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GLENcorri E–GREYSTONE–High prices for animals to New Zealand and America—GUIs AchAN—A fashionable herd in the far north–Splendid collection of Queens—Charmer 2nd 1797, Dewdrop 2581, Heir of Glory 1746, Witch of Endor 3528, Pride of Mulben 3rd 3249, Pride of Aberdeen 18th 4321—HADDo Hous E–HATToN CASTLE-Mr Garden Duff's good fortune with the Queens and Sybils—HAUGHToN—The Leochel Lass family—HILL of SKILMAFILLY-HILLockhead–Erica 3rd 1249 and Young Wiscount 736—Joh Nston—Destruction of the herd by Pleuro-Pneumonia—KINNAIRD–The Earl of Southesk, after trying the “White Faces,” returns to his first love—Ericas, Fannys, and Sybils—KINCRAIG-The breed in a trying climate—KINNochtity —Mr Ferguson' spurchases from Keillor—The Princesses, Baronesses, Emilys, and Favourites—Sires used at Kinnochtry—In-breeding on the Keillor stock—Important sales to Scotch, Irish, and American breeders—The Kinnochtry herd in the show-yard–MAINs of Advie— Success with Ballindalloch blood—The Advie Roses—Elcho 595, and Juryman 404—Mr Grant's system of breeding.


MR PETRIE began a herd at Glencorrie, Dufftown, in 1876, when he bought from Sir George Macpherson Grant the cow Deveron Lass 1416, of the Rothiemay Miss Morrison family, for 45 guineas, and from Mr Skinner, Drumin, the two-year-old heifer Matrimony 2214, of the Lucy family, for 50 guineas. Deveron Lass had previously suffered severely from foot and mouth disease, which somewhat disfigured her. Still she cost a good price, and her breeding has not been affected; while her constitution, and that of her stock, is excellent. Her calves at Glencorrie have been two heifers and four bulls. The heifers have been retained, and the bull calves have been sold, realizing from 25 guineas to 57 guineas. The latter price was paid for her calf of 1881, Deveron Lad, who was bought by the Earl of Seafield, and was considered the finest bull in the sale hall at Aberdeen in 1882, when he realized the highest price of the 81 sold. Matrimony has had two heifers and four bull calves. The latter sold at 24 and 25 guineas. In 1875, Mr Petrie bought at Mr Tayler's sale at Rothiemay, when not in calf, Annie of Inchcorsie 1840 for 39 guineas. She was a large cow of fine quality, but a bad milker, and for that reason she was sold after breeding Nellie of Glencorrie 4004, by the Lucy bull Victor of Glencorrie 850. This cow is a good milker, taking her milking property from the family of her sire. Nellie has had four bull calves, which have been sold at 25, 33, and 41 guineas. In 1877 was bought at the Tullochallum sale the cow Beauty 3rd of Drumin 3574 at 41 guineas. She was then two years old, and belonged to the oldest of the Drumin Beauty family. Beauty 3rd has had three bull and two heifer calves. Medea 3890, by the Queen bull Constantine 1180, was bought at the Aboyne dispersion for 60 guineas. She is a very true breeding cow, and is grand-daughter of Madge 1217, the first-prize winner at Kilburn. She has had a bull calf by the 155 guinea sire Warrior since she came to Glencorrie. There is in the herd a Rosie family, descended from Rosie 1st, bred at Glencorrie, who had calves by the Pride bull Major of Tillyfour 509, and Victor of Glencorrie 850, which were kept for breeding. The sires used in the herd have been Victor of Glencorrie 850, bought from Mr Skinner, Drumin; Ratepayer 1377, bought from Mr Hannay, Gavenwood; and First Lord 1641, a son of Judge 1150, and of The Lady Fanny tribe, bought from Sir George Macpherson Grant. The sire now in use is King James 1877, bred at Easter Skene after Paris 1473, and out of Tibbie Fowler 4020. The herd numbers about 30 head. The bulls in it have taken a good position at the local shows, but no females have been exhibited. The bull calves from Glencorrie realized the highest average, and the highest individual price, at the Aberdeen joint sale in the spring of 1882.


Mr Reid, Greystone, one of the largest and most successful exhibitors of Scotch cattle at the English Christmas shows, has a very good herd of pure-bred cattle. Polled stock have been at Greystone for a long time, a few animals from Mr Reid's herd having been entered in vol. i. of the ‘Herd Book, but it is only recently that particular attention has been given to registration. The present lot of cows and heifers are descended from various herds. The Jannet family traces from Lottie of Clova 3176, by Jim Crow 5th 769; the Kate family from Kate 3rd, bred at . Greystone; the Lady Haddo family from Lady Haddo 3rd 4735, by Jim Crow 5th 769, bred at Clova; the Bella family, from a cow by Panmure 51; the Pride family, from Pride of Clova 3rd 3175, by Jim Crow 5th 769, bred at Clova. The herds represented in the female line are the Archballoch, Ementeer, Tillyfour, Clova, Inverernan, Ardhuncart, etc. Much benefit has been derived from the use in the herd of the wonderful old bull Major 3rd 662, bred by Mr Bowie, Mains of Kelly, calved in 1870, after Jim Crow 3rd, and out of Martha 2nd 906. This bull was bought by Mr Reid from the late Mr Forbes, Ruthven, Tarland, and has been in profitable service for ten years. He is justly regarded as one of the best stock bulls of the breed, and has been a splendid getter of heifers. Mr Reid has renewed most of his cows since he obtained Major 3rd. They are all in good breeding condition, and not many of them over seven years old. Most of the heifers have been sold or

mated with other sires, and Mr Reid has thus been able to use Major 3rd with excellent results for a very long time. He lately bought from Mrs Reid, Craskins, the bull Tullochallum, bred at Tillyfour. He is a very nice fleshy animal, and is leaving fine stock. As a proof of the excellence of the stock got by Major 3rd, we may remark that Mr Reid has sold of his produce one three-year-old cow to Mr Bell, to go to New Zealand, for £200; three females to Messrs Gudgell & Simpson, Kansas, U.S.A., each fetching about £100; three yearlings to Mr Henry, Kansas, at good prices; a heifer to Mr Matthews, Kansas, for 100 guineas; and a heifer to a local buyer. At the Royal Northern show last year, Mr Reid was first for two-yearold heifers; first for pairs of two-year-old heifers; third for yearling heifers; and first for pairs of yearling heifers.


The herd belonging to Lord Tweedmouth at Guisachan Home Farm, Beauly, is one of the most fashionable that exists. It was established in October 1878, and in the course of three years there has been gathered together a grand collection of polled cattle, representing many of the choicest families, and comprising individuals of the highest merit. The purchases were made by Mr Samuel Davidson, Lord Tweedmouth's manager; and it having been resolved to procure the finest specimens of the breed that could be obtained, the additions were made without regard to price. As the starting of a valuable herd of polled cattle in the district was to some extent an experiment, we are glad to learn that the animals have thriven exceedingly well, and that the breed is considered specially adapted for that part of the country. We will best convey information concerning the composition of this splendid herd by noting the various purchases made. At Tilly four, in 1878, Charmer 2d 1797, of the Charmer branch of the Queen tribe, was

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bought for 76 guineas; Pride of Aberdeen 11th 3255, out of Pride Mulben 3d 3249, and Princess of Auchlossan 1140, were secured at the same sale. From Mr Wilken, Waterside of Forbes, there were purchased Brucklay Princess 2310 for 50 guineas, and Waterside Stella 3210. Three animals were purchased privately from Mr Skinner, Drumin, viz. Melody 3338, of the Beauty family; Rosebud 3d 3339, of the Rose family; Heather Bell 3d 3340, of the Rose family. The bull Ethelred 1440, after Judge 1150 and out of the Erica cow Ethel 1415, was acquired from Mr Robertson, Aberlour Home Farm, and was retained in the herd as stock sire. At the Earl of Aberdeen's sale in 1879 the following purchases were made :-Kate of Haddo House 2261, Rosalind of Haddo 2262, Alice of Haddo 2d 3675, Mayflower of Haddo 3680, Ishbel 2d 3995, Lawn of Guisachan 4399, Rosamond of Guisachan 4400, Grace of Guisachan 4401, and Freak 4402. At the Aboyne sale in 1879 were bought—Dewdrop 2581, out of the first-prize Highland Society's cow Dora of Aboyne 1282, of the Daisy branch of the Queen tribe, for 95 guineas; Doris 3280, of the Westertown Duchess branch of the Queen tribe, for 63 guineas; Pansy 3275, of the Kinnochtry Princess tribe, for 46 guineas; Foxglove 4615, of the Kinnaird Fanny tribe, and Delilah 3283, of the Duchess tribe, for 81 guineas. Some very valuable animals were bought at the Tillyfour dispersion. They were the bull Heir of Glory 1746, out of the 270 guineas Pride cow; Pride of Aberdeen 9th 3253, for 135 guineas; Witch of Endor 3528, of the Easter Tulloch Mayflower tribe, and a member of the Paris group, for 155 guineas; Pride of Aberdeen 15th 3273, for 105 guineas; Pride of the Seine 4513, of the Baads Sybil tribe, for 73 guineas; and Jersey Lily 4514, out of Witch of Endor, for 49 guineas. At the Balquharn sale in 1881 that beautiful cow Pride of Mulben 3d 3249 was bought for 225 guineas; and Pride of Aberdeen 18th 4321, out of the Pride cow Regina 1179, for Q

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