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Aaron and his


sons sanctified. commanded Mosus, so the children of be an everlasting priesthood through Israel made all the work.

out their generations. 13 And Moses did look upon all the 16 Thus did Moses: according to an work, and, behold, they had done it as that the LORD commanded him, 80 the Lord had commanded, even so had did be. they done it, and Moses blessed them. 17 | And it came to pass in the first CHAP. XL.

month in the second year, on the firat ND the LORD spake unto Dioses, day of the month, thas the tabernacle ,

was reared up. 2 On the first day of lbe first month 18 And Moses reared up the tabernas!lalt thou set up the labernacle of the cle, and fastened his sockets, and set tent of the congregation.

up the boarıls thereof, and put in the 3 And thou shalt put therein the ark bars thereor, and reared up his pillars. of the testimony, and cover the ark 19 And lie spread abroad the lent with the veil.

over the tabernacle, and put the cov4 And thou shalt bring n the table, ering of the tent abore upon it; as the and set in order the things that are to Lord commanded Moses. be set in order upou it; and thou shalt| 20 And he took and put the testibring in the candlestick, and light uhc mony into the ark, and set the staves lamps thereof.

on the ack, and put the mercy.scat 6 And thou shalt set the allar of gold above upon the ark: for the incense before the ark of the 21 And he brought the ark into the testimony, and put the banging of the tabernacle, and set up the veil of the door to the tabe coacle.

covering, and covered wie ark of the 6 And iliou shalt set the altar of the estimony; as the Lord commanded bumt-offering before the door of the Nosea. tabernacle oi' the tent of tie congre- 22 1 and he put the table in the tent gation.

of the congregation, upon the side of
And thou shalt set the laver between the tabernacle northward, without the
the tent of the congregation and the veil.
altar, and shalt put water therein. 23 And he set the bread in order upon

8 And thou shalt set up tbe court it before the LORD; as the Lord had
round about, a.d lang up the hanging commanded Moses.
at the court-gate.

24 | And be put the candlestick in
And thou shalt take the anointing the tent of the congregation, over
oil, and anoint the tabernacle, and all against the table, on the side of the
that is therein, and shalt ballow it, tabernacle southward.
ind all the vessels thereof: aod it shall 24 And bc lighted the lamps before
e holy.

the LORD ; as the LORD commanded 10 And thou shalt anoint the altar or Moses, the burnt-otlering, and all his vessels, 26 1 And he put the golden altar in and sanctify the altar: and it shall be the tent of the cougregation before an altar most holy.

the veil, 11 And thou shalt anoint the laver 27 And lic burnt sweet incense thercand his foot, and sanctify it.

on ; is the LORD commanded Moses 12 And thou shalt bring Aaron and 28 1 And he set up the hanging at his sous unto the door of the taberna- the door of the tabernacle. cle of ine congregation, and wash then 29 And lie put the allar of burnt. with water.

oflering by the door of the labernacle 13 And thou shalt put upon Aaron the of the text of uie congregation, and holy garments, and anoint him, and offered upon it the burnt-offering and sanctily him; lint he may minister the meat-offering; as the LORD comunio me in the priest's office.

inanded Nosea. 14 And thou shalt bring his sons, and 30 TAnd be set the larer between the clothe them with coats :

tent of the congregation and the altar, 15 And thou shalt anoint them. ag and put water diere, to wash withal. Diou didst anoint their father, that they 31 And Moses and Aaron, and his riay minister unto me in the priest's sons, washed their hands and their ce: for their anointing shall surely feet thercat:

A gond covercin

tlo; Tabernacla. 32 When tbey weat into the tent of glory of the LORD filed the taberna the congregation, and when they came cle. near unto the altar, they washed; as 36 And when the cloud was taken up the LORD commanded Moscs. froin over the tabernacle, the childron

33 And be reared up the court round of Israel went onward in all their about the tabernacle and the altar, and journeys: set up the hanging of the court-gale. 37 But if the cloud were not taken So dioses finishicd the work,

up, then they journeyed not till the 34 1 Then a cloud covered the tent day that it was taken up. of the congregation, and the glory of 5 For the cloud of the LORD rvas Le LORD billed the tabernacle. upon the tabernacle by day, and fire

36 And Moses was not able to enter was on it by oigini, in the sight of all into the tent or the congregation, be the house of Israel, throughout all cause the cloud abode thereun, and the Juieir journeys.

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The Third Book of Moses, called LEVITICUS.

goats, sor a burnt-sacrifice; he slaid

bring it a male without blemisli. ND the Lord called unto Moses, ll And he shall kill it on the side of

cand ernacle of the congregation, saying, and the priests, Aaron's sons, shall

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, sprinkle bis blood round about upon and say unto thein,ll' any man or you the altar. bring an offering unto the LORD, șe 12 And he shall cut it into his pieces, shall bring your offering of the cattle, with his head and his lat: and the even of the herd, and of the llock. priest shall lay thein in order on the

3 11 iis offering be a burnl-sacrifice wood that is on the fire which is upou of the herd, let bin offer a male with Wie allar. out bleinislı: he shall offer it of bis 13 But he shall wash the inwards and own voluntary will, at the door of the legs with water; and the priest the tabernacle of the congregation be shall bring it all, and burn it upon the fore the Lord,

alcar: it is a burnt-sac ence, an offer + And he shall put his hand upon the ling made by fire, of u sweet savou head of the burnt-offering; and it shalljunto the LORD. be accepted for him to make alone. 1+1 And if the burnt-gacrifice for his ment for hiin.

offering lo tlie LORD be of lowls, then 5 And lie shall kill the bullock before he shall bring his offering of turulethe LORD: and the priests, Aaron's cores, or of young pigeons. Bons, shall bring the blood, and sprin 15 And the priest shall bring it unto kle the blood round about upon the the altar, and wring off his leud, und allar tliet is by the door of the laber-burn it on the allir; and the olood nacle of the congregation.

thereof shall be wrung out at the side 6 And he shall Hay the burnt-offering, for the altar: and cut it into his pieces.

16 And he shall pick away his crop 7 And the sons of Aaron the priest with his feachers, anu caat it beside th: shall put fire upon the altar, and lay altar on the east part, by the place or the wood in order upon the fire: the shes:

8 And the prieste, Aaron's sons, s.all 17 cud he shall cleave it with the lay the parls, the lead, and the fir', in wings thercos, bu shall not divide it order upon the wood that is or. tle asunder: and the priest shall burn it fire which is upon the altar : upon the altar, upon the woud that is

But bis in wards and his legs shall upon the fire: it is a burnt-sacrifice, 10 waslı in water; and the priest shall an offering made by fire, or a sweet burn all on the altar, colie a burnt-oa savour unio the LOAD. crilice, an ofering made by fire, or a

CHAP. II. sweet sarour uuto the Lord.

will offer a ment

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flocks, namely, of the alieep, or of the ling shall be nf fine flour; and ho aball Dical offerings.


Peace-offerings. pour oil upon it, and put srankincense first-fruits,green ears of corn dried by thereon:

the fire, even corn beaten out of full 2 And he shall bring it to Aaron's song ears. the priests: and he shall take thereout 15 And thou shalt put oil upon it, and bis handful of the four thereof, and of lay frankincense thereon: it is a meatThe oil thereof, with all the frankin- offering. cense thereof'; and the priest shall 16 And the priest shall burn the me. burn tlie memorial of it upon the altar, morial of it, part of the beaten cora to be an oflering made by fire, of a thereof, and part of the oil thereof, sweet silvour unto the LORD:

with all the frankincense thereof; it 3 And the remnant of the meat-offer is an offering made by Gre unto the ing shall be Aaron's and his sons': il is LORD. a thing inost holy of the olerings of

CHAP. III. the Lord made by fire.

NDIf his oblation be a sacrifice of

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A meat-ollering baken in the oven, it herd; wliether it be a malc or female,
shall be unleavened cakes of line lour he shall offer it without blemish be
bringled with oil, or unleavened wa. I re the LORD.
fers anomled with oil.

2 And he shall Iny his hand upon the 5.1 And if thy oblation be a incat or head or his offering, and kill it at the fering baken in a pan, it shall be of bine door of the tabernacle of the congrePour unleaveneil, mingled with oil. gation: and Aaron's sons the priesto

6 Thou slialt part it in pieces, and shall sprinkle the blood upon llie altar pour oil thereon, it is a meat-ollering. round about.

7 ? And if thy oblation be a meat-| 3 And he shall offer of the sacsilice
offering baken in the frying pan, it of the peace-offering, an offering made
silall be made of fiue flour with oil. by fire unto the Lord; tle lat that

8 And thou shalt bring the meat-oller covereth the inwards, and all the lat
ing that is inade of these things unto that is upon the inwards,
the LOILD; and when it is presented 4 And the two kidneys, and the file
unto the priest, he shall bring it unto that is on them, which is by the flanks,
the altar.

and the cand above the liver, will thic
9 And tlie priest shall take from the kidney's, it shall be take away.
meat-offering a menorial thereof, and 5 And Aaron's sons shall burn it on
shall burn it upon the altar: il is an the altar upon the burnt-sacrifice,
offering made by fire, us a sweet savour which is upon the wood that is on tlie
unto the Lord.

fire; it is an offering inade by fire, or 10 And that which is lest of the meat- a sweel siivour unto the LORD. offering shall br Aaron's and bis son's: 6 1 And if his offering for a sacrifice it is a thing most holy of the oilerings of peace-offering unto the Lord bent of the Lold made by tire.

the dock; male or female, he shåll 11 No incat-ollering, which ye shall ofter it without blemislı. bring unto the Lord, shall be inade 7 If he oller a lamb for his offering, with leaven: for ye shall burn no then sliall he offer it before the LORD. Icaven, nor any honey, in any offering 8 And he shall lay his hand upon the of the LORD made by fire.

fiend of his ollering, and kill it before 12 A3 for the obliulion of the first the tabernacle of the

congregation; and fruits, ye shall Oller them into the Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood LOHD: but they shall not be burnt on thereof round about upon the altar. the altar for a sweet savour.

guc be shall eller or the sacrifice of 13 And every oblation of thy meat, the perce-olering an offering made by offering shalt thou season will sall; lire unto the LORD; the fat thereof, neither shalt thou suffer the sale of the and the whole rump, it shall he take covenant of thy God to be lacking from oil bard by the backbone; and the fat thy meal-offering: with all the offer that coverath the inwards, and all the irgs thou shalt ofter salt.

fat that is upon the inwards, 14 And if thou offer a meat-offering 10 And the two kidneys, and the fat of thy first-fruita unto the LORD, thou that is upon them, which is by the chall ofer, for the meat-oflering of thy nanks, and the caul abore the liver,



Sin-offerings. with the kidneys, it shall be take away.llion; and shall pour all the blood of

11 And the priest shall burn it upon the bullock at the bottom of the altar the altar; it is the food of the onering of the burut-onering, which is at the made by lire unto the LORD.

dour of the tabernacle of the congrc12 1 And if his offering be a goat, then gation. be shall offer it before the Lord, 8 And lic shall take off from it all the

13 And he shall lay his hand upon the fat of the bullock for the sin-offering; liead of it, and kill it before the taber- the lat that corcreth the inwards, and nacle of the congregalion: and the all the fut that is upon the inwards, gone of Aaron sliall sprinkle the blood 9 And die two kidneys, and ine lat thereof upon the allar round about. liat is upon thein, which is by the

14 And lie Blill offer thereof his or Danke, and tie caul abore uie lirer, fering, even an offering made by fire with the kidneys, it shall lie take away. unto the Lond; the fat lhat coveretli 10 As it was taken off from the bul. the inwards, and all the lat that is lock of the sacrifice of peace-offering; upon the inwards,

and the priest shall burn them upon 16 And the two kidney's, and the fat the altar of the burnt-oslering. that is upon then, which is by the Il And the skin of the bullock, and Nanks, and the caul above the liver, all his nesh, with his liead, and will with the kidneys, it shall be take away his legs, and is in wards, and his dung,

16 And the priest shall burn them 12 Even the whole bullock shall lie upon the altar: it is the food of the carry forth without the camp unto a oilering made by fire for a sweet sa- clean place, where the ashes are pour l'our: all the fal is the Lord's. ed out, and burn liim on the woou

17 Il shall be a perpetual statute sor with fire: where the ashes are poured your generations throughout all your out shall he be burnt. wellings, that ye eat neither lat nor 13 1 And if the whole congregation blood.

of Israel sin through ignorance, and CHIAP. IV. .

the lbing be hid from the eyes of the ND the LORD spake unto Moses, assembly, and they have ne some

what against any of the command2 Speak unto the children of Israel, ments of the Lord concerning things Baying, I a soul shall sin through in which should not be done, and are norance against any of the command-guilty; ments of the LORD concerning things 14 When the sin, which they have which ought not to be done, and shall sinned against it, is known, then the do against any of them :

congregation shall offer a young bul3 If the priest that is anointed do sin lock for the sin, and bring him before according to the sin of the people; the tabernacle of the congregation. then let him bring for his sin, which 15 And the elders of the congregation he latlı sinned, a young bullock with shall lay their hands upon the head of out blemish wito the Lord for a sin the bullock before the Lond; and the ollering

bullock shall be killed before the 4 And he shall bring the bullock unto Lond. the door of the tabernacle of the con: | 16 And the priest that is anointed gregation before the LORD; and shall shall bring of the bullock's blood to lay his hand upon the bullock's head, the tabernacle of the congregation: and kill the bullock before the LORD. 17 And the priest shall dip his finger

5 And the priest that is anointed shall in some of the blood, and sprinkle it take or the bullock's blood, and bring seren times before the Lord, even beit to the tabernacle or the congregation: fore die veil.

6 And the priest shall dip his finger is And he shall put some of the blood in the blood, and sprinkle or tlie blood upon the horns of the altar which is seven unes before the LORD, before before the LORD, that is in the taber the veil of the sanctuary.

nacle of the congregation, and shall 7 And the priest shall put some of the pour out all the blood at the bottom of blood upon the horns of the altar of the altar of the burnt-olfering, which sweet incense before the Lord, which is at the door of die tabernacle of the is in the tabernacle of the congrega Icongregation.

A saying

Sin offerings.


Trespass offerings. 19 And he shalí take all luis fat from off the sacrisice of peace-offerings; and nim, and burn it upon the altar. the priest shall burn it upon the altar

20' And he shall do with the bullock for a sweet savour unto the LORD; and as he did with the bullock for a sin-of-the priest shall make an atonement for sering, so shall he do with this: and him, and it shall be forgiven him. the priest shall make an atonement for 32 And if be bring a lamb for a sin. thein, and it shall be forgiven them. offering, he sball bring it a female

21 And he shall carry sorth the bul. without blemishi. Jock without the camp, and burn him 3:3 And he shall lay his hanıl upon as le burned the first bullock: it is a the head of the sin oliering, and shay Birl-offering for the congregation. it for a sin-offering in the place where

22 | When a ruler latli sinned, and they kill the burnt-offering. done somewhat through ignorance 34 And the priest shall take of the against any of the commandments of blood of the sin offering with his finthe LORD his God concerning things ger, and put it upon the borns of the which should not be done, and is altar of burnt-oflering, and shall pour guilty';

out all tlie blood thereof at the bottom 23 Or if his sin, wherein lie hath sin- of the altar: ncd, come to bis krowledge; he shall 35 And he shall take away all the latt bring his offering, a kid of llie goats, thereof, is the fat of the lamb is taken a male williout blemish;

away from the sacrilice of the peace14 And he shall lay his hand upon the offering; and the priest shall burn head of the goat, and kill it in the place them upon the altar, according to the where they kill the burnt-offeriog be-Jofferings made by' fire unto the LORD: fore the LORD: it is a sin-offering, and the priest shall make an atonc

25 And the pricat shall take of the inent for his sin that be liath commitbiood of the sin-offering with his ted, and it shall be forgiven him. finger, and put it upon the horns of

CHAP. V. the altar os burnt-oilering, and shall pour out his blood at the bottom 1 AND a soul sin, and hear the

voice of swearing, and is a witihe altar of burnt-oflering.!

ness, wliether lie hath seen or known 26 And he shall burn all bis sat upon of it; if he do not ulter il, then lie the altar, as the sat of the sacrifice of shall bear his iniquity. peace-offerings : and the pricst shall 20rifa soul touch any unclean thing, make an atonement for hiin as con- whether it be a carcase of an unclean cerning his sin, and it shall be lor-beast, or a carcase of unclean cattle, or given liim.

the carcase of unclcan creeping things, 27 11 And if any one of the common and if it be hidden from him; he people sin through ignorance, while also shall be unclean, and guilty he doeth somewhat against any of the 3 Or if he touch the uncleanness of commandments of the LORD concern-man, wbatsoever uncleanness is be ing things which ought not to be that a man shall be dehled withal, and done, and be guilty;

it be bid from bim: when he knowella 28 Or if his sin, which he hath sin- of it, then he shall be guilty. ned, come to his knowledge : then lie Or if a soul swear, pronouncing sliall bring his offering, a kid of the with his lips to do evil, or to do good, goats, a lemale without blemish, for whatsoever it be that a man shall prohis sin which he hath sinned, nounce with an cath, and it be bid

29 And he shall lay bis land upon from him; when he knoweth of it, the head of the sin-offering, and slayther be shall be guilty in one of these. the sin-olering in the place of the 5 And it shall be, when he shall be burnt-offering.

guilty in one of these things, that he 30 And the priest shall take of the shall conless that be hath sinned in blood thereof with his finger, and put that thing: it upon the borns of the altar of burnt 6 And he shall bring his trespass offering, and shall pour out all the blood offering unto tbc LORD, for his sin thereol at the bottom of the altar. which he bath sinned, a female from

31 And he shall take away all the fat the lock, a lamb, or a kid of die goals thereof, as thc fat is taken away from lor a sin ollering; and the priest shall

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