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Easter 4540, her heifer calf Estella , and Erar 3833. Four were of the Fyvie Flower family—viz., Waldine 4563, Lady Mar 3917, etc.; two Rothiemay Victorias, Heroine 3016, and her bull calf Hesperus ; six Rothiemay Georginas, Caledonia 4550, Kelvine 5017, Aivrin 4551, Oslin 4552, Orange Leaf 1839, and Orellana; five Prides, Pride of Aberdeen 16th 3302, Lilias of Tillyfour 1795, Pride of Aberdeen 26th 4560, Praetoria and the bull Challenger 1260; four Drumin Roses, Patience of Corskie 1932, Patience 2nd 3768, Patria 4549, and Patroness 4561; four Westertown Roses, Rosy Dream 4545, Rosareyne, and two others; five Tillyfour Ruths, Ruth 2nd 1783, Ruth of Yonderton 2237, Tuth 3rd 4432; Rhuna, and the bull calf Rutherglen; two Matildas of the Queen tribe, Midnight 4670, and Meteor; besides a Zara, a Lady Fanny, an Advie Rose, and about half a dozen others. A large number of these have since been sold privately, many of them having gone to England and America.


The Earl of Strathmore commenced a herd at Glamis in 1876. At the Mulben sale that year there were purchased Ellen 2nd 2358, Queen Mary 5th 2360, and Queen Mary 12th 3514. At the Ballindalloch and Drumin joint sale the same year, there were bought Beauty of Garline 1247, and Sweetheart 2nd 2218. The bull Neptune 1152 was purchased from Sir George Macpherson Grant before the sale. In 1877 two cows were bought from Mr Leslie, The Thorn, viz., Farnell 3rd 3247, and Flora Macdonald 2nd 3513; and the same season Fred's 6th Darling 3404; Cowslip 2nd 3004, Frenzy 2nd 3378, and the bull Sir Wilfrid 1157 were bought at Mr Hannay's sale at Corskie. In 1878 there was a further purchase from Mr Hannay, viz., Violet of Montbletton 1399, and Blackbird of Corskie 4th 3769. In that year there were also added from Mr

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Skinner, Drumin, the cow Sweetheart 1689, and from Ballindalloch the Erica bull Elcho 595. In 1879 there was purchased from Mr Grant, Advie Mains, the cow Blanche of Advie 3588, and Evelyn of Advie, now Echo of Glamis 4119 ; at the Ballindalloch sale Julia 4250, and at Melville sale Mina 5th 3844, and at the Aboyne'sale Duchess 4th 944. In 1880 there was bought at the Tillyfour sale the calf Fairy 8th 4802, the pride bull Knight of the Legion 1494, and Bismarck 2nd 1860. At Mr Adamson's sale in 1881 Edith 4th 3320, Pride of Aberdeen 25th 4331, and Sybil 4th 4326 were added, and from Mr Reid, Baads, there was secured Isla 2nd 3999; from the Aboyne sale Medusa 2577; from Sir W. G. Gordon Cumming, Pride of the Findhorn 3243, and Barbelle 4299; from Mr Smith, Stone o' Morphie. The sires used have been the Keepsake bull Neptune 1152, the Georgina bull Sir Wilfrid 1157, the Erica bull Elcho 595, the Pride bull Knight of the Legion 1494, and the Rothiemay Miss Morrison bull Bismarck 2nd 1860. The herd now consists of the following cows:—Beauty 1st of Glamis 3314, Blanche of Advie 3588, Echo of Glamis 4119, Sweetheart 1689, Violet 1399, Barbelle 4299, Sweetheart of Glamis 4266, Edith 4th 3320, Isla 2nd 3999, Medusa 2577, Pride of the Findhorn 2243; two-yearold heifers Sweetheart 1st of Glamis 4806, Fairy 8th 4802, Pride of Aberdeen 25th 4331, Corskie 6th, Mayfly Beauty 3rd 4801, Blackbird of Glamis 4805, Victoria of Glamis 4804, and Sybil 4th 4326. There are also eight one-yearold heifers mostly got by Elcho and a number of heifer calves. The families represented thus comprise—Prides, Montbletton Mayflowers, Drumin Lucys, Baads Sybils, Mulben Ellens, Kinnaird Fannys, Advie Roses, Aboyne Madges, etc. A joint sale with Lord Airlie was held at Glamis in 1880, when 22 head averaged £35, 18s. In April 1881 Beauty of Glamis 3515 was sold for £120, three one-yearold heifers at £40 each, and a bull calf from Cowslip by Elcho at £40, all to Hon. M. H. Cochrane for shipment to Canada, and later in the year Mr Beattie purchased from Mr Cochrane Mina Julia and Cowslip at 80 guineas each. The bull Elcho was sold to Lord Airlie for £84.

Among the prizes won by the Glamis herd we may note the following:—First at Kilburn for one-year-old bulls, with Bombastes 1548; third at the Highland Society's show at Perth for one-year-old heifers with Queen Mary 1st 3312; fourth for two-year-old bulls at Kelso and Carlisle with Bombastes; third for one-year-old bulls at Kelso with Ensign 1656; first for one-year-old heifers at Stirling with Sybil 4th 4326; and second for one-year-old bulls with Bismarck 2nd. The herd, it will be seen, has been gathered together from the best sources, and under Mr Ralston's care it has already acquired a high reputation, the selections have been judiciously made, and the home management doing full justice to the fine material collected.

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