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to Moses ayminst my prople, that thou wilt not that thou mayest know how that the let them go?

earth is the LORD's. 18 Behold, to-morrow about this time 30 But as for thee and thy servants, I I will cause it to rain a very grievous know that ye will not yet fear the hail, such as hath not been in Egypt LORD God. since the foundation tliereof even until 31 And the far and the barley was

smitten; for the barley was in thc 19 Send therefore now, and gather car, and the Max ruas bolled. thy cattle, and all that thou hast in 32 But the wheat and the rye were the field: for upon every man and not smitten; for they were not grown beast which shall be found in the field, up. nod shall not be brought home, the 33 And Moses went out of the city bail shall come down upon them, and froin Pharaoli, and spread abroad his bey shall die.

lands unto the LORD; and the tun20 He that feared the word or the ders and hail ceased, and the rain was LORD among the servants of Pharaoh not poured upon the carlli. made his servants and his cattle flee 34 And when Pharaoh saw that the into their houses :

rain, and the hail, and the thunders, 21 And he that regarded not the word were ceased, he sinned yet more, and of the Lord left his servants and his hardened his lieart, he and his sercattle in tho field. 22 | And the LORD said unto Moses, 35 And the heart of Pharaoh was Stretcb forth thy hand toward heaven, hardened, neither would he let the that there may be bail in all the land children or Lsrael g0; as the LORD of Egypt, upon man, and upon beast, had spoken by Dioses. and upon every berb of ihe field,

CHAP. X. throughout the land of Egyp.


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toward heaven; and the LORD sent in unto Pharaoh; for I bave barthunder and bail, and the fire ran dened his heart, and the lieart of his along upon the ground: and the Lond servants, that I miglit show these my rained hail upon the land of Egypt. signs before hin:

24 So there was bail, and fire nin- . And that thou mayest tell in the gled with the hail, very grievous, such ears of thy son, and of thy son's son, as there was none like it in all the what things I bave wrouglit in Egypt, land of Egypt since it became a na- and my signs which I have done tion.

among them; that ye may know how 25 And the hail smote throughout all ibat I am the LORD. the land of Egypt all that was in the 3 And Moses and Aaron cane in field, both man and beast; and the bail unlo Pharaoh, and said unto him, smote every herb of the field, and thus saith the LORD God of the Hebrake every tree of the field. brews, How long wilt thou refuse to

26 Only in the land of Goshen, where buible thyself before me? Let my the children of Israel were, was there people go, Liat they may serve me. no bail.

4 Else, if thou refuse to let my peo27 9 And Pharaoh sent, and called ple go, behold, to-morrow will I bring for Nioses and Aaron, and said unto the locusts into thy coast : them, I have sinned this time: the 5 And they shall cover the face of Lord is righteous, aud I and my peo the earth, that one cannot be able to ple are wicked.

see the earth: and they shall eat the 28 Entreat the LORD (for it is residue of that which is escaped, which enouglı) that there be no morc mighty remaineth unto you from the hail, and thunderings and hail; and I will let shall eat every tree which groweth for you go, and ye shall stay no longer. you out of the field :

29 And Moses said unto him, As soon 6 And they shall fill thy houses, and as I am gone out of the city, I will the houses of all thy servants, and the apread abroad any liands unto the houses of all the Egyptians; which LORD; and the thunder shall cease neither thy fathers, nor thy fathers' neither shall there be any more hail; atliers have seen, since the day that

and your

The plague of


Lucrets and darkness. they were upon the earllı unto this|LORD your God, that he may take day. And le turned himsell, and away from me this death only. trent out from Pharaoli,

18 And he went out fron Pharao!ı, 71 And Pharaoli's servants said unto and entreated the LORD. bim, How long shall this man be a 19 And the Lord turned a nighty snare unto us? let the men go, that strong west rind, which took away they may serve the LORD their God: the locusts, and cast them into the Red knowest thou not yet llat Egypt is Sea: there remained not one locust in destroyed ?

all the coasts or Egypt.
& Aud Moses and Aaron were brought 20 But the LORD liarilened Pharaoh's
again unto Pharaoli : and he said unto heart, so that he would not let the
thien, Go, serve the LORD your God: children of Israel go.
but who are they that shall go? 21 1 And the Lord said unto Moses,

9 Aud Moses said, We will go with Stretch oul thy hand toward heaven,
our young and witil our old, with our that there may be darkness over the
Bons and with our daughters, with our land of Egypt, even darkness which
locks and with our berds will we go: may be lelta
for we must hold a seast unto the 22 And Moses stretched forth liis

hand toward beaven; and there was a
10 And he said imto them, Let the chick darkness in all the land of Egypt
Lord be so with you, as I will let you three d:ly's:
little ones:

look to il ; 23 They saw not one another, neither lor evil is before you.

rose any from his place for three laye: 11 Not 90: go now ye that are men, but all the children of Israel had light and serve the Lond; for that ye did in their dwellings. desire. And they were driven out 24 1 And Pharaoh called unto Moses, from Pharaoli's presence,

and said, Goye, serve the Lond; only 12 11 And the LORD said unto Moses, let your pocks and your herds be Stretch out thy hand over the land of stayed: let your little ones also go Egypt for the locusts, that they may with you, come up upon the land of Egypt, and 25 And Moses said, Thou must give eat every herb of the land, wven all us also sacriñces and burnt-otlerings, that the hail hath lest.

that we may sacrifice unto the Lorü 13 And Moses stretched forth his rod our God. over the land of Egypt, and the LORD 26 Our cattle also shall go with us; brouglit an east wind upon the land all there shall not a hoof be lelt behind; that day, and all that night; and for thereof must we take to serve the wben it was morning, the east wind LOAD our God; and we know not brought the locusts.

with what we must serve the LORD, 14 and the locusts went up over all until we come thither. the land of Egypt, and rested in all 27 1 But the Lord hardened Pha the coasts or Egypt: very grievous raoh's heart, and he would not let toere they ; before them there were no them go. such locusts as they, neither afterthem 28 And Pharaoh said unto him, Get shall be euch.

thee from me, take beed to thyself, see 15 For they covered the face of the my face no more: for in that day tliou whole eartb, so that the land was seest my face thou shalt die. darkened; and they did eat every herb 29 And Moses said, Thou hast spoken of the lanu, and all the fruit of the well; and I will see thy face ag un no trees which the hail bath left; and more. there remained not any green thing in

CHAP. SI. the trees, or in the herbs of the field, A Pet will I bring one plague more

all the land or Egypt 16 T Then Pharaoh called for Moses upon Pharaoh, and upon Egypt; afand Aaron in haste; and lie said, I terwards he will let you go hence; have sinned against the LORD your when lie shall let you go, be shall sureGod, and against you.

ly thrust you out bence altogether. 17 Now therefore forgive, I pray thee, 2 Speak now in the ears of the pro iny sin only this once, and entreat the ple, and let every man borrow of liis


The Passover


is instituceu. neighbour, and cvery woman of her bour next unto his house take il, seneighbour, jewels of silver, and jewels cording to the number of the souls: of gold.

every inan according to bis eating 3 And the Lord gave the penple shall make your count for the lamb. lavour in the sight of the Egyptians.

5 Your lamb shall be without blemMoreover, the man Moses was very ish, a male of the first year: ye sbal great in the land of Egypt, in the lake it out from the sheep, or from the sight of Pharaoh's servants, and in the guita: sight of the people.

6 And ye shall keep it up until the 41 And Moses said, Thus saith the Courteenth day of the saine monlbi LORD, About midnight will I go out and the whole assembly of the coninto the midst of Egypt:

gregation of Isract shall kill it in the i And all the first-born in the land of evening. Egypt shall die, from the first-born of 7 And Jey shall take of the blood, Pharaoh that sittet upon his throne, and strike it on the two gile.posts, inu even unio the first-born of the maid on the upper door-post of llie louses, servant tiat is behind the mill; and wherein they shall eat it. all the first-bom of beasts.

8 And they shall cat the flesh in that 6 And there shall be a great cry niglit, roast with fire, and unleavened throughout all the land of Egypt, such bread; and with bitter herbs they as there was none like it, nor shall be shall eat it like it any more.

9 kat not of it raw, nor sodden at all 7 But against any of the children or with water, but roast rcith fire: hig Israel sliall not a dog move his tongue, head with lus legy, and with the puragainst man or beaut; that ye mytenance thereof. know liow that the Lord doth put a 10 And ye shall let notbing of it dillerence between the Egyptians and remain until the morning, and that larael.

which remaineth of it until the mora8 And all these thy servants shallsing ye shall burn with fire. come down unto me, and bow down 111 And thus shall ye cat it; with themselves unto me, saying, Get thee your luins girded, your shoes on your out, and all the people that follow feet, and your stall in your hand; and thee; and aller that I will go out. ye sliall eat it in baste; it is the And he went out from Pbaraoh in a Lond's passover. great anger.

12 For I will pass through the hind 9 And the LORD said unto Moses, lof Egypt this niglit, and will smite all Pharaou shall not hearken unto you; the first-born in the land of Egypt, that my wonders may be multiplied in both man and beast; and against all Wie lind of Egypt.

the gods of Egypt I will execute judg. 10 And Moses and Auron did all these ment: I am the LORD. wonders before Pharaoh: and the 13 And the blood shall be to you for LORD hardened Pharaoh's hearl, so a token upon the houses wbere ye are: that he would not let the children or and when I see the blood, I will pass Israel go out of his land.

over you, and the plague shall not be CHAP. XIL

upon you to destroy you, when I sinite ND the LORD spake unto Nioses the land of Egypt.

A , shall be unto you for


a memorial; ud ye shall keep it a 2 This month shall be unto you the least to the Lord throughout your beginning of months: it shall be the generations : ye shall keep it a feast first month of the year to you. by an ordinance for ever. 31 Speak ye unto all the congrega. 15 | Seven days shall ye eat unleavention of Israel, saying, In the tenth day ed bread; even the first day ye shall of this month they sball take to them put away leaven out of your houses; every man a lamb, according to the Tor whosoever caleth leavened bread, bouse of their fathers, a lamb for a from the first day until the seventh house:

day, that soul shall be cut oll' from 4 Aut if the household be too little Israel. for the lamb, let bin and his neigb./ 16 Avd in the first day there shullli

of you.

ut even.

The Egyptrans


first-born slant. holy convocation, and in the seventhlorael in Egypt, when he smote tko day there shall be a boly convocation Egyptians, tuid delivered our louses. o you; no manner of work shall be and the people bowed the bead, and donc in them, save that which every woralipped. man naust eat, wat only may be done 28 And the children of Israel vent

away, and did as the Loud bad coin. 17 tou ye shall observe the feast of manded Moses and Aaron, so did thev.

leaveded bread; lor in lbis sull-same 291 and it came to pass, that, it midday have I brouglit your arınies out of night, the LORD smole all the first the land of Egypt: therefore sball ye born in the land of Egypt, from the observe this day in your generations forst-born of Pharaoh that sat on his by an ordinance for ever.

Chronc, unto the first-born of the cap13 In the first month, on the Courtive that was in the dungeon, and ali teenth day of the month al even, ye the first-born of cattle. shall eat unleavened bread, until the 30 and Pharaoh rose up in the night one and twentieth day of the mooth be, and all his servants, and all the

Egyptians; and there was a great cry 19 Seven days shall there be no lea- in Egypt; for there was not a house ven found in your houses : for whoso where there was not one dead. ever eateth that which is leavened, 31 And he called for Moses and Aaron even that soul shall be cut oil froin thie by night, and said, Rise up, and get congregation of Israel, whether he be you forth from among my people, both a stranger, or born in the land, ve and the children of Isriel; and go,

20 Ye sball eat nothing leavened: ju serve the LORD, 28 ye bave said. all your habitations shall ye eat un 32 Also take your tlocks and your Icavened bread.

herds, as ye liare said, and be gone , 21 T Then Noses called for all the and bless me illso. elders of Israel, and said unto then, 33 And the Egyptians were urgent Draw out, and take you a lamb, ac- upon the people, that they might send cording to your families, and kill the then out of the land in laste ; Tor they p29 so ver.

said, We be all dead men. 22 And ye shall take a bunch of hys. 34 And the people took their dougla 80p, and dip it in the blood that is in before it was leavened, tbeir kneadthe bason, iad strike the lintel and the ling-troughs being bound up in their two side-posts with the blood that is clothes upon their shouldera. in the bason; and none of you shall 35 And the children of Israel did acgo out at the door of his house until cording to the word of Moses; and the inorning.

they borrowed of the Egyptians jew23 For the LORD will pass through cls of silver, and jewels of gold, and to smite tbe Egyptians; and when he raiment. seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on 36 And the Lond gave the people the two side-posts, the LORD will pass favour in tbe sight of the Egyptiang, over the door, and will not sutier the so that they lent unto thein such things destroyer to come in unto your houses as they required: and tlicy epoiled the to omite you.

Egyptians. 24 And ye shall observe this thing 37 11 And the children of Israel jourfor an ordinance to bee and to lyneyed from Rameses to Succoth,about Bons for ever.

six hundred thousand ou foot chal were 25 And it shall come to pas3, when inen besides children. yo be come lo the land which the 38 And a mixed multitude wept up LORD will give you, according as he also with them; and flocks and berds, liath promised, that ye shall keep this cuer very much cattle. service.

39 Aud lley baked unleareued cakes 26 And it sball come to pass, when of the dough which they brought forth your children shall say unto you, out of Egypt, for it was not leavened; What mean ye by this service? because they were thrust out of Egypt,

27 That ye sliall say, It is the sacri- and could not tarry, neither had they Gce of the Lord's passover, who pass prepared for themselves any victu:L ed over the houscs of the cluildren of} 40 Now thc sojouming of the chil

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keep it.

The ordinance

of the Passover. drca of Israel, wlio dwelt in Egypt, 4 This day cane yeout, in the month was four hundred and thirty years.

41 And it came to pass, at the end of 5 And it shall be, wlien the LORD the four hundred and thirty years, shall bring thee into the land of the even tlie sell-same day it cane lo pass, Canaanites, and the Hitlles, and that all the hosts of the LORD went Ainorites, and the Hiviles, and the out from the land or Egypt

Jebusites, which he sware unto thy 42 li is il night to be mucli observed fathers to give thee, a land towina unto the Lord for bringing them out with milk and honey, tbat thou shall froin ibe land of Egypt: Wis is that keep this service in this inonth. night of the LORD LO be observed of all 6 Seven days shalt thou eat unleavendie children of Israel in their genera-ed bread, and in the seventh day shall Lions.

be a least to the LORD. 43 T And the LORD said unto Níosea Unleavened bread shall be eaten and Aaron, This is llie ordinuice or seven days: and there sull no leaventhe passover; There shall no strangered bread be seen with thre: neither eal thereur:

slali there be leaven seen with thee in 41 But every man's servant that is all try quarters. bouglit for money, when thou hast 8 and thou shalt show thy son in that circuncised him, then shall he eat day, saying, This is done because of Lheriol.

that which the LORD did unto me 15 a foreigner and a hired servant when I came forth out of Egypt. siall not eat thereof.

9 And it shall be for a sign unto thee 46 In one house shall it be eaten ; upon thy land, and for a meivorial be thou shalt uot carry forth alight of the tween thine eyes, that the Lord's law tlesh abroad out of the house; neither may be in thy mouth: for with a shall ye break a bone chereof.

strony band bath the LORD brought 17 All the congregation of Israel shall llice out of Egypt.

10 Thou shali liierelore keep dis or 48 And when a stranger shall sojourn divance in his season from ycar tu will thee, and will keep the passover year. to the LORD, let all his males be cir: TI I And it shall be, when the LORD cumcised, and then let luim conie rear shall bring thee into the land of the and keep it; and he shall be as one Cawitanites, as he gware into thee and that is born in the land: für 10 uncir to thy fathers, and shall give it thee, cumcised person sliall eat thercoli 12 That thou shall set &part unto the

49 One law shall be lo lilin that is Lord all that opencib the inatrix, and liome-burn, aod ulilo the stranger that every firstling what cometh of a beast sojournieth among you.

which thou hast; the niales shall be 50 Thus did all the cbildren of Israel: the LORD's. as the LORD conuanded Noses and 13 And every firstling of an ass thou Aaron, so did they'.

shalt redeein widia lainb; and is thou 51 And it came to pass the self-same will not redeem it, then thou shall day, that the LORD did bring the child break his neck: and all the first-born dren of Israel out of the land of Egypt of man ainong thy children shalt thou by their arinies.

redeem. CHAP. XIII.

11 And it shall be, when thy son AND ile LORD spake unto Moses, ishalli homes in a time to come si vine

2 Sanctity unto me all the first-born, him, By strength of hand the Lord whatsoever operrth the womb among brought us our liom Egypt, from the the children of Israel, both of mal bouse of bondage: au d of beisi: it is mine.

15 And it came to pass, when Pha. 31 And Moses said unto the people, raoh would hardly let us go, that tbe Remember this day, in which yecame LORD slow all the first-born in the out from Egypt, out of the house or land of Egypt, boll be first born of bonduge; for by strength of band the man, and the first-burn of beasis thereLord brought you out from this place: fore'l sacrifice to the Lord all that there shall no leavened bread be calen. Jopenetli te matrix, being males; buc

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