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of voters.

Qualification sided three months in the village and ten days in the ward

where be may offer his vote nest preceding such election, shall be entitled to role for any of ibe electire officers there. in, and be eligible to any office in said village.

Suc. 6. Any six of the said trustees shall constitute : Six trastecs board for the transaction of all business; but no ordinance a quorum

or bye-law shall be declared passed without the concurren e of a majority of all the trustees elected for all the wards.

Sec. 7. The municipal authority of the said village sba!! Municipal an- be vested in a common council, which shall consist of the Thorily where vesied.

president and trustees. The president shall hare a casting vote, and no other therein. The representation in said council shall be by the two irislees from each ward, and each trustee shall be entitled 10 one voie. The sittings of said council shall be public, and its proceedings shall be hept by the clerk, and open at all reasonable hours for publie inspection.

Scc. 8. The president (president) pro tem, ench and every Power 10 sup. trustee, and watchman, shall be officers of the peace, and press riols.

may command the peace, and may suppress in a summary manner all riotings and disorderly behavior, in conformity with the ordinance of said village, within the limits thereof; and for such purposes may command the as:istance of bra standers, and if need be of all citizens and military companies; and should any person, by.stander, officer or prirate of any military company refuse to aid in maintaining the peace when so required, every such person shall forieit and pay such fine as may be prescribed by ordinance of the commcu council in such case provided.

Sec. 9. In case of a vacancy in the office of president, or Vacancy in in the event of his being unable to perform the duties of his oflice of pres. office, by reason of absence or sickness, the common council ident how filled. shall appoint by ballot one of their own number to preside a:

their meetings, and the president pro tem so appointed shall be vested with all the powers and perform all ihe duties pertaining to the office of president until the president of the village shall resume his office or the vacancy be filled by a new election.

Sec. 10. The common council shall have authority to pre

common coun. cil.

serve order and propriety in its proceedings, and to punish by fine and imprisonment all disorderly, disrespectful or contumacious conduct in its presence, and also to compel by pecuniary penalties the attendance of its members and officers ; and all moneys that may be received under the provisions of this section shall be expended by the common council for the benefit of the village in such manner as may by them be . deemed meet.

Sec. 11. In all cases in relation to which, by the provi. Powers of sions of this act, the common council have power to enact ordinances and bye-laws, they may prescribe a penalty for the violation of such ardinances, not exceeding fifty dollars for any one offence in the violation or non-observance thereof; and may also provide that in default of payment of any judg. ment rendered for such violation or non-observance, the of. fender may be imprisoned for such term, not exceeding thirty days, for which purpose the authorities of said village shall have the use of the jail of Racine county, for the imprisonment of any person incurring that penalty, and all persons commilled to said jail, by any officer of said village, sball be in the custody of the sheriff of said county, and said village shall pay the expense of keeping and maintaining all such prisoners : Provided, that the use of such jail as aforesaid, shall in no manner interfere with or intercept the use of said jail by the proper authorities of the county. Sec. 12. Every execution issued upon judgment, for vio

Execution to lations of any ordinance or bye-laws of said village, shall be be specific. specific in in its directions for the collection of the fine or fines, or for the imprisonment of the delinquent or delin. qucnts. Sec. 13. The marshal of said village shall be invested

Powers of with all the powers and authoriiy now vested in any consta- marshal. ble of said village, and shall moreover attend upon che sessions of the common council whenever required by the coun. eil so to do, and shall be recognized as the chief cfficer of the police of said village.

Sec. 14. From and after the adoption of these amendments to the charter of the village of Racine, the common ccuncil

Council to of said village shall have exclusive power by the enactment have power to of ordinances to that effect, to open and repair all streets open streets, &c.

within the corporate limits of said village, to levy a tar in poll or otherwise, for that purpose, and to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over all streets and highways within their corporate limits, and all the power and authority heretofore exercised by the road commissioners and overseers of highways for the town of Racine, within the limits of said village shall cease and determine from and after the adoption of this

amended charter by the voters of said village. School com

Sec. 15. The school commissioners of the town of Pacine missioners to celinee as

shall continue as heretofore, not withstanding the adoption of heretofore. this amended charter, to exercise all jurisdictioa pertaining

to their oface, over and witbin said village : Prorided, that such a re-arrangement of the school districts within the cor. porale limits thereof shall be made as soon after the ador. tion of this amended charter as may be, as to couine all such districts within said village, to the corporate limits thereof, and no territory without such limits shall remain attached, or hereafter be attached to any district within those limits.

Sec. 16. The common council shall have power to apCouncil have power to ap, point an attorney for said corporation, and such other officers poine ailor:

as they may deem necessary for giving effect to the provissions of this act, and fix their coinpensation.

Sec. 17. So much of the first section of the act incorpoAc: awonded. rating the village of Racine, approved February 13, A. D.

1841, as defines the corporale name of said village, shall be, and hereby is so amended as 10 read “ The President and

Common Council of the village of Racioc." Dark of trus.

Sec. 18. It shall be, and is hereby made the duty of the pres. ident and trustees of the village of Racine, to provide for submitting these amendments !o the charter of said village to the legal voters thereof, on the third Monday in March, A.D. 1819, by opening the polls of election within the court house, ia said village, at ten o'clock in the fore noon, and keeping the same open until four o'clock in the afternoon of that day, and by receiving the votes of all persons at present qualified to vote for village officers. On the ballots thus to be voted

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shall be written or printed the words "For now Charter," or, "Against new Charter," and if on a majority of all the votes thus given on the ihird Monday in March aforesaid, the words "For new Charler," shall be written or printed, then this act shall be and remain in full force and effect, from and af. ter said day; but if on a majority of all the votes thus given on said day there shall be written or printed the words "Against new Charter," then this act shall be null and of no effect; and said election shall be held by the same officers, and be conducted in all respects in the same manner as elections for municipal oslicers of said village have heretofore been held, and the votes shall be counted and the result declared the same as at the elections above nained. In the event of the adoption of this amended charter by the legal voters of said village, then it shall be the duty of the present toard of trustees of said village, 10 provide for the election of all the officers of the village as provided for in the amended charter, and as directed in the third section of this act.

Sec. 19. All acts and parts of acts contravening any of che provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

Speaker of the House of Representatireg.


President of the Council. APPROVED March 9, 1848.



To incorporate the Neenah and Manitouwoc

Plank Road Company.

Beit enacted by the Council and House of Represent atives

of the Territory of Wisconsin : Commission Section 1. That Harrison Read, George W. Lawe, Charles ers appointed. Doty, Evander M. Soper, and Cornelius Northup, be, and they

are hereby appointed commissioners under the direction of a majority of whom subscriptions may be received to the capital

stock of the Neenah and Manitou woc Plank Road Company, Books opened hereby incorporated; and they may cause books to be opened

at such times and places as they shall direct, for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the capital stock of said company, first giving thirty days notice of the times and places of taking such subscriptions, by publishing the same in two or more newspapers printed in Winnebago, Manitouwoc, Broin

or Fond du Lac counties. Amount of Sec. 2, That the capital stock of said company, shall be capital stock.

two hundred thousand dollars, in shares of ten dollars each; and as soon as one thousand shares of the capital stock shall be subscribed, and one dollar of each share actually paid in, the subscribers of such stock, with such other persons as shall associate with them for that


their successors and assigns, shall (be,) and they are hereby declared and cre

ated a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of Name and

“The Neenah and Manitouwoc Plank Road Company," with style and

perpetual succession; and by that name shall be capable in powers of corporation. law of purchasing, holding, selling, leasing, and conveying

estate, either real or personal or mixed; and in their corpo. rate name may sue and be sued, may have a common seal, which they may alter or renew at pleasure, and generally may do all and singular the matters and things which they

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