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have been committed, and shall also be subject to indic!meni, and upon conviction of such offence shall be punished by hne and imprisonment, or either, at the discretion of the


may bo in

Sec. 15. The property of erery individual which may Stock liable be invested in said corporation shall be liable to be taken to be taken

for debr. in execution for the paymont of his or her debts in such manner as is or may be provided by law: Provided, that all debts due said company from such individual shall be first paid. Sec. 16. The debts and liabilities of said corporation shall

Liabilities not exceed in amount at any one time, fifty per cent. of its limited. capital actually paid in, and if debts and liabilities shall at any time be incurred to a greater amount than by this section provided for, the directors of said company shall be jointly and severally individually liable for such excess, in addition to their other liabilities in law and as provided for in this act. Sec. 17. The directors of said company may'at any an

How stock nual or special meeting of the stockholders, with the consent ercased. of a majority in amount of said stockholders, provide for such increase of the capital stoek of said company as may be found necessary to complete said road in such sections as may have been actually commenced, but remain in an unfinished state for want of means: Prorided, that the whole stock of said company shall not be so increased as lo exceed at any time four thousand dollars per mile for each mile of road.

Sec. 18. If said company shall misuse or abuse any of the Charter may privileges hereby granted, the legislature may resume all be resumed. and singular the rights and privileges rested in said company by this act, and may establish rules and regulations for the government of said company in relation to said road and the use of the same,

Sec, 19. That said company shall be liable for all injury or damage which any person may sustain in his person on Liability of

compar. property by reason of the said road being (out) of repair, or of any defect in said road.


Sec. 20. This act may be altered (or) amended by any future legislature of the territory or state of Wisconsin.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Council.
Approved March 10, 1848.



To incorporate the Milwaukee, Hustis' Ford.

and Beaver Dam Plank Road Company.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatites of

the Territory of Wl'isconsin: Commission.

Section 1. That Harrison Luddington Increase A. Lapham, ers appointed. Cicero Comstock, Levi Blossom, John Hustis, Charles S

Bristol, George W. Green, Hiram Barber, Lucas S. l'an Orden, Patrick Toland, and Henry Shears, be, and they ar: hereby appointed commissioners under the direction of a ma. jority of whom subscriptions may be received to the capital

stock of the Milwaukee, Hustis' Ford, and Beaver Dam Plans Books opened Road Company, hereby incorporated; and they may cau:

books to be opened at such times and places as they shall di rect, for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the capita' stock of said company, first giving thirty days' notice of e times and places of taking such subscriptions, by publishing the same in one or more newspapers printed in Milwauke county.


Sec. 2. The capital stock of said company shall be one Amount of

capital stock. hundred throusand dollars, in shares of ten dollars each; and 03 soon as one thousand shares of the capital stock shall be subscribed, and one dollar of each share actually paid in, the subscribers of such slock, with such other persons as shall as. sociate with them for that purpose, their successors and assigns, shall be, and they are hereby declared and created a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of “The Name and Milwaukee, Hụstis' Ford, and Beaver Dam Plank Road Com- style and

powers of pany," with perpelual succession; and by that name shall be corporation. capable in law of purchasing, holding, selling, leasing, and conveying estate, real, personal or mixed; and in their corporate name may-sue and be sued, may have a common seal, which they may alter or renew at pleasure, and generally may do all and singular the matters and things wbich are authorized by law for the inlerest and well being of said company.

Sec. 3. The said commissioners, or å majority of them, after the said one thousand shares of stock shall have been missioners le.

Duty of cor. subscribed as aforesaid, shall give at least twenty days' notice fore election

. in the newspapers hereinbefore mentioned, of the time and place of a meeting of the stockholders for the purpose of electa ing seven directors, į and annually thereafet, the said stock holders shall meet on the first Monday in July, for the purpose

of electing directors as aforesaid, upon a like previous notice : 10 be given by a majority of the directors for the time being, in

such newspapers as they may think proper: Provided, that previous to the first election, the commissioners hereinbe. fore named shall elect one of their number president, and they shall perform all the duties, and be invested with all the powers of directors: Prorided further, that if from any cause an election shall not be held at the regular time specified there. for, the same may be held at any other time on norice as aforesaid, that until such election, the directors of the preceding year shall continue to act, and this charter shall not be avoided by reason of any irregularity or want of such election; and in case of any vaca

cancy in the board of directors, the

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same shall be filled by the other directors or a majority of
them, -
Sec. 4. The affairs of said company shall be managed by
a board of seven directors, who shall be stockholders and be -
chosen annually by ballot, by the stockholders of said compa-
my, the votes to be given in person or by proxy duly author-
ized ; which directors shall appoint one of their number pre-
sident; and shall serve until others are elected in their stead.
They shall make and establish such bye-laws, rules, orders
and regulations, not inconsistent with the constitution and
laws of the United States and of the territory or state of
Wisconsin, as may be necessary for the well ordering of the
affairs of said company. Each share of stock shall be enti-
tled to one vote, and in all cases of elections for directors,
the seven stockholders having the greatest number of votes
shall t e declared duly elected.
Sec. 5. Four directors shall be a quorum for the transac-
tion of business, who, in the absence of the president, may
appoint a president pro tempore; the said directors shall ap-
point a secretary, treasurer, and such engineers and other
officers as they may find necessary; shall fix their compen-
sation, and may demand adequate security for the per-
formance of their respective trusts; they shall have full
power to decide the time and manner in which the said stock.
holders shall pay the money due on their respective shares,
Inay declare forfeited to the use of said company the share or
shares of every person or persons sailing to pay any instal.
ment, at a reasonable period not less than thirty days after the
time appointed for the payment thereof: Protided, no instal-
ment shall be demanded of the shareholders, exceeding
one dollar, at any one time, on each share, nor while a
sum exceeding three thousand dollars, remains in the
hands of the treasurer, unappropriated to such portion of the
work, as may at the time be completed. They shall have
power to regulate tolls, to make such covenants, c ntracts and

- - l; ; ; agreements with any person or persons or body politic whatso

ever, as the execution and management of the works and the

convenience and interests of the company may require, and in

general to superintend and direct all the operations, receipts, 09:

disbursements, and other proceedings of the company. The
commissioners, until the directors are chosen, shall issue cer.
lificates to each stock holder for the number of shares he or she.
shall subscribe for or hold in said corporation, signed by the
president, and countersigned by the secretary, subject to all
the payments due and to become due thereon ; which stock
shall be transferable in person, or by attorney', executors, ad-
ministrators, guardians or trustees, under such regulations as
may be provided by the bye-laws of said company:

Sec. 6. The said company shall have power to locate and Route of construct a single or double track plank road, from such road. eligible point in ine city of Milwaukee, and passing through . the town of Hustis Ford, to such eligible point in the town or village of Beaver Dam, in Dodge county, as shall be determined upon by a vole of the stockholders having a major. ity of the stock of said company, and who shall be represented in person or by proxy at a special meeting called for the purpose of fixing the location or lermination of said road; and, shey shall have power to erect all such to!l-houses, bridges, and other works and appendages as may be necessary for the convenience of said company in the use of said road, and also to connect the said road with other plank roads in the territory or state of Wisconsin; and 10 unite and consolidate stock with any such plank road company. The track of said road shill be constructed of plank, stone, gravel, or charcoal, in whole or in part, at the option of the directors, so that the saine shall constituie a firm and smovih surface, for the passage of wag, ons and carriages. The directors shall exercise all powers conferred on them by law; shall audit and pay all accounts against said company; fix the compensation and salary of the officers they may appoint; and meet at such times and places as they inay prescribe in the bye-laws to be enacted by them. They may appoint and remove all officers at pleasare; prescribe the meeting of the stockholders, and declaro and pay the dividends, or so much of the surplus profils of the company, as they shall dcem advisable, which inay 10! erue on the shares of said stock to the stockholders of said company, on the first Monday of July and January of each'

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