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To write a Preface to the Sixteenth Volume of a Periodical Work is no easy task. The same topics annually present themselves, — Gratitude for past Favours, and Promises of new and increased Exertions. We have often expressed the one, and repeated the other; and we hope diat the continued Favour of the Public may he considered as a proof that our Promises were sincere.

With an increasing Circulation, wc have witnessed an increasing Opposition. Hosts of Writers, inimical to that Evangelical System which we espouse, and aware of the Influence of a Work perused by so many thousands, have- lately appeared; and, among these, not only some of the lowest Class, but a few who have acquired celebrity in the Literary World: but this is so far from discouraging us, that we esteem it an honour; and will bind the reproach of the Cross as a diadem on our brow.

As to the stale Charge against the Gospel, so assiduously revived by our Antagonists, That it is hostile to good Morals, we think it unnecessary to attempt a serious Refutation; for we hope, that among our Readers will be found more than 20,000 living Arguments to repel it.

Some of our Correspondents have expressed their •wish that the Reviewing Department of our Magazine should be enlarged ;' but we beg them to recollect the narrow limits within which we are circumscribed. We cannot, indeed, indulge in a full Analysis of the Works we review, but we have the satisfaction to find that our Opinion, though'briefly stated, is generally sanctioned by the Public Verdict: those who Wish for more extended Accounts, we have the pleasure, to refer to the

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