Reginald Dalton, Volume 1


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Página 83 - She was a Phantom of delight When first she gleamed upon my sight; A lovely Apparition , sent To be a moment's ornament; Her eyes as stars of Twilight fair; Like Twilight's, too, her dusky hair; But all things else about her drawn From May-time and the cheerful Dawn ; A dancing Shape, an Image gay, To haunt, to startle, and waylay.
Página 84 - A countenance in which did meet Sweet records, promises as sweet; A creature not too bright or good For human nature's daily food: For transient sorrows, simple wiles, Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears, and smiles.
Página 155 - Clement's parish, the war still lingered in fragments, and was renewed at intervals. " Reginald, although a nimble and active young fellow, broad in the chest, narrow in the pelvis, thick in the neck, and lightsome in the region of the breadbasket, a good leaper, and a runner among ten thousand, was not, as has been formerly mentioned, a fencer; neither was he a wrestler, nor a boxer, nor an expert hand at the baton. These were accomplishments, of which, his education having, according to Mr Macdonald's...
Página 15 - Tis one of those who needs must leave the path Of the world's business to go wild alone: His arms have a perpetual holiday ; The happy man will creep about the fields, Following his fancies by the hour, to bring Tears down his cheek, or solitary smiles Into his face, until the setting sun Write fool upon his forehead.
Página 152 - In short, by this time the Highstreet of Oxford exhibited a scene as different from its customary solemnity and silence, as it is possible to imagine. Conceive several hundreds of young men in caps, or gowns, or both, but all of them, without exception, wearing some part of their academical insignia, retreating before a band rather more numerous, made up of. apprentices, journeymen, labourers, bargemen — a motley mixture of every thing that, in the phrase of that classical region, passes under...
Página 137 - There were the waves trampling, trampling towards us, whichever way we turned our horses' heads, and the mist was all this while thickening more and more ; and if a great cloud of it was dashed away now and then with the wind, why, sirs, the prospect was but the more rueful, for the sea was round us every way. Wide and far we could see nothing but the black water, and the waves leaping up here and there upon the sand-banks. " ' Well, sir, the poor dumb horses, they backed of themselves as the waters...
Página 244 - hear me, Mr. Dalton. We are both too young — we are both inexperienced — and we have both our sorrows, and we should both think of other things. Go, sir, and do your duty in the world ; and if it will lighten your heart to know, that you carry with you my warmest wishes for your welfare, do take them with you. Hereafter there may come better days for us both, and then perhaps — but no, no, sir, I know 'tis folly ' " She bowed her head upon her knees — he drew her hand to his lips, and kissed...

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