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Página 4 - ... after which a plug of cotton, dipped in the silvering fluid and a little polishing powder, is carefully passed over the surface to be silvered, and when this application is dry it is removed by another plug of cotton, and the plate obtained perfectly clean. The glass is then laid on the table, a portion of the silvering fluid poured on to the surface, and this spread carefully over every part by a cylinder of india-rubber stretched upon wood which has previously been cleaned and wetted with the...
Página 151 - ... ingot moulds placed there to receive it. The masses of iron thus formed will be perfectly free from any admixture of cinder, oxide, or other extraneous matters, and will be far more pure and in a sounder state of manufacture than a pile formed of ordinary puddle bars.
Página 29 - Bourne's Catechism of the Steam Engine in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture: With Practical Instructions for the Manufacture and Management of Engines of every class.
Página 152 - ... or flaws, and its greater cohesive force and elasticity as compared with the blister steel from which it is made, qualities which it derives solely from its fusion and formation into ingots, all of which properties malleable iron acquires in like manner by its fusion and formation into ingots in the new process.
Página 150 - At one side of the vessel, about half way up from the bottom, there is a hole made for running in the crude metal, and on the opposite side there is a tap-hole stopped with loam, by means of which the iron is run out at the end of the process. In practice this converting vessel may be made of any convenient size, but I prefer that it should not hold less than one, or more than five tons, of fluid iron at each charge.
Página 487 - the conditions of stability are, the weight of the water displaced is equal to the weight of the floating body, and the line joining, P [the centre of buoyancy] with G [the centre of gravity of the floating body], is perpendicular to the water line, A B.
Página 365 - MY DEAR SIR : As the electrician of the New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company, it is with the highest gratification that I have to apprise you of the result of our experiments of this morning upon a single continuous conductor of more than two thousand miles in extent, a distance you will perceive sufficient to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Ireland. "The admirable arrangements made at the Magnetic Telegraph Office in Old Broad street, for connecting ten subterranean...
Página 4 - ... examined. The under surface presented a perfectly brilliant metallic plate of high reflective power, as high as any that silver can attain to ; and the coat of silver, though thin, was so strong as to sustain handling, and so firm as to bear polishing on the back to any degree, by rubbing with the hand and polishing powder. The usual course in practice, however, is, when the first stratum of fluid is exhausted, to remove it, and apply a layer of No. 2 solution ; and when that has been removed...
Página 152 - ... tons of materials at a time, giving out ten tons of fluid metal at a single run. The manufacturer has thus gone on increasing the size of his smelting furnaces, and adapting to their use the blast apparatus of the requisite proportions, and has by this means lessened the cost of production in every way. His large furnaces require a great deal less...
Página 153 - ... per cent, greater than bar iron, it follows that, for most purposes, a much less weight of metal may be used ; so that, taken in that way, the semi-steel will form a much cheaper metal than any that we are at present acquainted with.

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