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government of said company in relation to said road and the
use of the same.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


I'resident of the Council. APPROVED March 11, 1848.


To incorporate the Sinsinawa Mound College.

Bc it enacted by the Council and House of Representatires

I of the Territory of Wisconsin: Corporation Section 1. That Right' Reverend Doctor Henni, Bishop erealed.

of Milwaukee, Hererends Sainue Mazzuchelli, Francis Haz. zuchelli. Victor Jouanneauet, Messrs. Augustus L. Gregoire, Patrick Quigley, George W. Jones, and Nicholas Dowling and their associates and successors, be, and they are hereby

created a body corporale and politic for educational purposes, Namo and aivle of cor

by the name and style of “ The President and Trustesse poraiton. the Sinsina wa Mound College,' and by that name to remain

in perpetual succession, with full power to sue and be suei'. plead and be impleaded, to acquire, 'hold, and conrey propi erty, real and personal, to have and use a common seal, ta alter and renew the saine at pleasure, 10 make and alter trois time to time, such bye-laws as they may deem necessary just

the government of said college, its officerst ssiuuents, and Proviso. servants: Provided such bye-laws are not inconsistent with

the constitution and laws of the United States, or of this ter

tilory or the future state of Wisconsin, also to have power 10 confer on those who they may deem worthy, all such honors

and degrees as are usually conferred inlike instilu ions of may learning.

Sec. 2. The said college shall be located at Sinsinaira Where col. Mound, in Grant county, Wisconsin, and may be erected on

lege localed a plan sufficiently extensive to afford instruction in the liber. al arts and sciences, and the said president and risices may erect any or all of the different departments for the study of the liberal professions in such manner as they may think proper.

Sec. 3. The said president and trustees shall have power Power of coro :o appoint a president, vice president, treasurer, und such poration. other officers, professors, tutors, curators, and agent as they may deem necess:r', and shall fill all vacancies that may occur in their own board, by resignation, death, or n glect for more than one year lo allend to the duties of 1:-lees, and to prescribe the powers and duties of all officers, teachers, or agents, and to remove any of them for sullicient reasons. Also lo prescribe and direct the course of studie: to be pursurd in the institution and its departments.

Scc. 4. The board of crustees shall consist of ciglemem. Nunder of bers, with power to increase their number io imelve, any

four of whom, including the president, (or in bis abse nie the ( vice presideni,) shall constitute a quorun for the transaction of business. Said board of trustees shall bulu ibeii si se alle

When fire! nual meeting at such time and place as ibe Revirend Sim- annual meei. uel Mazzuchelli shall designate, of wine cime andiluce being held.

shall give due notice to the other persons incorporated, and ' atterwards they shail meet on their own adjournent, and May hoie spie

cial nicetines inay hold special meetings in such inanner is swali be prescribed by che bye-laws of said college.

Sec. 6. The said college in its corporale nanie may hold Mar holi real real estaie noi lo exceed in value fifiy inuus204 duilars

Sec. 6. The College buildings, out houses, church buildings, library, apparatus and appurtenances of said college,

Properig ex lugether with sufficient land for college purposes, not to ex empt freren cced forty acres, shall be forever exemp: from laxaliun.



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Property of Sec 7. The college buildings, out houses, church build. colleges ex. ex pe fronings, library, apparatus, and appurtenances, of the Lawrence taxation,

Institute, Beloit, and Carroll collages, together with sufficient

land for college purposes, not to exceed forty acres for each, Proviso. shall also be forever exempt from taxation: Provided, that

no lands exempt from laxation by the provisions of this act shall ever be used for any other purposes than those of em. bellishment and recreation, or for the erection thereon of the necessary college buildings, out houses, and gardens for the

use of said colleges, their officers, teachers or servants. Qualification

Sec. 8. That no religious tenets or opinions shall be rei students

quisite to entitle any person to be admitted as a student in and eachers.

said college, (and no such tenets or opinions :hall be required as a qualification for any professor, tutor, or teacher of said college,) and no student of said college shall be required to attend religious worship in any particular deno

mination. Act par le

Sec 9. This act may be altered or amended by any fu. swendeid. iure legislature of the territory or state of Wisconsin.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Council. APPROVED March 11, 1848.


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Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. That Edward Lastma, Erasmns D. Hall, and Richard Hallock, be, and they are hereby appoint

From Green cd commissioners to lay out a territorial road from Green

Bay to Fort
Bay through the Oneida selllement, and thence to Oshkosh, Winnebago.
from thence to Fort Winnebago, by the way of Waukau.
Said road to be laid on the most favorable route.
Sec. 2. That Edward Gilman, Charles Bell, and Will.

From Whise. jam P. Ward, be, and are hereby appointed comunissioners water to Wi5

to re-locaie so much of the territorial road, leading from White-terlown.

water, in the county of Watertown, in the counI l of Jefferson, as lies between Jefferson and Watertown...

Sec. 3. That Robert Black, John Whess, and George Squire, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay From Hustis' ont and establish a territorial road, commencing at Hustis' Ford to Mil

waukee. Ford, Dodge county, and running thence 10 Milwaukee on the best and most feasible route.,

Sec. 4.., That Thomas Noyes, Mathias Mitchell and Nai, than Strong, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a territorial road. commencing at Fond From l'ondulu

Lac to Plover du Lac, and running to Plover Portage, by way of Ceregno Portage . and Strong's landing, on Fox river, in seetion number four, in township number seventeen, range number thirteen, and: tbat said commissioners shall have power to adopt, such pb. lic road as they may deen necessary as a part of said road.

Sec. 5. That David Hume, Mathias, Mitchell, and John. Q. Henning, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a territorial road commeacing at Food



from Fond du du Lac, running thence to Humesville, on Fox river, in secLac to tlover Portage.

tion number seventeen, in towrship number eighteen, north of range number fifteen east, from thence to Plover Portage.

Sec. 6. That Allen Foster, William Larbee, and Warren

Smith, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay From Shehov. out and establish a territorial road from Sheboygan, by tbc gan lu Harri.

way of Mayville, to Harrison, in Dodge county.

Sec. 7. That Lucas Vanorden, Allen Foster. and John S

Rockwell, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay From Fond du Lac to Sume out and establish a territorial road from Fond du Lac to mit.

Summit, by the way of Maysville, Neosha ani Oconomewor, and the said commissioners shall have power to adopt suci roads and parts of roads as are located they (thai) inay seen to them practicable.

Sec. 8. That Charles F. Rogers, Keyes A. Darling, and Frederick Bacon, be, and are hereby appointed commission

ers to lay out and establish a territorial road, commencin; From Ford du at Fond du Lac village, and running to Ceresco village, via I ac to Ceres.

the center of lhe towe of Rosendale.

Sec. 9. That George W. Featherstonbaugh, William Fowler, of the town of Manchester, Calumet county, and J. L. Moor, of Sheboygan county, be, and are hereby oppointed

commissioners to lay out and establish a territorial road from From Man. the town of Manchester, Calume! county, to Sheboygan, cuti.. chester to Sheboygan. mencing at the military road, on the line beforeen lots nam

bers twenty-three and wenty-four, thence running due cas, on the best and most feasible route, lo the east line of the late Brothertown reservation, from thence the nearest and most practicable route to Sheboygan.

Src. 10. That John McCay, E. D. Robbins, and Joseph D. Whitely, be, and they are hereby appointed commission

ers 10 lay out a territorial road, commencing ai Southpe: From Southi. port to Belvicthence to D. Stevens, thence to Walker's bridge, thence.

Noxon's Corners, thence to Liberty, thence to Welmot, thenis along the south live of the territory as near as the grouri and circumstances will admit, to Beloit.

SEC. 11. That the time for making the returns of the core missioners appointed by an act of the legislative assembly

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