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Review: The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium Trilogy #2)

Procura do Utilizador  - Jeffrey Keeten - Goodreads

He had come. He smelled of aftershave. She hated the smell of him. He...observed her for a long time. She hated his silence. Then he spoke to her. He had a dark, clear voice that stressed ... Ler crítica na íntegra

A good sequel

Procura do Utilizador  - Dr.Soumya Saha - Flipkart

This story is about the burgeoning sex trade that is rampant in Sweden, which Millennium tries to expose led by Michael Blonkvist and commissions a free-lance journalist to do so. But suddenly an ... Ler crítica na íntegra

An absolute " nigh oil burner"

Procura do Utilizador  - Suman Biswas - Flipkart

This second book in the trilogy, takes off from where the first ends.At the beginning the reader may ponder upon, what's all this with Mathematical calculations & Salander.The drama starts as soon as ... Ler crítica na íntegra

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Procura do Utilizador  - Nishanth N - Flipkart

The book series is a fascinating read. But i have stopped purchasing from flipkart. I bought the first one from here and that 3 got delivered alright. i ordered the 2nd and 3rd in the series together ... Ler crítica na íntegra

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Procura do Utilizador  - DeviTewari - Flipkart

Excellent book to read the storyline is very gripping though the avid details of locations in Sweden could have been avoided. Flipkart service is excellent & you will not believe that I have got back ... Ler crítica na íntegra

Good successor

Procura do Utilizador  - Prawal Srivastava - Flipkart

First of all this cannot be compared with Millennium 1.That was too good to be touched. But this doesn't mean that this one is by any means not-upto-the-mark. This gives a perfect rush in the final ... Ler crítica na íntegra

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Procura do Utilizador  - percam -

This book was very well writtena pleasure to read! Ler crítica na íntegra

Lisbeth "fukinfantastic" Salander

Procura do Utilizador  - Ajith Kamath - Flipkart

The second book starts of slow as with the first part. But then the book takes a turn which also turns the speed with which you will turn your pages. There is deep suspense in this story. I honestly ... Ler crítica na íntegra

Better than the first book

Procura do Utilizador  - oscustomer0 -

OverStock was Great the book was Good. The first book was disappointing the second was better maybe the third is the charm Ler crítica na íntegra

buy both book two and three together

Procura do Utilizador  - amit thadhani - Flipkart

dont read book three first, you wont understand a word. buy both and read the book two (this one) as the third book (the girl who kicked the hornet's nest) doesnt even make a pretense of being a novel ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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