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Printed by William Clowes and Sons, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross.



No. 203.

Abt. Page

I.—On the State of Society in France before the Revolution

of 1789, and on the Causes which led to that event. By

Alexis de Tocqueville, Member of the French Academy.

Translated by Henry Reeve. London. 1856 - - 1

II.—1. A Bill for the Prevention of Corrupt Practices at

Elections. 1854.

2. The Election: a Poem. By John Sterling. 1841. - 32

III.—History of thel Irish Poor-Law in connexion with the

condition of the People. By Sir George Nicholls,

K.C.B. 1 vol. 8vo. London. 1856 - - - 59

IV.—1. The Judgment of the Right Hon. S.Lushington,D.C.L.,

in the Cases of Westerton v. Liddell (Clerk) and others,

and Beale v. Liddell (Clerk) and others. Edited by

A. F. Bayford, D.C.L. London. 1856.

2. A Letter to the Right Hon. Dr. Lusliington on his

Judgment in the Case of Westerton c. Liddell (Clerk).

By Henry Lord Bishop of Exeter. London. 1856.

3. A few Words to Churchwardens on Churches and

Church Ornaments. Parts I. and II., published by the

Ecclesiological (late Camden) Society. London. 1846,


4. A Few Words to Parish Clerks and Sextons of Country

Parishes. Published by the Ecclesiological (late

Camden) Society. 1846.

5. Twenty-four Reasons for getting rid of Church Pews,

or Pues. Printed for the Camden Society.

6. A few Words to Church-Builders. Published by the

Camden Society. Cambridge. 1844.

7. Judgment of the Judicial Committee of Privy Council

in the Case of Westerton r. Liddell (Clerk), March 21,

1857 88

V.—1. Two Visits to the Tea Countries of China and the

British Tea Plantations in the Himalaya, with a Nar-

rative of Adventures and a full Description of the

Culture of the Tea Plant, the Agriculture, Horticulture,

and Botany of China. By Robert Fortune. Third

edition, with Map and Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo.

London. 1853.

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