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Invested in bond and mortgage through United States Deposit Fund loan commissioners of the following counties:

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Balance in the treasury, September 30, 1899.

$155,820 62

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$250,150 70

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This fund consisted of the following items, September 30, 1899:

City of Albany seven per cent. coupon bonds, redeemable 1900

$12,000 00

City of Buffalo seven per cent. coupon bonds, redeemable 1916

9,000 00

City of Lockport four per cent. registered bonds, redeemable 1900 to 1904

Money in the treasury

7,250 00

10.871 40

$39,121 40

The following statement shows the money transactions of the year:

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Received from the United States government for the benefit of the College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts

$25,000 00

Paid to Cornell University

$25,000 00


This fund consists of the following item: Mortgage of the American Seaman's Friend Society, without interest (see chapter 37, Laws of 1845, for the relief of said so'clety)

$10,000 00

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