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islature, setting forth particularly the amount of capital invested, the length of road in operation, the expenses paid and tolls collected during the preceding year, and generally such information in regard to the affairs of the company as the legislature may require ; which report shall be verified by the oath or affirmation of the president or secretary, and one

of the directors of said company. Penaltye for Sec. 15. If any person shall wilfully and knowingly obstruct, injury to road break, injure or destroy the plank road so to be constructed by

said company, or any part thereof, or any work, building or fis. ture attached to or in use upon the same, belonging to said company, such person or persons so offending shall each of them, for every such offence, be liable to a civil suit for the recore ry of damages by said company, by an action of debt, in any court having competent jurisdiction in the county wherein tha offence shall have been committed, and shall also be subject to indictment, and upon conviction of such offence shall be punished by fine and imprisonment, or either, at the discretion of the court.

Sec. 16. The property of every individual which may be Stock liable invested in said corporation shall be liable to be taken to be taken

in execution for the payment of his or her debis in such for debt.

manner as is or may be provided by law: Prorided, That all debts due said company from such individual shall be

first paid.

Liabilities limited.

Sec. 17. The debts and liabilities of said corporation shall not exceed in amount at any one time, fifty per cent. of its capital actually paid in, and if debts and liabilities shall a: any time be incurred to a greater amount than by this section is provided for, the directors of said company shall be jointly and severally individually liable for such excess, in addition to their other liabilities at law and as prorided for in this act.

Sec. 18. The directors of said company may at any adnual or special meeting of the stockholders, with the conseni of a majority in amount of such stockholders, provide for such increase of the capital stock of said company as may ku found necessary to complc:e said road in such sections as may

How stock may be in. creased.

have been actually commenced but remain in an unfinished state for want of means and for the further


of extending the road from time to time to its terminus. Procided, that the whole stock of said company shall not be so increased as to exceed at any time four thousand dollars per mile for each mile of road.

Charter may

be resumed. Sec. 19. If said company shall misuse or abuse any of the privileges hereby granted, the legislature may resume all and singular the rights and privileges [vested in said company] by this act, and may establish rules and regulations for the government of said company in relation to said plank road and the use of the same.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Council. APPROVED, March 13, 1848.



to provide for laying out and altering certain

territorial roads therein named.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives f the Territory of Wisconsin: Section 1. That Russell Babbit, George W. Gould, and Territorial

N. Patterson, be, and they are hereby appointed commis- roads. oners to review the territorial road leading from RockGrove - Madison, commencing at the south line of town No. 4, From Rock orth of range No. 9 east, thence north to the north line of Grove to Mad. reen county, at or near the north west corner of the east



half of the northeast quarter of section No. 3, in town No. 4, north of range nine east, thence north, on or near the line of eighty acre lots, to a stake eighty rods west of the north eas: curner of section No. 22, town No.5,, north of range No.9 east, thence to continue north about twenty-eight rods to the Beloit and Madison road, but old road not to be closed up until new one is put in as good repair, as old one is at the time of alteration.

Sec. 2. That Hiram Carter, Pardon H. Sibley, and John

Kelley, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners ! From Milwau. kee to Water: make certain alterations in the Milwaukee and Watertown

territorial road, to wit : commencing at or near the quarter post between section one and section tweive, of town number eight, north of range number sixteen east, thence running easterly and intersecting the original road in section 7, town 8, north of range 17 east, also commeacing near the (and) south quarter line of section 10, town 8, range 17 east, thence running easterly on the most practicable route, and intersecting the original road, at or near the quarter pos: between sections iwo and eleven, town 8 north, range 7 easi. Also commencing at or near a bearing tree marked " A. S 758 E." thence in an easterly direction until it intersects the original road at or near the bridge on the south west quarter of the north west quarter of section 15, town 8, range 1S.

Sec. 3. That Sherman R. Hopkins, John Weston, an!

Levi Ostrander, be, and they are hereby appointed commis. To West

sioners to lay out a territorial road on the most feasible ani Bend.

direct route from the quarter post on the south side of secs tion seventeen, town seven, north of range twenty-two east,

to the village of West Bend, in Washington county. From East Sec. 4. That L. W. Parsons, Philetus Sawyer, and Ser: Waupon to Plover Pors. mour Wilcox, be, and they are hereby appointed commis age. sioners to lay out a territorial road from East Waupon, Foni

du Lac county, via Waukau, in Winnebago county, to Plove: Portage, following as near as practicable on the old India: trail running between the two places.

Sec. 5. That Gilbert Wright, Jehiel H. Baker, and Jame Allen, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners t

lay out a territorial road on the nearest and best route from From Wau.

kesha to West Waukesha, Waukesha county, to the village of West Bend, Bend. Washington county.

Sec. 6. That James H. Ostrander, J. L. Brighton, and Abel Keyes, be, and they are hereby appointed commission

From Clinton ers to lay out a territorial road, on or near the county line,

to territorial between the counties of Jefferson and Dane, commencing at road. the village of Clinton, thence running northerly so as to in'tersect the territorial road leading from Fort Washington, near the house of Daniel Foulson, in Waterloo, Sec. 7. That so much of the territoriai road leading Road discon.

tinued. from Beloit to Madison as crosses sections fifteen, twentytwo, twenty-seven, and thirty-four, in town three, north of range ten east, is hereby discontinued. Sec. 8. John Smith, Walter H. Weld, and John Bannis. From Fond

du Lac to ter, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay Oshkosh. out a territorial road from Fond du Lac, in Fond du Lac county, to Oshkösh, in Winnebago county, on the nearest and best route. Sec. 9. That so much of the territorial road running from

From Ten Aztalan, in Jefferson county, by Nashud, in Dodge county, Mile Creek to intersect the road leading from Ten Mile Creek to Fox to Fox Lake. Lake, as crosses sections eight and seventeen in the town of Waterloo, is hereby vacated.

Sec. 10. That William Farrington, Amos Bush, and Road altered. Denison S. Dunning, be, and they are hereby appointed conmissioners to alter so much of the Sauk, Washington, end Beaver Dam road, as they may think advisable, within he town of Beaver Dam.

Sec. 11. That Clark Young, Gilbert Alden, and Elijah Lee, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to

To Dekora. y out a territorial road, commencing at the southeast corer of section thirty-five, town ten, north of range eleven ast, thence to the northwest corner of section number twen--six, same town and range, from thence to Dekora, in Combia county, on the nearest and most practicable route.

Sec. 12. That Harvey Bush, Adam Smith, and W.T. radley, be, and they are hereby appointed cominissioners

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to lay out a territorial road, commencing at or near the house From Adam

of Adam Smith, in town number eight, north of range numSmith's to ber ten east, from thence by Jonathan Gilbert's place, in towa Wyocena.

eleven, north of range ten east, section twenty-six, from thence to Wyocena, on section twenty-two, town twelve,

north of range twelve east. From Hustis' Sec. 13. That Paddoc Morris, James R. Main, and John Ra to Fox Lake road.

C. Lewis, be, and :hey are hereby appointed commissionors to lay out a territorial road, commencing at Hustis' Rapids, thence running in a westerly direction, to intersect the Watertown and Fox Lake road, on the town line between towns

ten and eleven. From Dun.

Sec. 14. That J. D. Clapp, Abel Keyes, and Lyman Farkirk Falls to go, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay Miltord.

out a territorial road from Dunkirk Falls, Dane county, via Cambridge and Lake Mills, to Molford, Jefferson county.

Sec. 15. That John T. Haight, Ira Rood, and Nathan G. From Janes. Vanhorn, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners ville to Coluinbus.

to lay out a territorial road from Janesville via Clinton, in Dane county, to Columbus, in Columbia county.

Sec. 16. That F. B. Harris, Satterlee Clark, jr. From Plover Portage to Hallock, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to Lake Pucka.

lay out a territorial road from Plover Portage to Lake Packs awa, on the nearest and most feasable route.

Sec. 17. That David Fowler, Jesse Mills, Dutton.

and--Edwards, of Manitowoc, be, and they are hereby From the mil. itary road to appointed commissioners to lay out a territorial road, comManitowoc. mencing at the military road, in the county of Calumet, on

the line between the towns of Manchester and Stockbridge, thence running easterly as far as section twenty-five, town eighteen, range nineteen east, from thence on the neares: and best route to the town of Manitowoc.

Sec. 18. That David Newland, David Fowler, and W: From Port liam Trall, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners Washington to lay out a territorial road from Port Washington via Greer to Calumot.

Bush, in Sheboygan county, and terminating at or near Cal umet, in Calumet county.

Sec, 19. That John McCoy, E. D. Robbins, and Joseni


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