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Daughters of

DEUTERONOMY. Zelophehad marricd. ance of the tribe whereunto they are enjoy every man the inlieritance of received: so shall their inheritance be his fatherg. Laken away froin the inheritance of 9 Neither shall the inheritance rethe tribe of our latliera.

move from one tribe to another tribe; 6 And Noses commanded the chil- but every one of the tribes of the chil. dren of Israel according to the word dren of Israel shall keep hinself to of the Lord, saying, The tribe of the his own inleritance. 5008 of Joscpl batli said well.

10 Even as the Lord commanded 6 This is the thing which the LORD Moses, so did the daughters of Ze doth coramand concerning the daugh lophehad: ters of Zelopheliad, saying, Let them il For Mallahı, Tirzah,and Hoglali, marry to whom they think best; only and Milcal, and Noah, the daugbters to the family of their tribe of their fa- of Zelopbebad, were married unio ther sliall they marry.

thcir fallier's brotlıers' song: 7 So shall not the inheritance of the 12 And they were married into the children of Israel remove froin tribe famies of the sons of Nianasseh the to tribe: for every one of the children son of Joseph, and their inheritance of Israel shall keep bimself to the in- remained in the tribe of the family of heritance of the tribe of his fathers. their father.

8 And every daughter, that possesseth 13 These arethe commandments and an inheritance in any tribe of the chil. the judgments, wlich the Lord comdren of Israel, shall be wise unto one manded by the hand of Moses unto the of the family of the tribe of her fa- children of Israel in the plains of Mother, that the children of Israel inay'ab, by Jordan ncar Jericho.

The Fifth Book of Dioses, called DEUTERONOMY.

side, to the land of the Canaanites,and TI

HESE be the words which Moses onto Lebanon,unto the great river, the

spake unto all Israel on this side river Euphrates. Jordan in the wilderness, in the plain 8 Behold, I have set the land before over against the Red Sea, between you: go in and possess the land which Paru, and Tophel, and Laban, and the LORD sware unto your fathers HIazeroth, and Dizahab.

Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob, to give un2 (There are eleven days' journey to them and to their seed alter them. from Horeb by the way of mouat Seir ý 1 And I spake unto you at that unto Kadesh-barnea.)

time,saying, I am not able to bear you 3 And it came to pass in the forlieth myself alone: year, in the eleventh month, on the 10 The LORD your God hath multirat day of the month, that Moses plied you, and, behold, ye are this day spake unto the children of Israel, ac- as the stars of heaven for multitude. cording unto all that the LORD bad 11 (Tbe LORD God of your fathers given him in commandment unto make you a thousand times so many them;

more as ye are, and bless you, as he 4 After he had slain Silion the king of bath promised you!) the Amorites, which dwelt in Hesha- 12 How c20.1 myself alonc bear your bon, and Og the king of Bishan, cumbrance and your burden, and your which dwelt at Astaroth in Edrei: strife ?

5 On this side Jordan, in the land or 13 Take you wise men, and under: Moab,begandloses to declare this law, standing, and known among your saying,

tribes, and I will make theni rulera 6 The LORD Our God spake unto us over you. in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long 14 And ye answered me, and said, enough in this mount:

The thing which thou hast spoken is 7 Turn you, and take your journey, good for us to do. and go to tbe mount of the Amorites, 15 So I look the chief of your tribes, aud unto all the places nigh thereunto, wise inen,and known, and made them in the plain, in the bills, and in the heads over you, captains over tliou. Taip, and in the south, and by the sea sands,and captains over hundreds, and

unto lie.



God's Promise. captains over fifties and captains over saying, The people is greater and talltens, and officers anong your tribes. er than we; ibe cities are great and

16 And I charged your judges at that walled up to heaven; and moreover time, saying, Hear the causes between we bave seen the sons of the Anakios your brethren, and judge righteously there. between every man and his brotler, 29 Then I said unto you,Dread not, and the stranger that is with him. neither be afraid of them

17 Ye shall not respect persong ip 30 The LORD your God which goeth judgment; bul ye shall bear the small before you, be shall night for you, acas well as the great; ye shall not be cording to all that he did for you in afraid of the face of man; for ibe Egypt before your cyes; judgment is God's: and the cause that 31 And the wilderness, where thou is too hard for you, bring it unto me, hast seen bory that the Lord thy God and I will lear it.

bare thee, as a man doth bear bis con, 18 And I commanded you at that in all the way that ye went until ye timcall the things which ye should do. came into this place.

19 1 And when we departed from 32 Yet in this thing ye did not believe Horeb, we went through all that greal the LORD your God, and terrible wilderness, whicle ye sa v 33 Who went in the way before you, by the waty of the mountain of the to search you out a place to pitch your Amorites, as the LORD our God com- tents in, in fire by night, to show you mandel us: and we came to Kadesh. by what way ye should go, and in a barrea.

cloud by day. 20 And I said unto you, Ye are come 34 And the Lord heard the voice of unlo the inountain of the Amorites, your words, and was wroth, and which the Lord our God doth give sware, saying,

35 Surely there shall not one of these 21 Behold, the LORD thy God bath men of this evil generation see that sel ilie land before thice: go up and good land, which sware to give ulo possess it, as the LORD God of thy your fathers, Puthers hath said unto thee; Cear not, 36 Save Caleb the son or Jephunnch, neither be discouraged.

lie shall see it, and to liim will I give 221 kad yecame nearuno me every the land that he hath trodden upon, one of you, and sail, We will send and to his children, because he bath nen before us, and they shall search wholly followed the Lord. ug out the land, and bring us word 37 Also the LORD was angry with again by what way we must go up, me for your sakes, saying, Thou also and into what cities we shall come. shall not go in thither.

23 And the saying pleased me well: 38 Bud Joshua the son of Nun, which and I took twelve inen of you,one of staudeh before thee, be shall go in a tribc.

thither: encourage him: for he shall 24 And they turned and went up into cause Israel to inherit it. the mountain, and came unto the val. 39 Moreover your little ones, which ley of Eshcol, xud searched it out. ye said should be a prey, and your

25 And they took of the fruit of the children, which in that day had no land in their hands, and brought it knowlerige between good and evil, down unto us, and brought us word they shall go in thither, and into thein again and said, It is a good land wine will I give it, and they shall possess it. the LORD Our God dot! give us. H0 But as for you,turn yowgand lake

26 Notwithstanding ye would not go your journey into the wilderness by up, lout rebelled against the command. ihe way of the Red Sen. pent of the LORD your God:

41 Tlien ye answered and said unto 27 And ye murmured in your tents, ine, We have sioned against the LORD, and snid, Because the Lord bated us we will go up and light, according to lie hath brought us forth out of the all that the LORD Our God command. land of Egyp, to deliver us into the ed us. And wien ye had girded on hand of the Ainorites, to destroy us. every nian his weapons of war, ye

28 Whither shall we go up? our were ready to go up into the hill. brethren have discouraget our heart, 42 And the Lord said unto me, Say

and many,

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The story of

the Edomites. uuto them, Go not up, neither fight; session; because I bave given Ar unto for I am not among you; lest ye be the children of Lot for a possession. omitten belore your enemies.

10 (Tue Emins dwelt therein in 43 So I spake unto you; and ye would limes past, a people great, not hear,but rebelled against the com- and tall, as the Anakiing; mandment of the Lord,and went pre- 11 Wbich also were accounted g. bumpluously up into the bill.

ants, as the Anakims; but the MoabH And the Anorites, which dwelt ites call thein Emins. in that mountain, cave out against 12 The Horiins also dwelt in Seir beyou,and chased you,as beesdo, anddes- foretime; but the children of Esau troyed you in Seir,euen unto Hormah. succeeded then, when they had de

45. And ye returned and wept before stroyed them from before them, and the LORD; but the LORD would not dwelt in their stead; as Israel did hearken to your voice, nor give ear unto the land of his possession, wbicli unto you.

the LORD gave unto thein.) 46 So ye abode in Kadesh many days, 13 Now rise up, said I, and get you according unto the days which ye over the brook Zered. And we went abode there.

over the brook Zered. CHAP. II.

14 And tlie space in which we came THEN we turned, and took our from Kedesh-baroca, until we were

journey into the wilderness by 'ome over the brook Zered, was thirthe way of the Red Sea, as the LORD ty and eight years; until all the genspake unto me: and we compassederation of the men of war were wastmount Seir many days.

ed out from among the host, as the 2 And the LORD spake unto me,nay. LORD sware unto them. ing,

15 For indeed the hand of the LOILD 3 Ye have compassed this mountain was against them, to destroy them long enougli: turn you northward, froin amoug the bost, until they were

* And command thou the people, consumed. saying, Ye are to pass through the 16 || So it came to pass, when alı coast of your brethren the children of the men of war were consumed and Esau, which dwell in Seir; and they dead from anong the people, shall be afraid of you: take ye good 17 That the LOilD spake unto me, heed unto yourselves therefore: silying,

ó Niedelle not witu them; for I will 13 Thou art to pass over through Ar, not give you of their land, no, not so the coast of Moab, this day: much as a fool-breadth; because I 19 And chen thou comest nigli over have given mount Seir uato Esau for against the children of Amwon, dis. a possession.

tress them not,nor meddle with them: 6 Ye shall buy meat of them for mo- for 1 will not give thee or the land of ney, that ye may eat; and ye shall all the children of Ainmon any posses. 60 buy water of them for money, tlat sion; because I have given it unto the ye inay drink.

children of Lot for a possession. 7 For the LORD thy God hath Wessed| 20 (That also was accounted a land thee in all the works of thy band: bejor giants: giants dwell therein in old knoweth thy walking through this time; and the Ammunites call them great wilderness: these forty years Zamzumnjins; the Loud thy God hath been with 21 A people great, and many, and thee; thou hast lacked nothing. tall, as the Anakims; but the LORD

8 And when we passed by from our destroyed them before them; and they brethren the children of Esau, which succeeded them, and dwelt in their dwell in Seir, tlırcuyla the way of the stead: plain from Eluth, and from Erion- 22 As lie did lo llie children of Esau, raber, we turned and passed by the which dwelt in Seir, when he destroyway of the wilderness of Moab. ed the Horimg srom before them; and

9 And the Lord said unto me, Dis- they succeeded them, and dwelt in tress not the Moabites, neither con- tlieir stead even unto this day: tend with them in batile: for I willl 23 And lie Avions which dwelt in not give thee of their land for a pos-Hazerim, cren unto Azzah, the Caplr

1 QO)

Silon and

Og nudited Loriins, which came forth out of Ceph- for us: the LORD our God delivered tor, restroyed them, and dwelt in their all unto us : stead,

37 On. y unto the land of the children 24 | Rise ye up, take your journey, or Ammon thou camest not, nor unto and pass over the river Arnon: behold, any place of the river Jabbok, por 1 bave given into thy band Sihon the unto the cities in the mountains, nor Amorite, king of Hesbbon, and bis unto whatsoever the LORD our God land: begin to possess it, and contend forbade us. will him in battle.

CHAP. III. 25 This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon

THEN we turned and went up the THE

way to Bashan: and Og the king the nations that are under the whole of Baslian came out against us, he and beaven, who shall bear report of thee, all his people, to battle at Edrei. and shall tremble, and be in anguisbl.2 And the LORD said unto me, Fear because of tbee.

him not: for I will deliver him, ruid 26 11 And I sent messengers out of the all his people, and his land, intó thy wilderness of Kedemoth unto Sibon band; and thou shalt do unto him as king of Heshbon with words of peace, thou didet unto Sihon king of the saying,

Amorites, wbich dwelt at Hesbbon. 27 Let me pass through thy land : 13 So the Lord our God delivered into will go along by the highway, I will our hands Og also, the king of Basban, neither turn unto the right hand nor to and all his people: and we smote bini the left

until none was left to him remaining. 28 Thou shalt sell me meat for mo- 4 And we took all his cities at that ney, that I may eat; and give me w2. time, there was not a city wbich we ter for money, that I may drink : only took not from them, threescore cities, I will pass through on my feet; all the region of Argob, the kingdom 29 (As the children or Esau which of Og in Basban. dwel) in Seir, and the Moabites which| 5 All these cities 100re fenced with dwell in Ar, did unto me;) until 1 high walls, gates, and bars; besides shall pass over Jordan into the land unwalled towns a great many. which the LORD our God giveth us. 6 And we utterly destroyed them, as

30 But Sihon kiog of Heslibon, would we did unto Sibon king of Heehbon, not let us pass by him: for the Lord utterly destroying the men, women, thy God hårdened liis spirit, and made and children, of every city. liis heart obstinate, that he might de? But all the cattle, and the eroil of liver him into lby hand, as appcareth the cities, we took for a prey to our Luis day,

selves. 31 And the LORD said unto me, Be- 8 And we look at that time out of the hold, I have begun to give Sibon and hand of the two kings of the Ainoriles his land before thee: begin to possess, the land tha was on tbis side Jordan, that thou mayest inberit his land. from the river of Arnon unto mount

32 Then Sihon came out against us, Hermon ; he and all his people, to tight at Ja 9 (Which Hermon the Sidonians call haz.

Sirion, and the Amorites call it She33 And the LORD our God delivered nir ;) him before us; and we enote him, and 10 All the cities of the plain, and all his sons, and all his people.

Gilead, and all Bashan, unto Salcbah 34 And we took all his cities at that and Edrei, cities of the kingdom or time, and utterly destroyed the men, Og in Bashan. and the women, and the little ones, of 11 For only Og king of Basban reevery city, we lest bone to remain : mained of the reinnant of giants; be.

35 Only the cattle we took sora prey bold, his bedstead 11as a bedstead of unto ourselves, and the apoil of the iron; is it not in Rabbath of the chilcities which we took.

dren of Ammon? pine cubits was the 36 From Aroer, which is by the brink length thereof, and four cubits the vill the river of Arnon, and from the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man. city that is by the river, even into Gil- 12 And this land, chich we possessed till, Wiere was not one cily too strongl at that time, from Aroer, whicb is bv 32oses prayeth DEUTERONOMY.

to see Cunady the river Arnon, and hall inount Gil- see the good land thatis beyond Jordan, ead, and the cities thereor, gave I unto that goodly mountain, and Lebanon. the Reubenites and to the Gadites. 26 But the LORD was wroth with me

13 And the rest of Gilead, and all for your sakes, and would not hear Bashan,being the kingdom of Og, gave ine: and the LORD said unto me, Let I unto the half-tribe of Manasseh; all it suffice thee; speak no inore unto me the region of Argob, with all Bashan, of this watter. which was called the land of giants. 27 Get thee up into the top of Pis.

14 Jair the son of Manasseh took all gali, and list up thine eyes westward, the country of Argob unto the costs and northward, and southward, and of Geshuri and Maachathi; and called eastward, and behold it with thine them after his own name, Bashan-eyes; for thou shalt not go over this havolli jair, unto this day.

Jordan. 15 And I girre Gilead unto Machir. 23 But charge Joshua, and encourage 16 And unto the Reubenites and unto him, and strengthen bim: lor lie shiul thie Gildites I gave from Gilead even go orer before this people, and he shall into the river Arnon half the valley, cause them to indierit the land which and the border even unto the river thou shalt see. Jabbok, which is the border of the 29 So we abode in the valley over whildren of Aminon ;

against Beth-peor. 17 The plain also, and Jordan, anı


even the salt sea, under Ashdoth-pisgal judgments, which I teach you, for to eastwarci.

do them, that ye may live, and go in 18 1 And I commanded you at that and possess the land which the LORD tine, saying, The Lord your God hath God of your fathers giveth you. given you tlus land to possess it: vel 2 Ye shall nut aid unto the word shall pass over armed before your which I command you, neither shall brethren the chil.lren of Israel, all ye diminislı owne from it, that ye may that are meet for the war.

keep the commandinents of the Lord 19 But your wives and your little your God which I cominand you. ones, and your cattle, (for I kuow that 3 Your eyes have seen what the ye haze inuch catlle,) shall abide in LORD Jid because of Baal-peor: for your cities which I have given you; all the men that followed Baal-peor,

20 Until the Lord have given rest the LORD thy God bathdestroyed theni unto your brethren, as well as unto tion among you. you, and unlil they also possess the 4 But ye that did cleave wito the land which the LORD your God hath | LORD your God are alive every one of given them beyond Jordan: and then you this day. suall ye return every inan unto his 5 Behol:, I have laught you statutca possession, which I have given you and judginents, even as the Lord my

21 11 And i coinmanded Joshua at that God coinmanded me, that ye slioulit time, saying, Thine eyes have seen all do so in the land whither ye go to posthat the LORD your God hath done sess it. unto tifese two kings: 80 shall the 6 Keep therefore and do thein; for Lond do unto ali llie kingdoms whith- this is your wisdom and your underer thou passest.

standing in the siglt of tlie nations, 22 Ye shall not fear them: for the which shall bear all these statutes, and LORD your God he shall fight for you. say, Surely this great nation is a wise

23 And I besought the LORD at that and understanding people. time, saying,

7. For wlat nation is there so great, 210 LORD God, thou hast begun to who hath God so nigh unto them, as show thy servant thy greatness, and the Lord our God is in all things that thy mighty hand: for what God is we call upon bim for? there in heaven or in earth, that can do 8 Aud what naliou is there so great, according to thy works, and according that liath statutes and judgments son to thy might?

rigliteous as all this law, which I de 25 i pray thee, let me go over, and before you this day?

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