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nd the Ballindalloch Ericas-Lord Southesk's Dora 333–Mr
larry Shaw's Jane of Bogfern 540—The Portlethen Pansys— List
f families descended from Keillor cows--Famous bulls bred at
---Panmure 51--The Tilly four Queen tribe-Families tracing to
Ardovie stock-Earl o' Buchan 57-Mr Fullerton's losses by

leuro-pneumonia - The TiLLYFOUR HERD–Cows owned by Mr

11 "Combie in 1850_Queen Mother 348, and her illustrious off-

pring-Mr M'Combie’s system of breeding-Table showing de-

cendants of Queen Mother 348— The Pride of Aberdeen family-

Remarks on famous animals at Tillyfour-Mr M.Combie's un-

paralleled success in the show-yard--His public sales,

Paterson—THE CASTLE FRASER HERD– Position in show-yard
--Breeding of bulls used–Sale in 1870-THE ABOYNE CASTLE
HERD-The Marquis of Huntly's services to the breed, and their
recognition-Sketch of animals composing the herd-Madge of
Portlethen 1217—THE DUFF HOUSE HERD_Notes regarding
chief animals — Their wonderful success in exhibition - The
BALQUHARN HERD -Mr Adamson's aim in breeding-Dispersion

in 1881 the best public sale of polled cattle that has ever been

held — Other HERDS -- Fyvie Castle, Tullochallum, Brucklay,

Fernyflatt, Bognie, Indego, Garline, &c.,

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