Symmetry: Cultural-historical and Ontological Aspects of Science-Arts Relations; the Natural and Man-made World in an Interdisciplinary Approach

Springer Science & Business Media, 25/06/2007 - 508 páginas

The first comprehensive book on the topic in half a century explores recent symmetry – and symmetry breaking – related discoveries, and discusses the questions and answers they raise in diverse disciplines: particle and high-energy physics, structural chemistry and the biochemistry of proteins, in genetic code study, in brain research, and also in architectural structures, and business decision making, to mention only a few examples.

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Introductory chapters 1 Symmetry invariance harmony
Historical Survey
Symmetry in geometrical decorative art
The golden section 97
Interdisciplinary applications 5 Fibonacci numbers in nature
Perfection and beauty
The mystery of fivefold symmetry 171
From viruses to fullerene molecules
Sight and Hearing
Symmetries and symmetry breakings in inanimate nature
The road from nature to man 12 Chirality
Cerebral asymmetries 351
Human Creativity
Sources of illustrations
Subject index 459

Symmetry in Inanimate Nature 9 Cosmological symmetries 243

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