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JyJi O's T persons in the early season os their lives, have a relish sor the beauties os poetry; sree srom the sordid and inordinate love os sels, and uncorrupted by the vices and sollies os an alluring

Q world, they are most commonly captivated by those animating descriptions which a warm and lively sancy draws srom the bosom os nature, and pre

.i sents to them, in the pure unsullied garb os chastity and innocence. In some measure to direct this taste to proper objects, this selection will consist os such pieces only as in the judgment os thr Editor, have a tendency to animate the hearts «js diose A

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who read them witii a love os virtue and os honour: to awaken the most tender sensations in the human breast ;to inculcate sentiments os philanthropy; and to elevate the mind with love and gratitude to Him srom whom every good and benevolent asfection derives its existence, and who alone enlightens the understanding with every really beautisul and usesul idea, thereby rendering it subservient to the great end os creation—the true happiness of all his creatures.


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