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Mlimussal's kvickciness. CliclP. XXII.

Amon's iliriad rin. Parl, and made a grore, as did Alablathers came sorth out of Egypt, even king of Israel; and worshipped all unto this day. the lost or heaven, and server them. 16 Moreover, Nanaesch eled innocent

of And he built altars in the liouse of blood very much, till be bad filled Jo. ihel.ord, of which the LORD said, In rusalem from one end to another; beJerusalen will I put my name.

sides his şir where will be made Judani 5 And lie built altare for all the host to sin, in doing that which was evil in of lieaven in the two courls of the the sight of the LORD. liouse of the LORD,

17 1 Now the rest of the acts of Mafi And be made his son pags tiirough nasseh, and all that lie did, and his sin the fire, and observed times, and used that he smned, are they not writlien in enchantinents, and dealt with familiar De book of the Chronicles of the spirits and wizzards: Nie svrought much kings of Judab? wickedness in the sight of the LORD, 18 And Manasseh slept with his fato provoke him in anger.

thers, and was buried in the garden of 7 lud be set a graven image of the bis own bouse, in the garden of V2.2.-; grove that he bad made in the liouse, and Amon bis son reigned in his of which the Lord said to David, and stead. to Solomon bis son, Inibis house, and 19 | Amon qvas twenty and two years in Jerusalem, which I have chosen ontfold when he began to Irigo, and he of all the tribes of Israel, will I put my reigned two years in Jerusalem: and name for ever:

his mother's name was Meshullemeth, & Neither will I make the reet or Is-lie daughter of Hiru% of Jotbah. rael inove any more out of the land 20 And be did that achich nuus evil which I gave their laithers; only if they in the sight of the Lord, as liis father will observe to do according to allibal Danasseh did. I have commanded them, and accorul 21 And lie walked in all the way thini ing to all the law tal my servant No. his lether svali: id in, and served tlin ses commanded theni.

idols that his laulier served, and wor 9 But thry bearkned vot: and NT.2- stripped them: nassel seduced them to do more evil 2.? And he lorsook the Lord God oi than did the nations when the LORD luis fathers, and walked not mulle way destroyed before the children of Israel. of the Lond.

10 1 and the Lord spake by bus ser. 23 T And the servants or Amon convants the prophet", saying,

spired against bim, and slew the king 11 Because Manassel king of Judab in his own liouse. nath done these abominations, and 2-1 And the people of the land slew hath doue wickedly above all that the all them that liad conspired against Amorites diel, which were before liim, king Amon; and the people of the and liath made Judal also to sin with and made Josial liis sun king in bis hvis idols;

strid. 12 Therefore thus sailli the LORD God! 25 | Now the rest of the acts of of Israel, Behold, I am bringing such Aion which he did, are they not writ. evil upon Jerusalem and Judali, ila ten in the book of the Chronicles of wilosoever beareth oi'il, both his cars the kings of Judah? shall tingle.

26 And he was buried in his sepul13 And I will stretch over Jerusalem clre in the garden of Uzma; and Josithe line of Samarin, and the plummel ah bis son reigned in his Atead. of the house of Anab; and I will wipe


eight years wiping it, and turning it upside down. be began to reign, and he reigned

11 And I will forsake the remnant or libris and one years in Jerusalem: mine inliritance, and deliver them and liis motber's name was Jedidali, into the land of their enemies, and the daughter of Avail or Boscail. they shall become a prey and a spoil ? sad lie did that which was right in to all their enemies;

the sight of the Lord, and walked in 15 Because tliey have done that which all the way of David his father, und flus evil in iny sight, and bitre pro- turned not aside to the right and orci Fuked are lo anger, since thic day their the left.

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II. KINGS. He ranernethile corenant. BT And it caine to pass, in the eigh-, kam, and Achbor, and Siraphan, aur i centh year of king Josialı, thas the Agahialı, went unto Huldah the proph I ing sent Shephat the son of Azalialı

, etess, the wile of Shallum the son or The son of Meshullaun, the scribe, Lo Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of The house of the Lord, saying, the wardrobe; (now ele dwell in Je

4 Go up to Hilkialı the high priest, rusalem in the college;) and they com-
that he may sun the silver which is muned with her.
I rought into llie house of the LORD, 15 11 And she said unto them, Tlue
Ilhich the keepers of the door have saith the LORD God of Israel, Tell the
i athered of the people:

man that sent you to me,
Ő And let thein deliver it into the 16 Tlus saith the LORD, Beliold, I
Land of the doers of the work, that will bring evil upon this place, and
have the oversiglic of the house of the upon the inhabitants thereof, tven all
Lond: and let them give it to the do the words of the book which the king
ers of the work, which is in the house of Judah hath read:
of the LORD, to repair llie breaches of 17 Because they have forsaken me,
the house,

and bave burned incense viilto other o Unto carpenters, and builders, and gods, that they might provoke me to m sons, and to buy timber and hewn anger with all the works of their et ne to repair wie house.

bands ; therefore my wrathi shall be 7 Howbeit there was no reckoning kindled against this place, and shall mide with them of the money that uot be quenched. was delivered into their hand, because 18 But to the king of Judab which they dealt faithfully.

sent you to enquire of the Lord, thug 81 And Hilkialı the high priest said shall ye say to him, Thus saith the unlo Shaphan the scribe, I have found LORD God of Israel, As touching tie The; book of the law in the house of the words which tlou bast heard: LUND. And Hilkialı gave the book to 19 Because thy heart was tender, and Shaphan, and he read in

lbou last humbled thysell before the O And Shaphan the scribe came to Lond, when thou heardest what I the king, and brought the king word spake against this place, and against again, and said, This servants have the inhabitants thereof, that they gathered the inonce that was found in should become a desolation and a the house, and have delivered it into curse, ani bast rent thy clothes, anil the land of them that do the work, wept before me; I also have heard that have the oversight of the house of thee, saith the Lord. the LORD,

20 Behold, therefore, I will gather 10 And Shaphan the scribe showed thee unto lliy failers, and thou shall the king, saying, Hilkiah the priest|be gathered into thy grave in peace ; hath delivered ine a book. And Sha- and thine eyes shall not see all the evil plan read it before the king. which I will bring upon this place.

11 And it came to pass, wlicn the And they brought the king word again king bad beard the words of the book


. .
of the law, that he rent bis clothes.
12 And the king commanded Hilkiab


ND the king sent, and they gaththe priest, and hikam the son of Sha. ered unto hiin all the elders of plan, and Achbos die son of Michaiah Judali and of Jerusalem. and Shaplan the scribe, and Asaliial a 2 And the king went up into the servant of the king's, saying, house of the Lone, and all the men of

13 Go ye, inquire of the Lord for me, Judah, and all the inhabitants of Jeru and for the people, and for all Judah, salem with him, and the priests, and concerning the words of this book that the prophets, and all the people, both is found: Tor great is the wrath of the small and great; and be reall in their LORD that is kindled against us, be lears all the words of the book of the Cause our fathers have not hearkened covenant which was found in the house linto the words of this book, to do ac. or the LORD. cording unto all that which is written 31 And the king stood by a pillar, concerning us.

and made a covenant before the LORO, 14 So lIilkiah thc priest, and Abilio walk alter the LORD, and to keep

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Me destas idolatry

CHAP. XXV.1. and reforms Judak. his commandments and lis testimonies nelech the chainberlain, whicli 2003 and his stalutes with all their leart and in the suburbs, and burned the cisariall thcir soul, to perform the words of 018 of the sun will fire. this covenaot tal were written in this 12 And the altars that were on the bowok. And all the people stood to the top of the upper chamber of Avaz,

which the kings of Julal had made, 4 And the king commanded Hilkiah and the altars which Manasseh liad the high priest, and the priests of the made in the two courts of the house of second order, and the keepers of the the Lond, did the king beat down, and dvor, to bring forth out of the temple brake them down from thence, and of the Lord all the vessels that were cast the dust of thein into the brook made for Baal, and for the grove, and Kidron. for all the host of lieaven: and be 13 And the bigh places that were beburned them without Jerusalem in the forc Jerusalem, which were on the Jields of Kidron, and carried tbe ashes right band of the mount of Corruption, of them unlo Beth-ei.

which Solomon the king of Inael had 5 And he put down the idolatrous builded for Aaltoreth the aboninaiior; priests, whom the kings of Judah had of tlie Zidonians, and for Cheinoslı the Orlained to burn incense in the bigh abomination of the Moabites, and for places in the cities of Judah, and in Milcom the abomination of the cbilile places round about Jerusalcın; dien of Ammon, did the king defile. them also that burned incense unto 14 And be brake in pieces the images, Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and and cut down the groves, and filled to the planets, and to all the host of their places with the bones of men. lieaven.

15 1 Moreover the altar tliat ivas al 6 And lie brought out the grove from Beth-el, and the high place which Jethe liouse of the LORD, without Jeru.roboam the son of Nebat, who made salem, unto the brook Kidron, and Israel to sin, bad made, both that altar burned it at the brook Kidroni, and and the high place le brake down, and Alamped it small to powder, and cast burned the high place, and stamped the powder thereof upon the graves of ic small to powder and burned the the children of the people.

grove, 7 And be brake down the houses of 16 And as Josial turned himself, he the godomites, that were by the house spied the sepulcbres that were there in of the Lord, wliere the women wove the mount, and sent, and took the hangings for the grove.

bones out oftbe sepulchres, and burned 8 And he brought all the priests oui them upon the allar, and polluted it, of the citics of Judah, and detiled the according to the word of the Lord liigh places where the priests had wluch the man of God proclaimed, burned inceuse, from Geba to Beer who proclaimed these words sheba, and brake down the high places 17 Then he said, What title is that of the gates that were in the entering that I see? And the men of the city in of tlie gates of Joshua the governor told bin, Il is the sepulchre of the of the city, wlich were on a Man's man of God, which came from Julali, lelt hand at the gate of the city. and proclaimed these things that thou

9 Nevertheless the priests of the ligli hast done against the altar of Leth-el. places came not up to the altar of the 18 And be said, Let him alone; let no LORD in Jerusalem, but they did eat mur move his bones, So Uiey let his of the unleavened bread among their bones alone, with the bones of the brethren.

prophet that cane out of Samaria. 10 And he defiled Topheth, which is 19 And all the houses also of the ligh in the valley of the children of Hin- places that were in the cities of Sawa rion, that no man might make his son ria, which the kings of Israel nad or his daughter to pass through the fire made to provokeine LORD to anger, 10 Molechi.

Josiah took away, and did to them ac11 And he took away the horses that cording to all the acts that he had dona 1!1e kings or Judalı had given to the in Beth-el. will, at the entering in or the liouse or . 20 And he slew all the priests of the the Lond, by die chamber of Nathan- high places that cere there upon the God's millieraih


agamist ha'ah allurs, and burned meu's bones upon) 31 11 Jeloalaz was twenljilir'd the ticin, and returneci 10 Jerusalein. years old when lie began to reign; an

21 1 And the king commanded all he reigned three months in Jerusalem. the people, sijiny, Keep the passover And lus mother's name was Hlainulai, unto the Lord your Goil, as it is writ, the daughter of Jeremiah of Libman. len in the book of this covenant. 3. Ind he did that whicle nuns evil in

22 Surely there was not holdeo such the sight of the Lory, according lo ali El passover, from the days of the juilges that his fathers had done. thal juilged Israel, nor in all the days 33 And Pharaoh-uechol put him in of the knigs of Israel, nor of the kings bands at Riblab in the land of Hamath, of Judib;

thill lie might not reign in Jerusalem; 23 But in the eigliteenth year of king ud put the land to i tribule of a hun. Josialı, wherein this passover was ured tilents or silver, and a talent on lolden to the Lord in Jerusikiem. yold.

2:1 T NCoreover, the workers avith fit-31 dod Piarnoh-neclion made Elia miliar spirits, and the wizarls, and the kim the son of Josinh king in the room inges, and the illols, and all the abom- of Josiitli lois filler, lud turned his initions that were spied in the land of name to Jehonkimätad took Jelioah:12 Judad und in Jerusalern,did Josiah put n Wirt'; and he came to Egypt,ind died away, that he inight perforin the world there. of the law, which were written in the 35 and Jeloinkiin gave the silver book that Hilkiah the priest found in and the golil to Pharaoli; bullie laxed the house of the LOID.

the linud to give the money, according 25 Au like unto hin there was no lolhe commendment of Pharaol: he king before hiin, that turned to the exacted the silver and the gold of the Lond with all his heart, and will all people of the land, ol' every one accorhis soul, and with all his might, acoing to listixation, to give it unto Phito cording to all the law of Moses ; nei mobilechoh. ther alter hinn arose there any like 36 9 Jehoiakim was twenty and five hiso.

years old whou he began to reign; and 20 | Notwithstanding, the Lord he reigned eleven years in Jerusalein. Linued not from the fierceness of his und liis niulber's name was Zebudab, great wrath, wherewith his iinger wils the daughter of Pedaiat oi Rumali. kiudled against Judad, because of all| 37 And he dill that which was evili! the provocations that Manasseh bar the sight of the LORD, according to all provoked him withal.

that his lithér: had done. 27 And the LORD silid, I will remove


N removed Israel, and will cast of this lity Jerusalem wbich I have chogen, becilne lis servant lhree years: then ind the house of which I have said, he turned and rebelled against him. Niy name shall be there.

2 And the LORD sent against him 28 Now the rest of the acts of Josiah, bands of the Chaldlees, and bauris.ol and all that he did, are they not writ- the Syriang, and vands of the Moabites, ten in the book of the Chronicles of land bands of the children of Ammoni, Wie kings of Judab?

and sent them against Judalı to destroy 29 11 In lys daysPharaoh-nechoch king it, accorling lo ile word of the Loni), of Egypt went up against the king of which he spake by his servants the Assyria to the river Luplirates: and proplicts. king Josiah went avanust hin; and he 3 Surely at the commandment of the slew beim at Megiūdo, when lie hau LOND cand this poul Judalı

, to reseer hiin.

inove then out of his siylit, for the sius 30 and his servants carried him in of Manasseh, according to all that lie a chariot deall from Megiddo, and did; brought him to Jerusalein, and buried 4 And also for the innocent blood that him in his own sepulchre. And the he shed, (lor le filled Jerusaleni with people of the land look Jeboahaz tbe imocent blood,) which the LORD on of Josiah, and anointed bin, and would not pardon. Inndchim king in liis father's siead. 5 T Now the rest of the acts of Jchon

Jousulini lakini


by Ncbicchiericor. diam, and all that lie did, arcthey not his stead, and changed his hande to written in the book of the Chronicles Zedekialı. of the kings of Judah?

18 Zedekiali was twenty and one 6 So Jehoiakiin slept with his fathers; years old when he began lo reign, and and Jeboiacbin his son reigned in bis he reigued eleven yetu's ju Jerusalen. bicad.

aud bis inother's Dane was Hamutal, 7 And the king of Egipt came not the daughter of Jeremiali of Libiah. guin any inore out of his land; for 19 And be did that which wus evil ilie king of Babylon had taken fronin ure sight or the LORD, accordmy to the river of Egypt unto the river Eu all ihal Jehoiakim bad done. phrates, all that pertained to the king 20F'or trough the anger of the LORD Egypt.

it came to pass in Jerusalem an. Ju STT Jeloiachin was eighteen years dali, until he bad cost then out llo: Oled when be begato lo reign, und lie his presence, that Zedekiah rebelled reigned in Jerusalem tlirer. nomls : against the king of Babylon. ind his motlier's name wu& Neliusebil,

CHAP. XXV. the daugliteror Elnathan of Jerusalem. 9 Andle did that which is evil AND it cure 10 pass in the ninthi.

year of bis reigh, in the tento thie sigbt of the Lord, according to all mouth, in the tenth day of the month, that his father band done.

that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylou 109 Altlattimellie servants of Neb. ciume, le, and all his host, against Jeucbalinezzar king of Babylon came up rusalem, and piirded against it ; and against Jerusalem, and the city wirstbey built foris agilist it round about. besiegell.

? ud the city was besieged unto the 11 And Nebuchadnezzar king of Bab- cleventlı year or king Zedekiah. ylon camergainst the city, and his ser- 3 ud on the ninth day of the fourth: vants did besiege it.

month ile famine prevailed in the ci12 And Jehoiachin the king of Judabiy, and there was no bread for the went out tri the king of Babylou, be, people of the land. and his mother, and his servants, and and the city was broke up, and tris princes, and liis vilicers; and the all the much of war Hled by niglit by king of Babylon took him in the ciglith the way of the gate between two walls, year of his reign.

wybich is by the king's garden : (1101 13 And he carried out thence all the the Chaldees ilere against the city treasures of the house of the LORD, round about:) and the king went wie olid the treasures of the king's house, way toward the plain. ilme cut in pieces all the vessels of gold and the arny of the Chaldees pus. thrich Solomon king of Ismel had sued after the king, and overlook him made in the temple of the Lond, as in the plains of Jericho: and all bis the Lord had siidi.

arniy il'ere scattered liom bim, 14 And he carried away all Jerusa-6So they took the king, and brought tv-in, and all the princes; ind all the him up to the king of Babylon 10 Ribmighty men of valour, even ten thou- lalı; and they gave judgment upon swd captives, and all the craftsmen bin. and smiths: none remained, save the 7 And they slew ibe sons of Zedekialı oorest sort of the people of tbe land, before his eyes, and put out wie eyes 15 And he carried away Jeloiachin for Zedekials

, and bound him witli sel"U Babylon, and the king's inother, ters of brass, cuid carried bim to Baband the king's wives, and his officers, Jylon. and the miglity of the land ; those car- 8 And in the fifth month, on the wedte into captivity from Jerusalein seventh day of the month, which is lo Babylon.

the nineteenth year of king Nebuchad 16 And all tlie men of might, even nezzar king of Babylon, came Nebun seven thousand, and cratsinen and zar-idan, captain of the guard, a ser sinilhs a thousand, all that were strong vail of the king of Babylon, unto Je Wildlapt for war, even them the king rusalem: of Babylon brought captive to Babylon. 9 Aud ne burnt the house of the

1791 And the king of Babylon inade LORD, and the king's house, and all x!lanjah his lather's brother king in the houses of Jerusalem, iuud ercry

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