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£1874, an average of over £81. Twelve of these were bulls, and they averaged over £50. In order to fully appreciate the excellence of the Ballindalloch herd, one has to see the animals gathered together at their picturesque home, the Warlaby of the polled breed. It is a treat that no admirer of cattle will ever forget to inspect this large herd and trace the family character running through every group, Polled breeders are proud of Ballindalloch, and hope that the herd there may long occupy the pre-eminent position to which the exertions of Sir George Macpherson Grant and his ancestors have brought it. When we obtained our information regarding the herd in May 1882, it was composed of over one hundred animals, with several cows still to calve. There were 32 Ericas, 24 females and 8 males; 14 Prides, 10 females and 4 males; 9 Jilts, 6 females and 3 males; 1 Sybil; 2 Miss Burgesses; 16 Lady Fannys; 3 Nosegays; 5 Westertown Roses; 2 Montbletton Mayflowers; 5 Rothiemay Georginas; with members of other families.


Captain Mann, Ballintomb, Grantown, owns a large herd which was commenced in 1875 by the purchase of the cows Corskie 31st B. 1278, bred at Bognie, and Bell of Białlid 2099, bred at Burnside, with her heifer calf Baby 2316, and the bull Brux 947, bred by Mr Walker, Westside of Brux, Aberdeenshire. There have been added since—Queen Mary 8th 3457, and Queen Mary 13th 3458 of the Mulben Mayflower family; Tabby 3077 from Tullochallum, with two crosses by Queen sires; Ada 3591, also from Tullochallum, but of Easter Tulloch blood ; Madame Loftus 2231, grand-daughter of the Pride cow Regina 1179, bought at the Rothiemay sale in 1878 for 59 guineas; Daphne 2992, of the Rothiemay Miss Morrison family, bought at Ballindalloch in 1879; Coquette 9th 4271, also acquired at Ballindalloch; Fancy 4396 of the Westertown Victoria family, from Earnside; Algina 2nd 3961, from Auchorachan; Pride of Aberdeen 27th 4928, purchased at the Balquharn dispersion for 66 guineas; Dandelion 2569, of the Duchess branch of the Queen tribe, bought at Aboyne in 1881 for 59 guineas; Emma 1733, of the Erica family; and Rose of Biallid 3842, of the Wes. tertown Rose family. As stock sire Brux was succeeded by Kaiser 1253, a very well-bred bull, after the Erica sire Elchies 563, and out of the Pride cow Kindness of Ballindalloch 1412. The sire now in use is Jingo 1558, after Sir Maurice 1319 and out of the Pride cow Madame Loftus 2231. The herd numbers about 60 head, and contains representatives of the Erica, Pride, Duchess, Rose, Coquette, Miss Morrison, and other families. Some bull calves have been sold to America. The stock bulls, and a few of the females, have been exhibited and have taken good places at the county shows of Inverness, Moray, and Nairn. Kaiser was also highly commended at the Highland Society's show at Stirling in 1881. The herd has been carefully collected, and, as will be seen, is fairly representative of some of the best families.


Mr James Ferguson, Ballunie, brother of Mr Thomas Ferguson, Kinnochtry, has a small but very choice herd. It was founded in 1876 by the purchase of Dido 3054 by Juryman 404, of the Daisy branch of the Queen tribe, at Lord Airlie's sale at Cortachy. This cow has left some nice calves. From Kinnochtry was acquired one of the Favourite tribe. At Mr Hannay's sale at Corskie in 1877 was bought Heather Blossom 3rd 3396, of the Rothiemay Victoria family, after the 225-guineas bull Young Viscount 736 and out of the 111-guineas cow Heather Blossom 1703. She had one calf, Heather Blossom of Ballunie 2nd 4883, got by Shah 680, and died after calving in 1880. Emily 6th 3299, of the Kinnochtry Emily branch of the Keillor Old Grannie tribe, was bought from Mr Thomas Ferguson. The bulls used were the celebrated Pride sire Shah 680, and the Princess sire Prince of the Realm 1695 at Kinnochtry. In 1880, Lictor 1698, bred at Aboyne, after Warrior 1291 and out of Letty 2373, of the Castle Fraser Lively family, was used.

Balquhain Mains.

Mr George Bean, on entering the farm of Balquhain Mains in 1874, began to collect a herd of polled cattle. He bought a cow and two two-year-old heifers at the sale at Dandaleith in May of that year, and a two-year-old heifer from Mr Bean, Netherthird—viz., Priscilla, a granddaughter of Lord Southesk's cow Perdita 848. In August 1875 Mr Bean purchased Newton 1387, second-prize bull at the Strathbogie Farmers' Club show in 1875, and in October of that year he bought the bull Tollo 1547 from Mr Morrison, Tollo. From Mr Scott, Easter Tulloch, the cow Crathes 4th was bought in 1876, and the same year were added Lovinia 2nd 1924, from Mulben and Breeze 1841, from Mr Bean, Newton. In 1877, Rosavilla by Maccallum-More 722, bred by Mr Paterson, Mulben, was secured. The chief animals added since have been : Rose of Boghead 1437, from Mr M'Knight, Boghead; Ella of Tilly four 1800, from Mr Turnbull, Smithston; Victoria 8th 3615, of the Victoria branch of the Queen tribe, from Mr Farquharson, East-town; Meg o' the Mill 1480, from Mr Hannay, Gavenwood; Nightingale 4th 3617, of Easter Tulloch blood, from Mr Strachan, Inverebrie; Mary of Westside 2033 and Faithful 879, the latter of the Kinnaird Fanny tribe, at the Aberdeen Joint Sale in 1877; Abbess 3rd 3616, of Easter Tulloch blood, from Mr Turnbull, Smithston; Catherine 2nd 2210, of Drumin blood, from Mr Allsopp, Inverurie; Blooming Heather 3d 3572, of the Rothiemay Victoria family, from Mr Tayler of Glenbarry; Bloomer of Cardenston 2004 and Elizabeth of Morlich 2083, the latter of the Windsor branch of the Queen tribe, at the Aberdeen joint sale in 1878; Brunette 2278, of the Ballindalloch Miss Burgess family; Orange Blossom 1489, of the Rothiemay Georgina family, from Mr Bruce, Keig; Ida of Haddo 2559, of the Portlethen Ida family, from the Earl of Aberdeen; Dandy 1075, of the Drumin Lucy family and winner of the first prize as a heifer at the Highland Society's show in 1871, from Captain Beedie, Pitgair; Young Grizzle 1807, of the Easter Skene Grizzle family, from Mr M'Combie of Easter Skene; Lizzie of Morlich 4954, of the Windsor branch of the Queen tribe, and Isabella of Morlich 3rd, from Mr Cran, Morlich; and Godiva 2568, of the Pride tribe, at the Balquharn dispersion. The sires used have been Tollo 1547, already referred to ; Serapis 998, sire Hercules 687 dam Grizzle 995, bred at Easter Skene, winner of the first prize at the Highland Society as a two-year-old, and of numerous local prizes; Lowther 1388, bred at East-town, of the Victoria branch of the Queen tribe; Abbot, after Hero 861 and out of Abbess 3rd 3616; Maharajah 1893, Heather Bred Lad, and Viceroy 2nd, the last four bred by Mr Bean. The sire now in use is Leotard, bred by Mr Bean, descended from Old Grannie 1. The herd numbers about twenty head, and comprises specimens of the Mains of Kelly Victorias, Kinnaird Fannys, Bognie Miss Carnegies, Kinnochtry Favourites, Drumin Catherines, East-town Patricias, &c. A large number of sales have been made from the herd. Bulls have been sold privately and at the Aberdeen joint sales, at from fifteen to forty-five guineas. In November 1880, Mr Stephenson, Sandyford Villa, Newcastle-on-Tyne, purchased Blooming Heather 2nd 3572, Lady Lizzie 4953, and Lizzie of Morlich 4954; in March 1881 he purchased Rose of Boghead 1437, Rose 5th 4958, Abbess 3rd 3616,

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