and payments have been in good faith made, the subscribers of such stock, with such other persons as shall associate with them for that purpose, their successors and assigns, shall be, and they are hereby declared and created a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of “ Milwaukee and Waukesha Rail Road Company," with Name and perpetual succession; and by that name shall have all the

style of the

corporation. privileges, franchises, and immunities incident to a corpora tion; they shall be capable in law of purchasing, holding, selling, leasing, and conveying estate, either real, personal, or mixed, so far as the same may be necessary for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, and no further, and in their cors

General porate name may sue and be sued; may have a common

powers seal, which they may alter and renew at pleasure, and generally may do all and singular the matters and things which to them it shall lawfully appertain to do for the well being of the said corporation.

Sec. 3. That the said commissioners, or a majority of or the elec. them, after the said one thousand shares of stock shall have tion of direc

tors. been subscribed, as aforesaid, shall give at least thirty days notice in the newspapers (herein before) mentioned, of the time and place by them appointed for the subscribers or stockholders to meet for the purpose of electing nine directors; and annually thereafter the said stockholders shall meet on

the first Monday in July, for the purpose of electing directors as aforesaid, upon a like previous notice to be given by the directors for the time being, in such newspapers as they may

deem advisable : Provided, that previous to the first election, Proviso. the commissioners hereinbefore named shall elect one of

their number president, and they shall perform all the duties and be invested with all the powers of directors: And prooided, that if from any cause an election shall not be held at the regular time specified therefor, the same may be held at any other time, on notice as aforesaid ; that until such eleetion, the directors of the preceding year shall continue to act, and that this charter shall not be avoided by reason of the irregularity or want of such election: And prorided also. that in case of a vacaney from the death or resignation of any

director, his place shall be filled by the board of directors. Affairs bow

Sec. 4, The affairs of the said corporation shall be manamanaged. ged by a board of nine directors, who shall be chosen annually,

by ballot, on the days hereinbefore prescribed, by the stockholders of said company, the voles to be delivered in person, or by prody duly authorized ; which directors shall appoint one of their own number to be president, and shall respectively serve for one year, or until other directors be elected; they shall have power to make and establish such bye-laws, rules, orders, and regulations, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States, or of the state or

territory of Wisconsin, as may be necessary for the well Proviso.

ordering of the affairs of said company: Provided, that none but stockholders shall be eligible to be elected directors, and that at every such election, and in all other cases upon which stockholders shall be called upon to vole, each share of stock shall be entitled to one vote; and also, that in all cases of elections for directors, the nine stockholders having the great

est number of votes shall be declared duly elected. Meeting of Sec. 5. The said directors shall meet at such times and directors and appointment places, and be convened in such manner, as they may here of officors. after decide upon. Five directors shall be a quorum for the

transaction of business, who, in the absence of the president, may appoint a president, pro tem. The said directors shall appoint a secretary, treasurer, and such engineers and other

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