The Lives of the Roman Poets: Containing a Critical and Historical Account of Them and Their Writings, with Large Quotations of Their Most Celebrated Passages, as Far as was Necessary to Compare and Illustrate Their Several Excellencies, as Well as to Discover Wherein They Were Deficient...


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Página 75 - That all things weighs, and nothing can admire : That dares prefer the toils of Hercules To dalliance, banquet, and ignoble ease.
Página 3 - Tis here, in different paths, the way divides; The right to Pluto's golden palace guides; The left to that unhappy region tends, Which to the depth of Tartarus descends ; The seat of night profound, and punish'd fiends.
Página 6 - Libyan cities goes. Fame, the great ill, from small beginnings grows — Swift from the first ; and every moment brings New vigour to her flights, new pinions to her wings.
Página 75 - Intrust thy fortune to the powers above ; Leave them to manage for thee, and to grant What their unerring wisdom sees thee want : * In goodness, as in greatness, they excel ; Ah, that we loved ourselves but half so well...
Página 129 - Sweet negligence ! by artful study wrought, A graceful error, and a lovely fault. The judgment of the glass is here unknown ; Here mirrors are supplied by ev'ry stone.
Página 105 - And fill the assembly with a shining train. A way there is in heaven's expanded plain, Which, when the skies are clear, is seen below, And mortals by the name of milky know The ground-work is of stars ; through which the road Lies open to the Thunderer's abode.
Página 1 - Yet let a race untam'd, and haughty foes, His peaceful entrance with dire arms oppose: Oppress'd with numbers in th...
Página 6 - And round with list'ning ears the flying plague is hung. She fills the peaceful universe with cries; No slumbers ever close her wakeful eyes; By day, from lofty tow'rs her head she shews, And spreads thro...
Página 75 - Nothing of this; but our old Caesar sent A noisy letter to his parliament: Nay, sirs, if Caesar writ, I ask no more, He's guilty; and the question's out of door.
Página 4 - Those who to worth their bounty did extend, And those who knew that bounty to commend. The heads of these with holy fillets bound, And all their temples were with garlands crown'd. To these the Sibyl thus her speech...

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