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* Texas is one of the finest countries in the world; and yet the Europeans, eager as they
have been to make conquests in America, have seemed, almost to the present day, ignorant of
its existence."

History of Louisiana, by M. de Marbois, Peer of France, First President of the

Court of Accounts, under Napoleon and Louis XVIII.







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Chapter IX.

Innovations of the Mexican Centralists-Unprincipled Sale

of Texan Lands—Constitutional Exposition of the Legis-

lature of Coahuila and Texas-Fall of Zacatecas-Dis-

persion of the Legislature of Coahuila and Texas, and

Arrest of the Governor-Agitation in Texas-Lorenzo de

Zavala-Return of Stephen Austin-His Speech at Bra-

zoria—Military preparations against Texas and organi-

zation of the People-Defeat of the Mexicans near Gon-

zalez-Subversion of the Federal Constitution of 1824 and

establishment of a Central Government in Mexico . . 82

Chapter X.

Texan preparations for Defence- Advice of Zavala- Ap-

pointment of a General Council -Offensive operations of

the Colonists-Capture of Goliad-Milam-Advance of

the main Army under Stephen Austin to Bexar-Battle of

the Conception-American rencounter with Texan Indians

-The Bowie Knife-Meeting of the General Consultation

of Texas-Election of a Provisional Government–The

Grass Fight-Affair at Lepantitlan—Stephen Austin's

retirement from the Army, and Report to the Provisional

Government-Call of a new Convention . . . 114

Chapter XI.

Siege of Bexar-Impatience of the Colonists—Mexican De-

serter-Resolution of Milam and others—Entrance of a

Storming Party into Bexar-Death of Milam, and Surrender

of General Cos—Landing of Mexia at Tampico-Resolu-

tion of the Provisional Government for assembling a Con-

vention-Measures of Defence—Proclamation by General

Houston—Indian Mission-Operation of the Militia System

in the United States—Indian Encroachments - Volunteers

-Opinions respecting a Declaration of Independence . 143

Chapter XII.

Texan prospects at the opening of the year 1836–Removal

of the Provisional Governor-Message of his Successor,

Projected attack on Matamoros — Mexican Expedition

against Texas - Military outrages — March of Santa Anna

to Bexar- Attack on the Alamo–Capture of the Fort and

Slaughter of the Garrison-Colonel Crockett - Convention

at Washington-- Declaration of Independence - President


Arrival of Volunteers at Galveston-Orders of the United

States Government for the Protection of the Frontier-

Protest of Gorostiza-Embarkation and ultimate Detention

of Santa Anna-Mirabeau Lamar-Protest of Santa Anna

and President Burnet's Reply-Election of President and

Meeting of Texan Congress-Threatened Mexican In-

vasion- Legislative Proceedings~Death and Character of

Stephen Austin . . . . . . . 241

Chapter II.

Relations of Mexico and the United States - Peremptory

Instructions to the American Minister-Withdrawal of

Gorostiza-Conferences between President Jackson and

Santa Anna-Arrival of Santa Anna at Vera Cruz,

Message of the Governor of South Carolina-General

Hamiltou's Report to the Senate—Acknowledgment of

Texan Independence by the United States—Application of

Texas to be annexed to the Federal Union—Diplomatic

Correspondence-Renewal of diplomatic Relations be-

tween the United States and Mexico - Message of Pre-

sident Houston-Opposition of the Northern and Middle

States to Texan Annexation-Mr. Preston's Resolution

-Withdrawal of the Proposition to annex Texas to the

Union . . . . . . . . . 213

Chapter III.

Cherokee Indians-Presidential Election Policy of Presi-

dent Lamar's Administration–Education-Laws—Tariff

-Banking-Grants to Settlers-Indian Irruptions and

Designs-Expulsion of the Cherokees— Trade with the

Mexicans—Mission to Mexico—French diplomatic agent

in Texas-Arrival of Admiral Baudin at Galveston-

Appointment of General Hamilton and Mr. Burnley to

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