Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire

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I awaited THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE by Stieg Larsson with the same fervor that many possess with respect to the latest version of their favorite smart phone, video game, or film. The stories behind what have become known as the Millennium series, and their late author, are fascinating in their own right and well documented elsewhere; I would urge you to familiarize yourself, at least briefly ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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LibraryThing Review

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An outstanding book that I couldn't put down. Larsson has composed a thriller unlike most thrillers, with a somewhat unusual heroine. I only gave it four stars, however, because the ending is less than believable. Ler crítica na íntegra

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It was an amazing mystery novel. But it quickly went from a rated PG novel to a rated XXX novel in one fell swoop. I wasn't expecting that turn of events at all. Ler crítica na íntegra

LibraryThing Review

Procura do Utilizador  - travisseitler - LibraryThing

Here's the problem with Larsson's novels: they're terribly slow and boring for hundreds of pages. Then you get to the last 50 pages, and you find yourself on a fast-paced roller coaster right through ... Ler crítica na íntegra

LibraryThing Review

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When I started this book fifteen thousand years ago, I was so into it. I could read entire novels of just Lisbeth going about her daily life. I love her. Will always love her. But these books are so ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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These books are creepy but a good read. The paperbacks are nice if you want a nice book that is a quick read after you can give to someone else or donate. Ler crítica na íntegra

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