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§Go Amy of the following Books will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the price annexed, Just published, in 1 vol. 8vo, cloth, $1; law sheep, $1 50, law sheep, interleaved, $2.

The New Constitution of the State of Maryland, Reported and Adopted by the Convention of Delegates, assembled at the City of Annapolis, November 4, 1850, and Submitted to and Ratified by the People on the First Wednesday of June, 1851. With JMarginal JNotes, and References to Acts of the General Assembly and Decisions of the Court of Appeals, and an Appendix and Index.

By Edw ARD OTIs HINKLEY, Esq., of the Baltimore Bar. The Revenue Laws of Maryland. Published by order of the Legis

lature. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to so to go to . . . . . .8vo. law sheep $2

.# JN' E W H IS T' O R Y O F. J.M.A. R. Y L.A.N. D. Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo, Price $1. The Day-Star of American Freedom; or the Birth and Early Growth

of Toleration in the Province of Maryland. With a Sketch of the Colonization upon the Chesapeake and its tributaries, preceding the removal of the Government from St. Mary’s to Annapolis; and a glimpse of the numbers and general state of society; of the religion, and legislation; of the life and manners of the men who worshipped in the wilderness at the First Rude Altar of Liberty.

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Recently published in 1 vol. 12mo. full cloth, library style $1.
School Edition, half Arabesque 75 cts.

A History of Maryland, from its settlement in 1634 to the year 1848, with an account of its first discovery, and the various explorations of the Chesapeake Bay, anterior to its settlement; to which is added, a copious APPENDIX, containing the names of the officers of the Old Maryland Line; the Lords Proprietary of the Province, and the Governors of Maryland, from its settlement to the present time, chronologically arranged; the Senators of the State, in the Senate of the United States; together with tables of the population of the counties, at each census, of the whole State, from its foundation; and questions on the principal events in the History, arranged according to Page and Chapter.

By JAMEs McSHERRY, Esq., of the Frederick Bar.

The National In'elligencer says:—“No State in the Union better deserves the labors of the historian, whether we regard her early settlement, her liberal charter, or the part she bore in the great revolution which made us a nation, or the number of eminent men horn within her limits ; and there is scarcely one of the original thirteen about which so little trouble has been taken to c, lect authentic notices The author’s style is modest and unpretending, and the narrative is uuexceptionable in sentiment We would invite the attention of our public schools to this book, as one well deserving to be introduced into such of the schools as einbrace instruction in history.”

B O Z.M.A.N”S H IS TO R Y O F. J.M.A R Y L.A .N’ D. In 1 vol. of 1042 pages, royal 8vo. Library style, reduced in price from $5 to $3. A History of Maryland, published by order of the State Legislature.

The history of Maryland, from its settlement in 1633, to the restoration in 1660, with a copious introduction, and notes and illustrations. By John LEEDs Boz MAN, Esq. In this work will be found a complete account of every event that occurred in the settlement and the succeeding thirty years, being the most interesting portion of the history of the State.

Just published, in 1 vol. 8vo. embossed cloth $1 50. . .

A History and Description of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road;

With an Appendix, containing a full account of the ceremonies and procession attending the laying of the corner-stone, by Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, on the Fourth of July, 1828, and an original and complete report of the great opening celebration at Wheeling, January, 1853; to which is added a supplement. Illustrated by a Map and Six original Portraits. By a CITIZEN of BALTIMoR.E.

In 2 vols. 8vo, cloth $5.

Maryland Medical and Surgical Journal, and Official Organ of the Medical Department of the Army and Navy of the United States. 1


Recently published, in 1 volume, 4to., with JMaps and Plates, $3 50. Lynch’s Eaploring Earpedition.—Official Report of the United States

Exploring Expedition, to Explore the DEAD SEA and the River Jordan.
By Lieut. W. F. Lynch, U. S. N.

Recently published, in an 8vo. volume of 600 pages, meatly bound in embossed cloth, $2 50; cloth, gilt edges and sides, $3.

The Writings of DR. John Lof LAND, the MILFORD BARD, with a Portrait of the Author and a Sketch of his Life. Collected and arranged by J. N. M'JILTON, A. M.

In 1 vol. 4to., Illustrated with Plates, Price $2 50. Hall's Designs for Dwelling Houses, comprising a Series of Select, Original, and Modern Designs adapted to the Style of Building in the United States; with 24 Designs. For the use of Carpenters and Builders.

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In 2 vols. 12mo., meatly bound in embossed cloth, $2; cloth, gilt edges and sides, $3. Either Volwme will be sold separately.

The Sphere and Duties of Woman; a Course of Lectures; by George W. Burnap, LL. D. Illustrated with a fine Engraving.

Lectures to Young Men, on the Cultivation of the Mind, the Formation of Character, and the Conduct of Life; by George W. Burmap, LL. D. Illustrated with a Portrait of the Author. . The Publishers, in calling public attention to these valuable works, deem it unnecessary to add anything in the way of commendation. The high estimation in which Mr. Burmap’s writings are held in this country and in Europe, are the best evidence of their general utility. These works have passed through several large editions in this country, and have been republished in England, where several large editions were sold immediately. They are now ranked as “STANDARD LITERATURE,” and are, according to the statement of the English Press, “ Destined to become Household Books.” , AS USEFUL GIFT BOOKS, all Parents should place copies of these Works in the hands of their Sons and Daughters, and every Husband should give a copy to his Wife. The Lecture on the PRESERVATio N of HEALTH alone will amply repay them for the expenditure.

Just published, Fourth Edition, 8vo. cloth $2; library style $2 50.

BALMEs’ GREAT Work on Civilization — Protestantism and Catholicity Compared in their Effects on the Civilization of Europe. The Publishers have the pleasure to announce that near three thousand copies of this Great Work were sold in the first twelve months. It has been noticed in the most favorable terms by the press throughout the conntry. Every one who takes an interest in the subject ought to have a copy of this GREAT Work of the AGE, that he might read it himself and lend it to his neighbor.

Recently published, in 5 vols. 8vo, cloth $10; library style, marbled edges, $12. Bishop England's Works, published under the auspices and imme

diate superintendence of the late Rt. Rev. Bishop Reynolds, of Charleston.

The subjects of these volumes present attractions, not only to the inquirer after religious truth; but to the Statesman and the Lawyer they present much that is worthy of their study, as well for the subject matter, as for the style of the writer, and the simplicity of the language which he used to embody the analytical deductions made by his gigantic mind. His Discourses furnish Models of Oratory worthy of imitation by Divines, Statesmen, and members of the Legal Profession. It is difficult to say in what Dr. England excelled;—as an orator, he was great, sublime, thrilling;-as a Theologian, his profound erudition, and familiarity with the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and with Ecclesiastical History of all ages, and all countries, place him high amongst the highest:-as a Controversialist, the evenness of his temper, the lucidity of his reasoning, and the force of his language, command for him the respect of his antagonist, and the admiration of all his readers.

“We trust that Protestant and Catholic will vie with each other in shewing that they love literature and appreciate worth, without regard to sectarian prejudice.” Charleston Cowrier.

“ They deserve to take their place as contributions to American literature on the shelves of our libraries, and to find readers beyond the pale of the religious belief of their writer.” N. Y. Literary World. . Just published, in 1 volume, 12mo, cloth, 75 cts.

The Studies and Teaching of the Society of Jesus, at the time of
its suppression, 1750–1775. Translated from the French of M. L’ABBE MAYNARD,
Honorary Canon of Poitiers, Professor of Rhetoric at Pontleroy.
This is a Historical Work, and unveils the real secret of so much enmity to the Jesuits.


o’AHA: PF O PA, S E ADITION OF Z IIW G A R D’S EING LAIN ID. Just published in 1 vol. 8vo., cloth #2; library style $2 50.

Lingard’s History of England, abridged, with a continuation from 1688 to 1854.—By JAMEs BURRE, Esq., Barrister at Law. With a Memoir of Dr. Lingard, and Marginal Notes, by M. J. KERNEy, A. M. Second Edition. Embellished with a fine steel Portrait of Dr. Lingard.

This highly important work is comprised in a beautiful octavo volume of nearly 700 pages; it is printed and bound in the best manner, and may justly be considered one of the cheapest books published. We believe that it will be at once conceded, that at no period has it been of more importance than at the present to place before the American public a true and impartial history of England. No apology need therefore be made for the publication of an abridgment of Dr. Lingard’s History of England, at a price that will at once place it within the reach of all classes.

A School Edition of this work has been published in 1 vol. 12mo, price $1.

LIBR.A.R.Y. EDITION'S OF FREDET’S U.N.IVERSAL HISTORIES. In 2 volumes 12mo, cloth $250; library style, marbled edges, $3.

Either volume will be sold separately.

Ancient History, from the Dispersion of the Sons of Noe, to the Battle of Actium, and change of the Roman Republic into an Empire. By PETER FREDET, D. D.; Professor of History in St. Mary’s College, Baltimoré. Fifth edition, carefully revised and enlarged.

Modern History, from the Coming of Christ and the change of the Roman Republic into an Empire, to the year of our Lord 1854. By PETER FREDET, D. D., Prof. of History in St. Mary’s College, Baltimore. Eleventh enlarged and

improved edition. These two volumes form a complete connection or continuous chain of historical events from the creation of the world to the year 1854.

Recently published, in 1 volume, 12mo. 75 cents.

Willitoft, or the Days of James the First. A Tale. By JAs. McSHERRY, Esq., author of McSherry's History of Maryland.

Recently published, in a neat 32mo. volume, Embellished with a JMap of the City and Views of the Principal Public Buildings. Price 25 cents. The Stranger’s Guide in Baltimore, showing the easiest and best mode of seeing all the Public Buildings and places of note in and around the City, and in the neighborhood; together with some brief observations on its Trade, Resources, Prosperity, Commercial Advantages and Future Prospects. By a BALTIMO REAN.

Second Enlarged Edition, in a meat 32mo, vol., fancy paper, gilt 25 cents; cloth 38 cents; cloth, gilt edges, 50 cents. Etiquette at Washington, together with the Customs adopted by Polite Society in the United States. To which is added an Appendix, containing a Description of the Public Buildings, and some of the Principal Objects of interest to a Stranger visiting Washington. The public favor with which this little work has been received, and the rapidity with which the first edition sold, has induced the Publishers to enlarge and improve the present to nearly double the size of the former edition. American Etiquette, being a complete guide for Ladies and Gentlemen, in their intercourse with society, containing the most complete modes and customs in use in the United States. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32mo, cloth, 25....cloth, gilt edges, 38

The Present Political Condition and Prospects of Spain. A Lecture

delivered before the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, by S. TEACKLE WALLIS, Esq.,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . paper 13

Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the United States, September, 1796. Embellished with a neat and appropriate Border. Printed in three colors, on a sheet 20x24 inches, suitable for Framing. Price 12# cents.

A copy of this Address ought to have a conspicuous place in every School-room in the United States, as well as in the Counting-room and Office of every lover of the Father of his Country,

Washington, the Model of Character for American Youth....paper 13 Pope's Essay on Man.......................................32mo, cloth 13 A New Series of ORIGINAL TALES, TRANSIA|I|\S AND RIPRINTS || ||UIAll WORKS, JWeat, Cheap, and Attractive Volumes for Home, Railway or Steamboat Travelling ; Also, for Presents, Premiums, &c.

The object contemplated by THE AMUs ING LIBRARY is to provide a choice supply of Books of Light Reading, entirely free from objectionable matter, and which may be indiscriminately used by young and old. In the selection, great pains will be taken to admit no Work that is not in every respect adapted for the perusal of all who desire a sound and healthy imaginative literature, free from every thing immoral on the one hand, or controversial on the other. The volumes while issued at a price which bring them within the reach of all, yet possess sufficient attractions of typography and embellishment to fit them for the drawing-room table and for presents.

It is proposed to comprise a choice selection of the best of the imaginative writings of various countries. With original tales and reprints of home authors will be united the best fictions of other lands,-Belgian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, &c.; and as the scenes will be laid in different countries and at different periods, the volumes will not only furnish amusing reading, but will likewise convey, especially to the youthful reader, much historical and other information.

In pursuance of this idea, the Editors have much gratification in announcing that they have made an arrangement with the distinguished Belgian Novelist, M. Henri Conscience, by which they will be enabled to include in their Library an authorized edition of all his works. They are also in communication with several other soreign authors of distinction, whose works will be speedily announced.

Just published in a neat vol. demi 8vo.; price in Extra Cloth, gilt backs, 75 cents; in Cloth, gilt edges and sides, $1.

Two Tales in one volume, Embellished with a very neat Frontispiece.
Frown. o original o o o: conce.

The London Jathemseum in noticing this volume, says:– “These two tales by the favorite popular novelist of Belgium will do his reputation no dis-service. The first may be called a temperance story, such as would delight the heart of Mr. Gough or Mr. Cruikshank.”

The London Weekly Times says:—“The first of these tales is a vigorous description of the evils of drunkenness, and the whole story is touching in the extreme.”

Just Published, uniform with the above,

THE LION OF FLANDERS ; or, The Battle of the Golden Spurs.

A Historical Romance of the Glorious 1)ays of Flanders,

The Revue des deua, Mondes, says:—“This romance displays a talent full of vigor and skill. The picture, especially, with which it closes, is a masterpiece of art and power.” The Church of England Quarterly, says : —“The Lion of Flanders at once stamped its writer as a man of mark. Having once taken up a volume of this stirring narrative, we found the greatest difficulty in laying it down ; indeed, since the publication of the Waverly Novels, we have never been so absorbed by any work of fiction.” Just published, uniform with the above,


A Historical Tale of the Eighteenth Century. With a Frontispiece and Vignette.

This beautiful tale preserves the memory of the grand though unavailing struggle of the Flemings to uphold their religion and liberties against the armies of the French Republic, and thus ranks with those narratives which recount the immortal deeds of the Vendeans and the Chouans. The Author throws himself antidst the events he relates with characteristic impetuosity, and has lavished on the story all the power and grace of his vivid and picturesque style. It is in part a love-story, and more of a historical romance, in the English sense of the word, than most of the author’s works; yet it is nevertheless scrupulously accurate in statement, and never in any way violates historical truth.

The Hastings News says:—“The ‘War of the Peasants' portrays the inimitable self-devotion of the patriots who sought vainly to stay the march of French armies into Belgium. It is a book that stirs our feelings and warms our blood; but the emotions it awakens are generous, and the fire enkindled is that holy fire of patriotism, which God forbid should ever become extinct in any land.”

The Soirées B, warelloises says:–“Whatever may be the value of the romances published this year, there is not one of them which comes near the ‘War of the Peasants of M. Hendrik Conscience. Every where the reader is under the influence of a powerful fascination, and his interest is most vividly excited.”

. NEARLY READy, uniform with the above, TALES OF OLD FLANDERS: Count Hugo of Craenhove; Wooden Clara,

The Revue des Dewa, Mondes says:—“Nothing can be more admirable than the picture which this legend of Old Flanders presents. . The poetry of its details, the delicacy of its sentiments, and the melancholy grace which pervades it, lend it a charm which is irresistible.”


“The success of Conscience’s writings is a blessing and a boon. It is matter of congratulation that every one reads, and wishes to read again, these books so tender, so gentle, so simple, so familiar and touching, chosen friends and companions of every honest heart and of every cultivated mind. We have much to learn from him in concealed but most real art, in delieacy of touch, in genuineness of emotion, in native gracefulness, in the secret of that refined proportion and perspective which talent alone cannot teach,--which may be manifested in thirty pages, and which one may strive after in vain through a hundred Volumes.” M. de Pontmartin (“Causeries Littérairs,”)

MURPHY & CO., PUBLISHERs, &c., 178 Market Street, Baltimore,

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