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THE following life was written, at my

1 requeft, by a gentleman who had better information than I could easily have obtained; and the publick will perhaps wish that I had folicited and obtained more such favours from him.


In consequence of our different conversations about authentick materials for the Life of Young, I send you the following detail.

Of great men, something must always be faid to gratify curiosity. Of the illustrious author of the “ Night Thoughts” much has been told of which there never could have been Vol. VI.

proofs ;

proofs ; and little care appears to have been taken to tell that of which proofs, with little trouble, might have been procured.

EDWARD YOUNG was born at Upham, near Winchester, in June, 1631. He was the son of Edward Young, at that time fellow of Winchester College and rector of Upham; who was the son of Jo. Young of Woodhay in Berkshire, styled by Wood gentleman. In September 1682 the Poet's father was collated to the prebend of Gillingham Mir nor, in the church of Saruin, by bishop Ward. When Ward's faculties were impaired through age, his duties were necessarily performed hy others. We learn from Wood, that, at a visitation of Sprat's, July the 12th, 1636, the prebendary preached a Latin sermon, afterwards published, with which the bishop was so pleased, that he told the chapter he was concerned to find the preacher had one of the worst prebends in their church. Some time after this, in consequence of his merit and reputation, or of the interest of Lord Bradford, to whom, in 1702, he dedicated two volumes of fermons, he was appointed chaplain to King Willian and Queen


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