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God's providence over


Abruhani, fc PSALM CV.

24 And he increased bis people great O

GIVE thanks unto the LORD; ly, and made wiem stronger than their

call upon bis name: make known enemies. his deeds among the people.

25 He turned their heart to hate lis 2 Sing unto him, sing psalms unlo people, to deal subtilly with his serbiin ; talk ye of all his wondrous vants. works.

26 He sent Dioses his servant, and 3 Glory ye in his boly name: let the Aaron wliom be had choseo. heart of thein rejoice that seek ile 27 They showed his signs among LORD,

thein,and wonders in the land of Hain. 4 Seek the Lord, and his strength; 28 llc sent darkness, and made it seek his face evermore,

dark; and they rebelled not against 5 Remeinber liis marvellous works his word. that he hath done; his wonders, and 29 He turned their waters into blood, the judgments of his moutlı;

and slew their Goli. 6 6 ye seed of Abraham bis servant, 30 Their land brought forth frogs in ye children of Jacob his chosen. abundance, in the chainbers of Weir

7 He is the Londour God; his judg-kings. ments are in all the eartii.

31 He epake, and there came divers 8 He hath remembered his covenant sorts of lies, and lice in all their consis. for ever, the word which he cominand- 32 He gave them bail for rain, and ed to a thousand generations: naming fire in their land.

9 Which covenant le made with 33 Hesniote their vines algo and tveir Abraham; and his ball unto loaac; fig-trees; und brakc the trecy of their

10 And confirmed the game unto coasts. Jacob for a-law, and to Israel for an 3-4 He spake, and the locusts cane, everlasting evenant;

and caterpillars, and that without 11 Saying. Onto thee will I give the number, land of Canaan, the lot of your inher- 35 And did eat up all the herlig ni itance:

their land, and devoured lie Cruil of 12 When they were but a few men their ground. in number: yea, very few, and stran- 36 e smole also all tbc first-bom

in tlieir land, the cbiet of all their 13 IVben they went from one nation strengut. to another, from one kinguoi lo alle 37. He brought them forth also with

silver and gold; and there 100 uot 1+ He suffered no inan to do them one leeble person among their tribes. wrong: yea, he reproved kings for 38 Egypt was glad when they departtheir gildirs;

ed; for tbe fear of them fell upon 15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, them. and do my prophets no liarı.

39 He spread a cloud for a covering; 16 Moreover, le called for a famine and fire to give light in lbe niglita ripon the land; he bake the whole to the people asked,and be brought Alafl' of bread.

quails, and antisticd them will the 14 He sent a man befire them, even bread of heaven. Josepli, who was sold for at servant; 41 He opened the rock, and the wa.

18 Whose feel they hurt with letters: ters gushed out; they ran in the dry he was laid in iron,

pinces like a river. 19 Unlil the time that his word came: 42 For be remembered lus boly Elie word of the Lond tried him. promise, and Abrabam his scrrant.

20 The king sent and loosed him; 43 And he brought forth liis people elcn the ruler of the people, and let with joy, and his chosen with glau. him go liec.

21. He made hin lord of his house, 44 And gave them the lands of the aud ruler of all his substance; heathen; and they alierited the la

22 To bind his princes at his pleas- bour of the people; ure, and teach his senators wisdom. 15 That they might observe his stat

23 Temel also caine into Egypt; and utes, and keep liis laws Praise yo Jacut snjoured in the land of Iam. LORD.

kers in it.

other people,


I'%c hislurruf



Israel's rebellinii. 21 They forgat God theic saviour,

PRAISE ve the LORD: Ogive which had done great things in E

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thanks unto the LORD; for lie is good : for his mercy endureth for ever. 22 Wondrous works in the land of 2 Who can utter lle mighty acts of Ham, and lerrible things by the Real the LORD? 2010 can show forth all bis Sea. praise?

23 Thiererore he said that he would 3 Blessed are they that keep judg. destroy lliein,had notlloses bis chosen inent, and he that doeth righteousness stood before him in the breach, lo turu at all tiines.

away his wrath, lest le should destroy 4 Remember me, O LORD, with the them. favour that thou bearest into thy peo- 24 Yea, they despised the pleasant ple: 0 visit me with thy salvation; land, they believed not his word:

5 That I may see the good of thy 25 But inurmured in their tents, and chosen, that I may rejoice in the glad. liearkened not unlo the voice of the ness of thy nation, that I may glory LORD. will thine inberitance.

26 Therefore lie listed up his han ci We liave silined with our fathers, against them, to overthrow them in we bave committed iniquity, we liave the wilderness: done wickedly,

27 To overthrow their seed also a7 Our fathers underglood not thy mong tlie nations, and to scatter then wouders in Egypt; they reinenbered in the lands. 1100 the multitude of thy mercies; but 28 They joined themselves also unto provoked hin at the sea, even at the Baal-peor, and ate the sacrifices of the Red Sea.

ciend. 8 Nevertheless be saved them for 29 Thus they provoked him to anger his name's sake, that he might make with their inventions: and the plagne liis mighty power to be known. brake in upon them.

9 He rebuked the Red Sea also, and 30 Then stood up Pbinelias, it was dried up: 90 he led them ccuted judgment, and so the plague through the depthis, as tlırough the was staved. wilderness.

31 And what was counted unto lini 10 And be saved them froin the band for righteoueness unto all generations of him that hated them, and receied forevermore. them from the band ol'llie

32 They angered him also at the waTl And the waters covered their ene ters or strise, so that it went ill witli mieg; there was not one ofiliem lest. Moses for their sakes:

12 Then believer they his words; 33 Because they provoked his spirit, they sang bis praise.

90 that he spake unadvisedly withiliis 13 They soon lorgat bis works; they lips. waited not for his counsel;

34 They did not destroy the nationa 14 But lusted exceedingly in the wild concerning whom the LORD com lerness, and temptedGod in the desert. manded them:

15 And he gave them their request; 35 But were mingled among the bea but sent leauness into their soul.

then, and learned their worke. 16 They envied Noges also in the 36 And they served their idols camp, and Aaron the saint of the which were a snare unto them. Lonn.

37 Yea, they sacrified their sons av 17 The earth opened and swallowed their daughters unto devils, up Dathan, and covered the company 38 And shed innocent blood, even the of Abiran,

blood of their song and of their slaugh18 And a fire was kindled in their ters, whom they sacrifid unto the company; the same burned up the idols of Canaan; and the land was wicked.

polluted with blood. 19 They made a call i Horeb, and 39 Thus were they defiled with their worshipped the mollen image.

Own works, and went a whoring witis 20 Thus they changed their glory in their own inventions, to the similitude of an ox that pateth 10 Tlierelore was the wrath of the erase.

Toni) kindled against big people, indo





10 praise God Tiuch that he abhorred liis own inler- words of God, and contemned the

counsel of the Most High: And he gave them into the liand 12 Tliere sure he brought down their of the lieathen; and they that hated leart will labour; they fell dowil, ilien ruled over them.

and ther'e uras none to heip. 42 Their enemies also oppressed 13 Then they cricd unto the LORD IN ihem, and they were brouglit into their trouble, and lie sared them out. subjection under their hand.

of their distresses, 3 many times did be deliver them; 14 He brouglit them out of darkness but they proroked him with their and the siiadow of death, and brake counsel, and were brouglit low for their bands in sunder. tbeir iniquity.

15 Oh that non would praise the 4+ Nevertheless le regarded their LORD für dis goodness, and for his affliction, wben he leard their cry: wonderful works to the children oi

15 And he remembered for tliein bis meni covenant, and repeisted according to 16 For he ball broken the gates of the niultitude of his mercies.

brass, and cut lhe bars of iron in sun46 He made them also to be pilied of der. all those that carried them captive. 17 Fools, because of thcir transgres

47 Save us, O Lord our God, and sion, and because of their iniquities, gather us from among the leathen, :0 are afflicted. give thanks unto thy holy name, and IS Their soul abliorrell all manner to triumph in thy praise.

of meat; anal!ey draw rear unlo the .18 Blessed be the LORD God o; Israellgales of death. from everlasting to ererlasting: and 19 Then they cry unto the LORD in let all the people say, Amen. Pruise their trouble, and be savella them out ye the Lord.

of their distresses. PSALM CVII,

20 He sent his word, and lealed O

GIVE thanks unto the Lord, for them, and delivered them fron their

he is good : for his inercy endur. destructions. oth for ever.

21 Oh that men would praise the 2 Let the redeemed of the LORD say Lord for his goodnese, and for his on, whom he bath redcemed from the wonderful works to the children or hand or the enemy;

inen 3 And gathered them out of the lands, 22 And let them sacrifice the sacrifrom the east, and liom the west from tices of thanksgiving, and declare bis the north, and from the south.

works with rejoicing. 4 They wandered in the wilderness 23 They thai go down to the sea in in a solitary way; they found no city ships,that do business in great waters; to dwell in.

21 í bese see lhe works of the LORD, 6 Hungry and thirsty,their soul faint and his wonders in the deep. ed in then.

25 For he commandet, and raisetli 6 Then they cried unto the Lord in the stormy wind, which listech up their trouble, (mit he delivered then the waves thereof. out of their distresses.

26 They inoont up to the licaven, 7 And he led them forth by the right they go down again to the depths: way, that they might go to a city of their soul is melted because of trouble. habitation.

27 Tli-y reel to and fro, and stagger 8 Oh that mci would praise the like a drunken man, and are at their Lord for his goodness, and for bis wil's cud. wonderlid works to llic children of 28 Then they cry unto the Lord in inen!

their trouble, and he bringellt thens 9 For he satisfieth the longing soul, out of their distresses: and Gilleth the hungry soul with good. 29 He inaketh the storm a cald, 80

that the waves thereof are sull. 10 Such as sit in darkuess and in the 30 Tlien are they glad because they shadow of death, bcing boud in ar be quiet: so be bringet them mlu fliction and iron;

their desired laven. il Because they rebelled against the 31 v that men would praise the LORD

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David complainch


of his ci emies. for his goodness, and for his wonderland mete out the valley of Succoth ful works to the children of men! 8 Gilead is mine: Manasseh is mine;

32 Let thein exalt liim also in the Epbrain also is the strength of my congregation of the people, and praise head; Judah is my law.giver; him in the 29sembly of the elders. 9 Moab is my wishi-pot; over Edoin

33 He lurneth rivers into a wilder-will I cast my out sloe; prerPhilistia ness, add the water-springs into dry will l triumpli

. ground:

10 he will bring me into the 31. A fruitful land into barrenness, for strong city? who will lead me into the wickedness of llicui that dwelli Edom? llerein.

11 Mlilt not thou, O Goll, who hast 35 He turneth the wilderness into a cast us ofl'? and will not tliou, O God, standing water, and dry ground into go forlls will our hosts? water-springs.

12 Give us help from trouble: for 36 Aud there he makethi the hungry vain is the help of man.

dwell, that they may prepare a city 13 Through God we shall do ralantfor liabilation;

ly: for lie it is that shall lread down 37 And sow the fields, and plant our eneinics. vineyards, which may yield Cruits of

PSALMI CIX. increase.

1 To the chief Musician, A l's:lin of 38 He blesseth them also, so that

Davidl. they are multiplied greatly; and suffer- OLD not this peace, O God ofiny eth not their calule to decrease.

praise; 39 Again, they are diininislied and 2 For the mouth of the wicked sod brought low through oppression, all the mouth of the deceitlul are opened liclion, aud sorrow.

against me: they have spoken against 10 He poureth contempt upon priu-me with a lying longue. ces,and causeth them to wander in the 3 They compasssed me about also wilderne69, where there is no way. with words of hatred; and fought 1 Yet settet lie the poor ou bigb against me without a cause. from aMiction, and maketh him lanii. For my love they are mine adver lies like a flock.

saries : but I give myself into prayer. 12 The righteous shall see it, and re. 5 And they have rewarded me evil joice: and all iniquity shall stop her for good, and hatred for my love. mouth.

6 Set thou a wicked man over him; 43 Whioso is wise, and will observe and let Satan stand at lus right hand. these things, cven they shall under-.7 When he shall be judgev, let liim stand the loving-kindness of the IURD. be condemned; and let his prayer bePSALM CVIII.

comc sin. T A Song or Psalm of David. 8 Let is days be rew; and let an. O

GOD), ny heart is fixed; I will other take his office.

sing and give praise, even with 9 Let his children be fatierless, and my glory.

bis wife a widow. 2 Awake, psaltery and larp: I my 10 Let his children be continually self will awake early.

vagabopus, and beg: let them seek 3 I will praise thee, O LORD, unong their brcud uso out of tbeir desolate the people: and I will sing praises places. unto lhec among the nations.

11 Let the extortioner catch all that 4 For thy mercy is great above the behath; and let the stranger spoil bis lieavens, and thy truth rcachcth unto labour. the clouds.

12 Let there be none to extend mercy 5 Be thou exalted, O God, above the unto him; neither let there be any lo bearens; and thy glory above all the faroor his fatherless children. earth;

13 Let lis posterity lic cut oil; ana 6 That thy beloved may be delivered: in the generation following let their sale with iby right hand, and answer name be blotted out.

14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be 7 God hath spoken in his 'soliness, remembered with the LORD; and let I will rejoice, I will divide Shecoen, not the sin of his mothor bcblotted out


The kingdom and


passion of Christ. 16 Lettliein be before the Lond con- 3 Tby people shall be willing in the tiuually, that lie ipay cut of the men- day of thy power, iu the beauties of ory of them from the earth.

holiness from the womb of the mora16 Because that be remembered rotsing: thou bast the dew of thy youth, io show mercy, but persecuted the 1 The Lord bath sworn, and will poor and needy man, that he might not lepent, Thou art a priest for ever cven slay the broken in heart. after the order of Melchizedek.

17 As lie loved cursing, so let it come 5 The Lord at thy right band shall unto him; as he delighted not in bless. strike through kings in the day of liis ing, 60 lei it be far from him.

wrath. 18 Ashe cloibed himsell with curs- 6 lle shall judge among the lcathen, ing like aa with his garient, so let it she shall fill the places with the dead come into bis bowels like water, and bodies; lie shall wound the heads over like uil into liis lones.

many countries. 19 Lelit be unto him as the garment 7 He eliall driuk of the brook in the which covereth bim, and for a girdle way: therefore shall lic lift up the wherewith he is girded continually. hicad. 20 Lel ibis be the reward of mine ad

PSALM CXI. versaries from the Lord, and of them PRATSE se the LORD will praise

21 But du thou for me, O God the in the assembly of the upright, and in Loru, for thy wame's sake: because the congregation. lliy mercy is goud, deliver thou me. ? The works of the LORD are great,

22 For I am poor and needy, anu sought out of all them that have pleamy lieart is wounied within me. sure thercin,

23 I am gone like the shadow when 3 His work is lionourable and glori ut declinell: I am tossed up and down ous; and his righteousness endureil as the locust

for ever. 24 My knees are weak tlırough fast- 4 He lath made liis wonderful works ug; and my sesli failelli of fatness. to be renienbered: the Lord is gra

25 I became also a reproach unto cious, and full of compassion. them: Ichen tliey looked upon nie 5 He bath given meat uoto them that they shaked their beads.

fear lim: lie will crer be mindful of 26 lelp me, O LORD iny God : Ohis covenant save me according to thy mercy; 6 He hall slowed liis people the

27 Tivat they may know that this is power of his works, that he may give thy land; that thou, LORD,bast done them the lieritage of the leathen. it.

7 The works of his liands are verity: 28 Let then curse, but bless tlou: and judgment: all his commandinents when they arise, let them be ashamed; are sure. but let this servant rejoice.

8 They stand last for ever and ever 29 Let mine adversaries be clotbed and arddore in true and uprightness. with shame; and let them cover them- 9 He sent redemption unto his peoselves with their own confusion, asple: lie bath commanded bis corewith a nantle.

bunt for crer: lioly and reverend is 30 I will greatly praise the LORD his name. with my mouth; yea, I will praise 10 The lear of the Lord is the behim among the inultitude.

ginnmg of wisdon: a good uoderstan31 For he shall stånd at the right ding have all they that do his com vand of' tlie poor, to save him from nuandments: liis praise endureth fou those tlial coudeun bis soul, PSALM CX

PSALMI CXII, TAPsalm of Dawid. THE Lond said unto my Lord. PRAISE ye lle LORD. Blessed is

man that leareth the LORD, make thine enemies thy foolstool. mandinents.

The LORD shall send the rod of. His seed shall be mighty upon thy strength out of Zion: rule tlou in earth: the generation »[ the upriglie tie aridst or liue enemics.

shall be blessed,

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