Gadamer, History, and the Classics: Fugard, Marowitz, Berkoff and Harrison Rewrite the Theatre

P. Lang, 2002 - 275 páginas
Should The Merchant of Venice be staged post-Holocaust? How was Antigone (an icon of «noble» suffering in the Western liberal humanist tradition) received in Apartheid-riven South Africa? These are some of the questions confronted in this examination of the potential of rewriting the classics to produce new or altered meanings by virtue and not in spite of such works' cultural cachet. Too often the space that exists between present realities and the interpretative stasis that typifies our reception of canonical texts is overlooked or used to bolster fruitless «canon-busting» polemics. This book persuasively advocates the productive potential of rewriting the canon whereby we are challenged to «re-cognize» that the often unsatisfactory absolutes with which we attempt to rationalize the world are inextricably bound up with, shaped and sustained by our hermeneutically dulled reception of «high» culture.

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The Author: Alison Forsyth teaches in the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts at Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. She has been awarded degrees from the universities of Surrey, Edinburgh and Stirling. She has lectured at the universities of Stirling, Aberystwyth, Tunisia and Bahrain. She has published articles in a variety of scholarly journals, and has directed a number of plays.

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