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and tantalizing. In a gilded pill they conceal | Britain, and obtained an honorable peace, real poison; they add insult to injury. After cheerfully furnish our proportion for continurepeated intimations of commissioners to treating the war—a war, founded, on our side, in the with America, we are presented, instead of immutable obligation of self-defence, and in the peaceful olive-branch, with the devouring support of freedom, of virtue, and every thing sword: instead of being visited by plenipotentia- tending to ennoble our nature, and render a ries to bring matters to an accommodation, we people happy; on their part, prompted by are invaded by an army, in their opinion, able boundless avarice, and a thirst for absolute to subdue us. And upon discovering their er- sway, and built on a claim repugnant to every ror, the terms propounded amount to this: “If principle of reason and equity-a claim subyou will submit without resistance, we are con- versive to all liberty, natural, civil, moral and tent to take your property, and spare your religious; incompatible with human happiness, lives; and then (the consummation of arro- and usurping the attributes of Deity, degrading gance!) we'will graciously pardon you, for hav- man and blaspheming God. ing hitherto defended both."

Let us all, therefore, of every rank and deConsidering, then, their bewildered councils, gree, remember our plighted faith and honor, their blundering ministry, their want of men to maintain the cause with our lives and forand money, their impaired credit and declining tunes. Let us inflexibly persevere in prosecucommerce, their lost revenues and starving ting, to a happy period, what has been so gloislands, the corruption of their Parliament, riously begun, and hitherto so prosperously with the effeminacy of their nation, and the conducted. And let those in more distinguishsuccess of their enterprise is against all proba-ed stations use all their influence and authority bility. Considering further, the horrid enor- to rouse the supine, to animate the irresolute, mity of their waging war against their own to confirm the wavering, and to draw from his brethren, expostulating for an audience, com- lurking hole the skulking neutral, who, leaving plaining of injuries, and supplicating for re- to others the heat and burden of the day, means dress, and waging it with a ferocity and ven- in the final result to reap the fruits of that vicgeance unknown to moderate ages, and con- tory for which he will not contend. Let us be trary to all laws, human and divine; and we peculiarly assiduous in bringing to condign can neither question the justice of our opposi- punishment those detestable parricides, who tion, nor the assistance of Heaven to crown it have been openly active against their country. with victory.

And may, we, in all our deliberations and proLet us not, however, presumptuously rely on ceedings, be influenced and directed by the the interposition of Providence, without exert- great Arbiter of the fate of nations, by whom ing those efforts which it is our duty to exert, empires rise and fall, and who will not always and which our bountiful Creator has enabled suffer the sceptre of the wicked to rest on the as to exert. Let us do our part to open the lot of the righteous, but in due time avenge an next campaign with redoubled vigor; and until injured people on their unfeeling oppressor and the United States have humbled the pride of his bloody instruments.

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